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ALL USERS: Ticket Exchange rules & guidelines
« on: December 10, 2003, 05:05:06 pm »
UPDATE 2024: We have not operated a ticket exchange on RAWK for several years now. Please do not request or offer tickets for sale on RAWK. Thanks.

The Ticket Exchange is offered as part of RAWK in order to provide a simple, fair and monitored exchange of match tickets. If you're looking for information on tickets this can generally be found on the main Ticket and Travel Info Forum or on the Official LFC site.

The Exchange operates on the following understanding:

The Ticket Exchange Forum is for the use of registered members of RAWK only.

Changes to when Ticket Exchanges will open for the 2011/12 season onwards
In response to the new method that the club has announced for selling tickets in one go at the start of the season we are changing the point at which a Ticket Exchange will be opened for any given game.  As some games will now be sold out several months before the fixture is played, exchanges will now only be opened 7 days before a sold out fixture.  If a fixture has not sold out then the exchange will not open until it has done so.  We feel this is a common sense move to ensure that there are a manageable number of Ticket Exchanges active at any one time and to help to prevent the Ticket Exchanges being used to sell on tickets which were "bought for the credit only".

In using the exchange you AGREE:

  • To respond to all communications
  • To adhere to these rules and guidelines
  • To update your offers and requests as soon as they are fulfilled
  • To update your offers and requests EVERY 3 DAYS when they are NOT fulfilled or your request will be deleted
  • To use RAWK's Instant Message feature as an acceptable means of users communicating with you (you may use additional emails, phone numbers, as you wish)

RAWK Staff will communicate with you by Instant Message, and you MUST check your messages regularly. You will be asked from time to time to confirm that your request or offer is still valid, by updating your post or replying to an Instant Message. If you do not respond within a reasonable time period (3 hours during the normal working day preceding a fixture; 24 hours otherwise), your post will be deleted. You are therefore advised to have email notification of Instant Messages turned on in your profile.

Register to post

You must register to post a message, regardless of whether you are offering or seeking spares. Only registered members have access to the Ticket Exchange Forum.

Minimum Age

For child protection purposes YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 to use the Ticket Exchange. To help us monitor this, YOU MUST NOW COMPLETE THE DATE OF BIRTH IN YOUR PROFILE to be able to access the Ticket Exchange sub-forum. If you are under the age of 18 get a parent or guardian to register and supervise/arrange ticket exchanges for you. If you become suspicious or aware of anyone under 18 using the exchange let us know, we will bar them. If we doubt you have entered your true age we will bar you from the entire website until you provide us with proof, in person, at a game.


This forum is not intended as a platform to support touts, or those seeking to defraud by purchasing child priced tickets for adult fans. We do, and will continue to, bar users from the website whose use of the forum indicates that they do not share this view of common decency. We also reserve the right to pass any details/evidence we have on touting to the club and relevant authorities.

Abuse of the Exchange

We reserve the right to publish your details on the "People not to buy from or sell tickets to" thread if, after an investigation by RAWK moderators, it's been shown after reasonable requests you have failed to pay for tickets received via the exchange. Similarly if you receive money for tickets you have offered as available spares and then don't provide them to a member of the forum, we also reserve the right to publish your details. Acceptance of this is a condition of using the RAWK Ticket Exchange.

These threads are not discussion threads

Do not post anything other than tickets definitely wanted, or tickets definitely available on these threads. Use the threads on the Ticket and Travel Info forum for discussions on ticket availability and selling arrangements, allocations, pricing, chat, etc. Irrelevant posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be barred. Do not post a request for tickets wanted or spares offered more than once in any Exchange thread.

Wanted posts

"Wanted" posts must be added to the relevant thread. These will generally be posted on the first day of sale for both home and away tickets. With home tickets the earliest date is normally the first day of sale for PTS tickets. In exceptional circumstances threads may be posted early. If an exchange hasn't been started and tickets are on sale contact a moderator and they will open one. Posts not in the relevant thread or requests before a thread for that particular game has appeared will be deleted.

The forum is organised so that the messages appearing at the top of the board bear the titles of forthcoming matches for which ticket sales have, or will soon, commence. These messages and the replies to them remain at the top of the forums ("stickied").

