Spyin Kop - Carling Cup Final vs Cardiff City FC

Posted by Adamski LFC on February 8, 2012, 04:02:22 PM

Location: Wembley

So, Liverpool FC and Cardiff City FC contest the first silverware of 2012, in this, the 52nd League Cup sponsored by Carling.  This is the first visit by LFC to Wembley since 1996 incredibly, and yet Cardiff have been to the new Wembley 4 times already.  Liverpool have disposed of Stoke, Chelsea and Man City on the way to the final and yet Cardiff are competing at the top of Division One for automatic promotion and have seen off Leicester (7-6 on penalties), Burnley, Blackburn Rovers and Crystal Palace and aren't to be regarded lightly.  Victory in this enters the winner in the Europa League.

Many thanks to CCMB.co.uk and their members for supplying the responses below on the 26th January!

1.   How has the season been shaping up so far?

Feedback – Exceeded Expectations.  Malky walks on water

TruBlue - Pretty good really, nice to get our annual Wembley trip over and done with early. 

Pedro de la Rosa - Good, look at the league table! Malky has us playing high energy football and we have a very likeable team.

Pug - Far better than many of us predicted. After losing so many players, including bellamy, sit on your arse bothroyd, 10/ 1 chopra and a whole host of others, i expected the worst.

ChrisP - Better than expected!  Players seem more as a team!

Lawnmower - Brilliant, 3rd in the table, in the cup final. Way beyond expectations.

2.   What are your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

Feedback - Mid table consolidation, obviously a long way to go but where we are now is amazing

Grange and Blue - Expectations were reasonably low- a rebuilding job, now I’d say with a signing or two it’s the play offs at least.

ChrisP - Promotion, I don't think they were the same at the start!  Although, I can't stand this league so I probably still wanted promotion!

Lawnmower - Well they were for maybe top 10, now I'm hoping we can at least make top 6.

Cardiff Irish - Looking for consolidation at the start, as the team essentially was brand new with a couple of exceptions. As the season has gone on expectations have rose and anything less then a play off spot would be disappointing.

3.   Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Beef – Goalie as ever

Grange and Blue - Most important player is by far Whittingham, gives us that creative edge.

Pug - Whittingham, we'd be stuffed without him.

The Raven - Whittingham, followed by Miller and Gunnarsson

ChrisP - All our players!

4.   and your worst player(s)?

Feedback – harsh, we don’t lack effort or ability this year.  The former attribute means that we are a very forgiving crowd

Grange and Blue - not so clear cut anymore, everyone’s been fairly consistent but personally i'd say someone like naylor (impressed last game he played mind)

Pedro de la Rosa - Well, he isn't going to play so it hardly matters, but probably Gyepes. Taiwo left yesterday, I would have said him if he hadn't.

The Raven - We don't have a scapegoat or hate figure in the match day squad. Everyone works hard and does their job. To be ultra critical, Conway (lack of pace), McPhail (legs have gone), Kiss (looks lost), Ralls (young and can play like it) are all in and out of the team.  It is heart breaking to see Earnie struggling.

ChrisP - I don’t consider any awful players this season – I am glad to rid of Bywater (our worst goalkeeper imaginable), and Bothroyd, who is the big “I am”

Cardiff Irish - Even the bad ones have tried their heart out when given a chance so unfair to single anyone out, There were numerous choices last season thanks to Dave Jones habit of getting loan players like J Lloyd Samuel who were essentially shite.

5.   Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

Feedback – a few years ago, got to Anfield to be told we had tickets, didn’t have tickets and missed the game

TruBlue - Darren Purse scoring, apart from that nothing.

Pedro de la Rosa - The Carling Cup game in 2007. The Liverpool buses from South Wales angered me. Also, for the self titled "best fans in the world", you weren't exactly vocal.

Grumpys Den – Watched us win 6-1 in Cardiff in the late 50’s.  Tommy Younger and Billy Liddell played for you   

Ian Gibson - Had a great time in 2007 at your place in the carling cup, drank into the early hours with the locals who were a great bunch, made us very welcome.

Rastamouse - Singing Robbie Fowler's name, I regret it now. Oh and seeing the pockets of city fans in the liverpool end, quite funny on the night.

ChrisP - Only remember the Carling cup game in Anfield a few years ago… we scored an equaliser which was awesome, only for Liverpool to score a few seconds later!

HeathBlue - The previous game at Anfield I had just changed jobs and wouldn't ask my boss for the day off and thus never went to the game

6.   Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about and are worth looking out for?

