Round Table Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal.

Posted by Hinesy on March 3, 2012, 03:16:38 PM

How we didn't win 4-2 I've no idea. I said to a pal who's a gooner, that our failings were more successful than their failings. Our failure to score was greater than their failure to defend.

The point of these threads is to reflect after the kneejerk reactions have gone away and a day later I'm calming down but still angry. Angry at the gods that deny Dirk twice, Martin Kelly, Downing and Suarez several times yet happy to bow down to the finishing skills of RVP.

Apart from that, plus ca change.. We actually looked like we could take them easily and that we would for a while. I think it proved that Carra is now a squad player, Jay Spearing had a great game and his pass forward to whoever it was, was wonderful.

I agree with Kev below that we had a good team out and should continue to play that way, and that I think 4th is now beyond us and that Carroll again needs to be on earlier or not at all. He's no Bellamy in terms of bringing on pace, and threat. He should be on from the start tiring out defenders, battering them and making them play a particular way before making way for someone else, or we sell him. I'm no fan of Andy at the mo, but playing him this way just doesn't work.

I don't know why Pepe didn't get down for the 2nd goal, their first goal and in fact their 2nd one did come out of nowhere. But I think we played well and but for an inch or two, we would've been celebrating a healthy scoreline.

Still fucked off at the gods tho.

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