The 2nd part of the Luis Garcia RAWK interview: LFC & The City of Liverpool

Posted by Spanish-Red on April 29, 2005, 11:20:28 PM

Spanish Red brings us the second part of his interview with Luis Garcia, where our diminutive goal scorer answers questions put to him by readers of RAWK. The first part of the interview can be read here:


1. How does hearing the Kop roar compare to the atmosphere at the Camp Nou, and do you understand all of the songs yet?

It´s very different since in Barcelona it is really rare to hear songs towards the players. And, yes, I understand all songs. Some that were difficult for me I asked my team mates for the words. 

2. Who are your best friends in the squad and how have they helped you settle into the country/city/team/climate?

Well I have good relations with many of them. Right now it is with Fernando Morientes whom I spend most time, but previously with Nuñez or Riise, they were the ones I spent most time in training or outside.

3. What do you like most about the City?

People are very educated on the streets. They salute to you and they wave to you, and that is very good because in this way you do not have to be locked up in the house.  The city has something of everything, and to me and my wife it enchants to us to go to take coffee or tea in the coffee-shops in the city centre.

4. What has been your favourite moment since joining Liverpool in August? The worst?

My best moment was when I scored my first goal at Anfield, it was very special for me. And my worst moment it was the day that I got injured against Monaco just two minutes from the beginning of the match. It was a very long day.

5. Have your family settled in, as I can imagine it to be even harder for your wife with your little son?

Now we begin to feel more comfortable and better in the city. In the beginning it was very difficult for her, having to come with a baby recently born to a foreign country, with no knowledge of the language and just with me to support her to take care of the baby. They were a very hard moments but that we were able to pass them was thanks to the fact that the decision to come to Liverpool was what we both determined and knowing that this (living in a new country) will be very good for the future of the baby, knowing another language and a different culture. And that is very important for us.

6. Do the Spaniards stick together in the changing room, seeing as there are so many of you?

In fact no. There are many people in the changing rooms so most of the time we are are not together. There are many times that I do not see some of them until just before beginning the training, because some of them have breakfast while others are in the gymnasium or treating some injury and we are all together just when coming out onto the pitch.

7. What do you think of fickle fans who jump on your back as soon as you have an average game?

Well, there are people who react in different way than others and those things can happen. Luckily, and as I have commented before, that behaviour is unusual, and is the reason why it is easy to live with such people. Anyway I hope that they value the season as a whole, not only the bad moments, so that these good present moments help to raise me in the particular esteem of those more critical fans.

8. What is your favourite meeting with a supporter?

Hahaha. There have been many meetings with supporters, and now it´s really very difficult for me to choose one of them. People are very graceful when they greet you in the street. I can remember at the start of the season, after my third match, a fan stopped me in the street. He kneels down and he worships to me! I was very surprised with this in the middle of the street!  In truth that was very graceful and straight away very rewarding.

9. Do you think your move to Liverpool has helped with your international prospects?

It is undeniable that to be in Liverpool, and the good moments we have now (mainly in the Champions League), cause the people in Spain to look at you playing, since the English League is followed closely by the football fans and professionals. But it was not the first time that they have called me up to play with Spain, it was my third. Although in the previous ones, playing for Atlético de Madrid and then for FC Barcelona, I wasn't able to make my debut because of groin injuries both times. Bad luck certainly, but in the end I made my debut this season and enjoyed that moment.


The third and final part of the interview will be coming very soon!

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