Feedback – Do your own scouting

Grange and Blue – At the moment Joe Ralls … looks decent

TruBlue - I shouldn't as I don't really want Premiership clubs to hear lots about this bloke, but Gabor Geypes is going to be one of the best, hope we can keep hold of him. 

   Update 31st January Cardiff City terminate Gabor Gyepes contract

Pedro de la Rosa - Joe Ralls is an exciting prospect in midfield and Joe Mason looks very good upfront.

ChrisP - Mason! Ralls I think as well!

Cardiff Irish - Aaron Gunnarson, Ben Turner is turning into a supberb defender, Joe Mason ROI under 21 intenational is shaping up to be a snip at 250,000

7.   Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Feedback - I’ll be there, a reference to the mines

Grange and Blue – Soul Crew, Soul Crew, Soul Crew

TruBlue - The "We're not f**king scared" chant on the semi final aimed at Dougie Freedman was pretty funny. He'd been mouthing off in the media before the game.

Rastamouse - I don't think anyone's touched on the Ayatollah, but that is something you'll see a lot  on the day. It is expressly ours and started back in the late 80s when we were a dungeon team and the Ayatollah Komeini had just passed away - their lot were   for all they were worth as a sign of mourning, and, ever big fans of irony, we adopted it as a sign, initially, of mourning how crap we were. It's now been turned on its head to the point where, if you're on holiday in some foreign clime and wearing a City shirt, somebody the other end of the beach could be   at you and you'd instantly know they were City. It's nothing to do with Sam Hammam, who is an odious piece of vermin.

Mabinogion – I’ll be there.  It is specific to us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYIRFmY3hxw

ChrisP - "In the Swansea Slums"

Lawnmower - 'you are my Cardiff... has always been my favourite, the part 'please don't take my Cardiff away.. ' reminds me of the times when we've been so close to extinction. Plus only a few other sides sing the same, and no-one as much as us !

8.   What kind of reception will Craig Bellamy receive from the Cardiff City fans?

Feedback - very good without a shadow. class act, way above this level of football, an honour to watch him play. He's a consummate professional and I expect nothing but total commitment for the reds of Liverpool on the day.

Grange and Blue – Bellamy's applause i would imagine will be spine tingling!   

TruBlue - A good one before and after the game I expect, but never know with some fans. During the game he's fair game for abuse the same as the rest.

ChrisP - Good reception! He didn’t do a bad thing in leaving, although he did say he would stay at Cardiff and go nowhere else if Man city wouldn’t let him go… hmm…

Cardiff Irish - I can't speak for everyone but he'll get a great reception from me as he was bust a gut last year. it's a shame he wasn't here this season otherwise we might have been romping the league. And finally of course for 'that' goal against Swansea.

9.   If you win, how do you think Cardiff City would cope with the Europa League next year?

Feedback - it will distract us from our push for that coveted champions league spot 

Grange and Blue - I don’t think we would qualify from the group stages if we didn’t get promoted, but it would be brilliant fans wise.

TruBlue - We've got so much experience in Europe is shouldn't be a problem, albeit 20+ years ago, but I think a few of the stewards are still at the club, so they should be able to pass on their experience to the current players.

Pedro de la Rosa - I don't know, about the same as Birmingham? Depends on whether we got promoted. How would Liverpool do? Probably get all emotional about getting into Europe, win it and proclaim they are once again the best club in Britain.

Grumpys Den - How will Europe cope with Cardiff City fans and strong continental lager   It will be the biggest /Welsh invasion of Europe since Agincourt!

Rastamouse - About as well as Birmingham did. Our fans, on the other hand, would take it by storm. We've been deprived of Europe for over two decades now but we used to do it brilliantly.

ChrisP - Don't want to be there if we are in the Championship (look at Brimingham's start!!!), but if we're in the prem we'll cope nicely!

10.   Do you expect Cardiff to get promoted this year so we can play each other more often?

Feedback - if you stay up then of course   seriously, promotion would be amazing, but it was on everyone's agenda for next season

Grange and Blue – With a bit of luck we’ve good a good chance of promotion

ChrisP - Yes, as long as it is automatic and not the playoffs again!!!

TruBlue - I'm not sure we want to get promoted so "we can play Liverpool more often", I think there may be a bit more to it than that.    No I don't expect us to get promoted.

Pedro de la Rosa - I'd say we have a good chance of going up , good players like Miller, Whitts and Gunnarsson.

Cardiff Irish - With every bone in my body I hope so, if we can just be lucky with injuries then just maybe.