Registered users looking for tickets should initially look at the first message for that fixture, and then down the thread to see if any are currently on offer. If there are tickets on offer, the message will always give the username of the person offering. Use the Members List (available to registered members only) or click on the username to send the user a private message or find out their email address (if shown). For more information on these functions, read on, and/or use the Help facility on the forums.

If there are no tickets currently on offer, post a message in reply to the relevant thread for that fixture. These messages will thus appear in chronological order on the thread for that fixture. This allows people needing spares to be offered them on a first-come, first-served basis. All other threads looking for tickets will be removed.

Do not post a request for tickets wanted more than once in any Exchange thread.

"Spares available" posts

Registered users can offer spares in several ways :

Firstly, look to see who is in need of tickets. We'd encourage you to offer spare tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, starting from the top of the thread (though of course who you sell your spare to is at your own discretion - there will always be occasions when posters who have helped you out in the past are now in need of a spare themselves). Send a private message or email to a person looking for tickets. To do this, click on the person's name on the left hand side of their message. A screen will appear showing the user profile: it may reveal an email address (although this may be hidden.) It will also have a link to Send This Person A Private Message. Private messages work like email within the site : you have an inbox and an outbox. Click the Help button at the top of the Forum page for more guidance on these functions.

For a fixture where there are currently no messages from users looking for tickets (or if you haven't the time to contact individual users), spares may be offered by posting a message in reply to the exchange for that fixture.

Do not post offering spare tickets unless you have either bought the tickets and they're "in hand" or received absolute assurances they are yours (e.g. by buying on the cc line or the Ticket Office's online ticketing system and you're awaiting the tickets arriving in the post). Too many times last season people promised ticket(s) on the assumption they'd be able to buy one/some on their ST/PTS card(s) only to find out the ticket office had sold out before they managed to get there in person/phone up. The exchange works on trust, and as such members of the forum will often book transport if they believe tickets have been offered to them. If they then find out the tickets don't exist they will be out of pocket.

This website is run by fans for fans, and it values its community of regular users. The site takes an active stance in promoting fan welfare; many regulars appreciate the role we play in trying to ensure fair play for fans. If you have spare tickets and would like us to ensure they are distributed fairly in line with the principles of this facility you can notify the website staff by private message or by email and we will be pleased to help. Similarly if you want to check if someone has reliable history of using the exchange we will do our best to help, though obviously no guarantees can be made.

Tickets are to be offered for no more than face value (and booking fees/postage)

It is reasonable to expect someone to pay the internet/credit card booking fees and postage. We also think it's reasonable to offer to get someone a match programme if they're a regular matchgoer, can't make the match, and you are using their spare. If you arrange to meet at the match to collect a spare it's considered polite to offer to buy the person who sorted you out a pint.

This forum is for people who think that's sufficient. If you don't, don't use it. Don't ask for cash in lieu of a polite gesture. This is a face value ticket exchange and will remain that way.

If you get offered a ticket over face value please forward the message to us, or let us know. Users flouting the face value policy will be be barred.

Keep us informed

Let us know when you have found a ticket, or when you have found a good home for your spares. Do this by modifying your original post - this is the method preferred by us and the members of the forum. If you can't access the forum you can email us or send a private message to a moderator. We will then delete/update the relevant sections. Constant updating by all users is the only way the exchange can work effectively.

If you accept an offer of a ticket

If you accept an offer of a ticket from a member of RAWK it then becomes yours. If your situation changes and you no longer need the spare(s) it is now your responsibility to get rid of that spare. It is not acceptable to contact the person who arranged a spare for you and merely state "I no longer need it".

Good advice for those offering or asking for spares

If at all possible please leave a contactable phone number on your spares and wanted posts - it makes things easier. We know this can't apply to everyone but if you can do, include a number. Update the threads if your circumstances change positively or negatively. If the ticket exchange involves overseas postage remember the vagaries of both countries' postal systems could cause delays - the vagaries of the UK postal system can often be bad enough!

If you arrange to meet on the day

Firstly if you are buying the ticket off a member of the forum it is your responsibility to meet them on time and at their choice of venue - they are doing you a favour remember. Staying in the pub for another pint "because they won't mind" is not really on as they may have other arrangements after meeting you - and standing at Shankly's Statue or on Flagpole Corner in the wind and rain isn't the most pleasant of experiences. If you are delayed for whatever reason get in touch as soon as possible.

