Round Wembley Way, LFC win Carling Cup on Pens. (LFC 2-2 Cardiff aet)

Posted by Hinesy on February 26, 2012, 06:55:17 PM


You know who I'm most pleased for? Kenny. And he probably more than anyone save Skrtel and possibly Downing for the first time, deserved it the most.

Because contrary to the popular press' "Cardiff did so very well... etc" we actually deserved it on shots and play and possession. But fuck me as Gerrard says, "We always do it the hard way"

Thoughts on players:

Carroll....Grrr. Really...grrr. Lacked enthusiasm at times, I know he wouldn't have expected Downing to actually cross the ball as he hasn't done that so far, but rarely in the box when he should've been.

Downing-Some good, some shite yet he gets official MOTM? He did have his best game for us, and I'm glad it was then but even so, needs to find this consistency.

Skrtel: Apart from being partially at fault for their first goal, he was our most consistent player.

Johnson was very good for me too.

I've always loved Dirk (*ha) To be fair he was brought on just at the right time, his energy and engine caused Cardiff to tire out faster.

Luis was off form for me, but an off form Luis is still better than Andy... like a blind fisherman, lost at sea in a tiny boat, not knowing where the net is...

Pepe: Consistent.

Enrique: Sometimes good, sometimes guilty like most players of arriving just outside the box quickly, then stopping and thinking "What now". He, like a lot of our team in the first half thought shooting from outside the box at any and every chance was the correct thing to do. It wasn't. (S Gerrard take note).

Gerrard: again a match where his talismanic qualities switched between talis and manic. His prescence adds much to us and creates fear in oppositions, but some passes and most shots were way off.

Carra: Carra.

Bellamy: wasn't the 'waiting to be written in the papers' about hero' but still effective and I love his enthusiasm. Mainly for blood. But still...

Adam: Not sure what my opinion is of Charlie in that game. That's probably says a lot.

I'd like someone to introduce our team to the goal. Not either side of it.

Thank god for Kenny Miller.

And penalties... well its a lottery, actually its not. It's taking a ball, placing it on the spot and kicking it AT THE GOAL. Not hard.

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