11.   Also, if you get promoted, do you think you could get a sponsor for the ground/stands without too much trouble, bearing in mind it is fairly, less than ten years!?!, recently you have moved? Or is it likely to be difficult?

Feedback - we have top guys running the show, I imagine they'll squeeze every last corporate opportunity out of any promotion

TruBlue - No one wants or cares I expect, the money goes to a former chairman so nothing gained in reality. A decent non sponsored name wouldn't go a miss though.

Pedro de la Rosa - I missed this out first time, do your research, it is 3 years old. I'm a bit annoyed you expect us do this work but you can't be ****ed to do your part. It's a two way street you know.

Grumpys Den - Yes without doubt-probably with Malaysian connections.

Rastamouse - There's a bit of an issue with Hammam/Langstone and naming rights which the Malaysians are getting forensic accountants in to sort. I told you Hammam was odious vermin didn't I?

12.   Do you like your new ground compared to Ninian Park?

Feedback - yes, times have changed, its more of a big game feel to the day now. the facilities are good, the sight lines are good, the atmosphere is made from the fans not the bricks and mortar

Grange and Blue - Personally no i don't like the new ground compared to Ninian at all, in general the atmosphere is poor and personally it doesn't feel like i'm 'going to the football' anymore, although the view is so much better.

Trublue - Much better, nostalgia is great but times move on. Not everyone will agree on this one

Pedro de la Rosa - I do like it, it is well kitted out, the atmosphere can be good too(not a problem for you though)   

Grumpys Den - Yes, Ninian Park had some great moments, but sentiment aside it was a dilapidated old shit pit and the new ground is a world apart

The Raven - It is much better and just as entrenched in the heart. A couple of big games, especially at night, and you'll feel the same about your new place.

Pug - It pisses all over Ninian park and anyone who says otherwise is an arse

Lawnmower - Yes, miss NP, but the new ground is better for the kids

Mashy - It took a season or two, but it's really starting to feel like home. Yeah we all miss Ninian, but it was a mess.. and it was the right time to go. Just wish we coulda waited one more season to leave, so it could have had it's 100th Birthday!

13.   Is this your first visit to the carling cup/League cup Final?

Pikey's Borrowed Boots - Yes. We only really do FA cup finals. Making an exception this year though.

14.   Where do you think Liverpool will finish in The Premier League?

Beef - Above Swansea

Grange and Blue - Think you'll finish 5-8th, good squad but need more match winners.

Grumpys Den - Fifth, you need a cutting edge up front, which has cost you massively as every time I've seen Liverpool play, they've created loads of chances.

Mabinogion - 6th. Sorry, but the squad Liverpool has just isn't enough to compete with the colossal spenders at the top of the league over a season. At least you get a chance to watch the mighty Swansea play though, so there is some consolation.

ChrisP - Below 5th! Unless they can play better against the smaller teams!

15.   As you have been to the new Wembley before, can you recommend good places for a pint or food?

Feedback -   :) ;) :)     

stay well away from Wembley and go to one of the stops on the metropolitan or jubilee lines (IIRC)

Grange and Blue - Wembley is nothing like the Millenium, very little surroundings. Few pubs around the ground i think but could easily get bored before kick off.

Pedro de la Rosa - Not in the ground that's for sure, daylight robbery!

Chris P - NOT IN WEMBLEY!! I've been there 5 times recently (4 with Cardiff) and Wembley food is way overpriced!  There was an off license nearby, I think!

Lawnmower - Too late mate, we'd taken all the best pubs by 10AM on Wednesday   

HeathBlue - myself and family stayed at the premier in at Edgware, good value and the surrounding pubs/scram gaffs

16.   Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Beef – Stig Inge Bjonebye

Feedback – Carol he might not get a game

Grange and Blue - The most would obviously be Gerrard, but also suarez and bellamy.

Pedro de la Rosa - Gerrard and Suarez, head and shoulders above everyone else. That's not strictly true, as Carroll is taller than them but he is terrible. £35million, long live King Ken. 

Grumpys Den – Gerrard, he’s the ultimate motivator in the massive matches

ChrisP - Bellamy

17.   Do you care to predict the score?

Feedback - My heart says 1-0 my head says 3-1

Grange and Blue - Should be 3/4-0 to you, but i'm going to go with 2-1 Cardiff 

Grumpys Den - Head 2-1 Liverpool, with Bellamy scoring both, Heart 1-0 City

Mabinogion – Cardiff to win 4-3 on penalties, or , more likely, 1-0 Liverpool

ChrisP - Nope! Anything can happen!

Braders81 - 1-0 to you probably

Benj8min - 1-0 to the bluebirds

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