Blue is the Colour

Posted by john_mac on May 2, 2005, 08:52:01 PM

Days like tomorrow only come along every blue moon.

A long, long season has been littered with disappointment and a more than good chance that we won't even be in the champions league next season, let alone winning it. Things have been dire in places, ecstatic in others. The European trail has been littered with highs as much as the domestic one has been a catalogue of lows and mediocrity, the notion of finishing below the toffees is simply beyond comprehension, in my lifetime they have only ever finished above us with good teams, teams capable of winning the league, the thought of the Ferguson's, Stubbs, Pistone's and Yobo's of this world capturing a place above Gerrard, Morientes, Carragher and Alonso defies belief.

I know that we have been unlucky and that the manager is putting his first steps on a new and exciting trail, but I would have thougfht there was more chance of us winning the European cup than the toffees finishing above us, and chances of winning the European Cup, absolutely fucken none. How can we have had such contrasting fortunes? How can the players who struggled at home to Portsmouth perform so effortlessly and magnificently in Turin?

I think the answer to that question will be giving the manager nightmares, but thoughts must turn towards the atmosphere that we appear to be able to generate for nights like Barcelona, Roma, Olympiakos and Juventus and the one that we see every other Saturday at Anfield. If we can give the players the stage to perform they will perform better, cometh the moment, cometh the man and all that bullshit.

In all liklihood the atmosphere tomorrow will be better than even those that preceded it earlier in the season, town will be bouncing tomorra, no doubt. Those lucky enough to travel up with blue colours on will see what the atmosphere should be like for a European semi and not that funeral dirge we witnessed in West London last week. I mean fuckinell they won the league last weekend and the feverpitch was errrr....................... sitting in front of the telly singing the owners name, what the fuck is that all about. Imagine Shankly's face with the Kop singing about TV Williams after we won the league or the European Cup going round the city to the tune of "there's only one John Smith", imagine Wembley 86 to the tune of a Peter Robinson ditty, these c*nts have got no identity, they don't know what they are or who they are, and none of them know how to fuckin celebrate.

A victory for the reds is a victory for football and for the fans who have travelled the length and breadth of the country and beyond doing everything they can supporting their team. I remember going to Chelsea in the early seventies while they were busy trying to bankrupt themselves building a big fuck-off stand, Peter Cormack's header buried the soft c*nts though. I remember them trying to twat us in the cup but coming unstuck and that wanker Ken Bates buying the place for fuck all and then begging all and sundry to "Save the Bridge", a couple of years later the same c*nts were trying to electrify us!     

Tomorrow is for us, for Rafa and the lads. We can win it, we've got a chance and Anfield can only help, but we will have to be fucken patient, remember how late it came against Roma and Olympiakos? These c*nts think there through already, they're planning the business class flights already while we're checking out how long it is by train from Bucharest to Istanbul- who cares?

Its twenty years since the last time we had one of these at Anfield and, in all probability, a lot longer since we had one as big. I can't ever remember us going out coming back to Anfield having not lost away, history is on our side. Town will be absolutely fucken bouncing tomorra afternoon in anticipation of the night, while we can win, aqnd god I hope we fucken do, it won't be the end of the world if we don't, we have come so far and done it together- the players, the manager and the fans- for the lads on the pitch to the back row of the centenary, every one can do their bit and everybody has.

Chelsea, my fucken arse, its about wedge, fuck all else. No class, no heart, no balls, just a fucken big load of money that some Russian twat saw from a chopper. These twats are the atipathy of everything that it means to be red, not just the fucken money they spend, we have hardly been paupers over the years but there every move, it reeks of evrything that is wrong in the game.

From Tommy Docherty to the Portuguese Pimp everything about the place stinks, from Mickey Droy to Kerry Dixon, they're donkeys with big expectations. OK they've got a good team, a very good team that has won the league very easily, but they have become a more universal enemy than even United with their Chelsea fucken Village and their total lack of class, badgering referees and snidey tactics.

Think about the manager who delivered the big eared cup to its spiritual home on the Mersey, a quietly spoken man from the North East of England, a man who always put others first, whose very life and being was built around the virtues and fortunes of Liverpool Football Club. Compare it to the man with an ego the size of Wembley who thinks that the club thrives on his existance and not the reverse, think about a club with all the class of a Las Vegas Casino and built on the same 'fronted' values, the players like whores searching desperately for more green. How much arselicking can you get then the sight of Frank Lampard singing the name of Abramovic as though it actually means something? Think about the fans and the joke that is 'the bridge' as clueless as the club is classless.

Think about all of this and let's give it one final push on the road to Turkey, we have come a long way but we've got a long way to go.

Lets fuckinwell do this!! Come on you reds


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