If you agree a ticket exchange and then agree to swap on the day of the match it is imperative that you swap the mobile numbers you will use on match day as soon as the exchange is agreed. It is then wise to immediately check the mobile number is correct by a simple text message and reply from each party.

We suggest this as posters can make a simple error when emailing you their mobile number (we've all done this) and circumstances on the day can change (e.g. due to our notorious motorway network delaying arrival).

It is also common among many people (and workplaces) now to hide their outgoing phone number so their caller ID doesn't appear on a mobile display when they ring you up. If this happens and the previously emailed mobile number is wrong there's no way of getting back in touch. Be warned, this has happened on more than one occasion on RAWK, so please ensure you have the right phone number well in advance of travelling.

Also if you to send a text to someone regarding tickets please include your name/username. Again it helps to avoid confusion.

We hope these common sense points will aid swift and pain-free exchanges on the day. We will do our utmost to offer a quality and fair facility within the constraints placed on our time as volunteers. Please help us by using the Ticket Exchange in line with these simple procedures, and by letting us know when your offer or request has been fulfilled.


Swaps should be OK as long as the tickets referred to involve games that have a currently running Ticket Exchange. i.e. Not for any game that is still weeks or months in the future. If someone wants to offer a swap deal involving two imminent games, and someone else is happy to make that trade, it'd be a bit churlish to block something so straightforward.

We've had problems in the past with promises of future tickets which then never materialised when the time came, so just to make clear, an offer of a swap is fine if it involves two games for which there are Exchanges up and running. If necessary a PM or a post in Feedback with a request for an earlier than usual (normally a week before) Exchange will be no problem so long as it's for a game within a reasonable time, certainly no more than a fortnight away at most.

Any posts offering swaps for games without a currently running or imminent Ticket Exchange will be removed. As usual, any offers to swap outside of a proper Ticket Exchange will be removed and will more than likely lead to a ban until the day after the later of the two games in question.

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Re: NEW USERS (AND OLD!!) - PLEASE READ : Ticket Exchange rules & guidelines
« Reply #1 on: September 6, 2004, 10:14:45 pm »
Just a reminder that the exchange threads are for asking for/offering tickets, not discussion etc.


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Re: NEW USERS (AND OLD!!) - PLEASE READ : Ticket Exchange rules & guidelines
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2004, 09:09:24 pm »
Can we ask that if you are looking to offload a ticket via the exchange and do it via an IM or email that you only offer it to one person at a time, rather than IM'ing multiple people and seeing who responds first? This will ensure there is no confussion and people are not left disappointed having thought they were sorted.

Obviously if you post a general message on the relevant exchange thread and get multiple responses then its down to you how you sort that out in terms of the person you wish to deal with first.

As always, if you have problems shifting a ticket due to someone letting you down please let one of us know.

Thank you muchly :)
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Re: NEW USERS (AND OLD!!) - PLEASE READ : Ticket Exchange rules & guidelines
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2005, 01:42:03 pm »
Can all users please keep posts on the ticket exchange threads to the point - offers and acceptances only. If you want to chat about ticketing, chances of things going to general, the joys of fancards, jokey studenty shite, etc, do it on another thread, not the Exchange thread.

Ta for your consideration.


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Please do not use this forum for advertising tickets for U2, Glastonbury, Boxing or anything else that is not LFC related. If you must post these in the off topic fourm.

Thank you.

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These threads are not discussion threads - do not post anything other than tickets definitely wanted, or tickets definitely available on these threads. Use other threads for discussions on ticket availability and selling arrangements, allocations, pricing, chat, etc. Irrelevant posts will be removed; repeat offenders will be barred.

Do not post a request for tickets wanted more than once in any Exchange thread.

A re-re-reminder of the above.  Can you please think twice before starting a new thread on this board.  Logic suggests that people who are capable of starting a new thread are also capable of reading the terms and conditions of posting.  If they continue to ignore them then logic suggests they'll have their posting rights removed.  Obey logic!
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Updated with important information re the use of Instant Messages, and the need to update posts regularly, even if not sorted.
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N.B. New rule concerning ticket swaps added.