Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Monday 6th February 2012 - 8pm

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Results of each team's last 5 matches across all leagues and competitions

Last 5 matches played by Liverpool Liverpool last 5 matches (most recent first):
(a) Wolves 0-3 W
(h) Man Utd 2-1 W
(h) Man City 2-2 D
(a) Bolton 3-1 L
(h) Stoke 0-0 D

Last 5 matches played by Tottenham Tottenham last 5 matches (most recent first):
(h) Wigan 3-1 W
(a) Watford 0-1 W
(a) Man City 3-2 L
(h) Wolves 1-1 D
(h) Everton 2-0 W

Last 10 results v Spurs

18-9-2011    Premier League     Spurs v Liverpool    4-0
15-5-2011    Premier League     Liverpool v Spurs    0-2
28-11-2010  Premier League     Spurs v Liverpool    2-1
20-1-2010    Premier League     Liverpool v Spurs    2-0
16-8-2009    Premier League     Spurs v Liverpool    2-1
24-5-2009    Premier League     Liverpool v Spurs    3-1
12-11-2008   League Cup R3     Spurs v Liverpool    4-2
1-11-2008    Premier League     Spurs v Liverpool    2-1
11-5-2008    Premier League     Spurs v Liverpool    0-2
7-10-2007    Premier League     Liverpool v Spurs    2-2

Current League Standings

Pos    Team               P     GD     Pts     Home     W    D    L     F     A     Away    W    D    L    F    A
3       Tottenham       23    19      49                   9     2    1    24   10               6     2    3   20  15
5       Liverpool          23    7       38                    4     7    0    14    8                6     1    5   14  13

Spurs come to town for a Monday Night football special and given the performances we've put in recently, this is going to be an excellent game. Game changers all over the pitch, and the potential return of Luis Suarez.
Kenny faces one of his toughest selection headaches yet, with a strong performance from his entire front 6 at Wolves, and the likes of Suarez, Downing and Gerrard all available for selection. Spurs main injury concern is Rafael Van der Vaart (as usual), whilst recently they have been heavily reliant on the form of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric as goals have dried up for loanee Adebayor.
We welcome back former red Brad Friedel to Anfield, and former blueshite Louis Saha (if he isn't crocked).
Last season Luka Modric bossed the game, Carroll was ineffective, Suarez was soppy and Howard Webb a c*nt as we slumped to a Europa League qualification killing 2-0 defeat. Let's hope for better this season.
Thanks go to the Spuds who were kind enough to answer my questions (some with more effort than others!). Thanks also go to DutchRed whose Spyin' Kop from last season I shamelessly used as a template.
Hope you enjoy it.

How did you rate your season so far? You look guaranteed a top four finish and are potentially still title challengers.

E.T - It has been excellent so far, much better than I could have imagined, particularly after the first two games (Man City & Man Utd). I don't think we're in the title chase and would take 4th place right now if offered.

Zofo - I'll tell you at the end of the season

MDM - I would have taken top four at the start of the season and if we do not get top four I will be very disappointed. It is vital to get Champ league in order to keep Bale and Modric. I think Bale will leave summer 13 and Modric sadly this summer. Sadly the pipe dream of the league is over before it got started however this season was really the season to challenge given the inconsistency of all the other teams.

MB - Clearly the best season we've had in a long time!  We are certainly not guaranteed top 4 finishers but the way things are going it's looking good.

What is your opinion on Harry Redknapp and how do you think his court case will affect Spurs over the season?

E.T - Harry has been superb for us and long may it continue. Has some negatives (particularly his constant talking to the media) but his pros hugely outweigh his cons. I don't think his court case will affect us at all, selfishly though I hope it damages his England chances so he stay with us.

Zofo - He's a wheeler-dealer who will go to jail

MDM - I think Arry is the perfect fit for Spurs. I thought Jol took Spurs as far as he could and the Ramos debacle was shocking but we did win a league cup. Sadly the case will cause an implosion on Spurs’ season. Spurs always implode. People criticism Arry for being tactically naïve. I just think he keeps it simple. He arguably could rely on the fact that if you put good player on a pitch they know what to do. We all know there is more to it than that but not too much…..

MB - We might struggle on the Sunday fixtures when he has to do his community service!

If, and it’s a big if, Harry gets the England job after Capello, who would you want to see as manager and why?

E.T - Mourinho - born winner, Ancelotti - underated for Chelsea. Would prefer to keep Harry though.

Zofo - Mourinho obviously

MDM - I wanted to see Carlo Ancellotti (spelling?) and I think he was loitering in London for either the Spurs or Arsenal job. Mourinho – if Spurs qualify for the champ league. I do not think the team need too much spent on it. May be even Capello!

MB - I'd like to see Gaurdiola, since we are playing the best football in the country at the moment he could take us  to the next level. (I hear Ron Atkinson is in line to be your next Manager)

Who's been your best player throughout the campaign?

E.T - Modric - dictates our play and is most consistent.

Zofo - All of them

MDM - Parker for his bite and leadership. King when he plays is awesome. Considering he does not train. Modric I think is a fantastic player – he plays centre mid in the EPL! Bale obviously and Adebayor as he is almost the perfect striker for a 4 5 1. My best player though has to be either full-back. I obviously have to mention Friedel.

MB – Kaboul

And your worst?

E.T - Pavlyuchenko - good finisher but so lazy.

Zofo – Bassong

MDM - I think Spurs are the best team the world has ever seen!  I think our Rafa has dropped in form a little from the start of the season. He just cant play 90 mins. Although I would love another deflected volley at Anfield!!!!!!!

MB - Worst player - Pienaar

How influential have the three signings of Friedel, Parker and Adebayor been this season and do you think you should sign Adebayor permanently?

E.T - Very influential. Friedel brings calm to the defence. Parker does the dirty work which rubs off on other players. Adebayor I would say has been the most important as he holds the ball up and links up play, nobody else in the squad offers this and haven't had since Berbatov left. Would love to sign him permanently, hopefully he will lower his wages demands but for 200+K a week it won't happen.

Zofo - Stoopid question, a good goalkeeper makes you about 15 points a season, Parker is great (and an added bonus was that he made the West Ham fans cry), we shouldn't sign Adebayor permanently - he's only good for the 3 months after joining a new team so we should resign him every summer and every Jan so that he makes an effort all season round

MDM - They have been vital. If he is realistic about his wage demands then yes. However he is not an out and out striker and his finishing is a little Robbie Keane-esque.

MB - Yes sign him permanently.  Our signings have been inspired.  Best signings apart from Suarez.

Do you have any particular memories on meetings between Liverpool and Spurs?

E.T - My first game at White Hart Lane was a Spurs v Liverpool match. We won 2-0 and Nayim scored an amazing volley from outside the box.

Zofo - Travelling up to Anfield with a mate in 1995 for an FA cup game (the only time I've been to Anfield)....singing Gerry Francis' blue and white army.......need I say more (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtD3TmFK3pA)

MDM - Yes an FA Cup tie at Anfield, watched on TV. You went 1-0 up and then Klinsmann and Sheringham did the business.

MB - The humping we gave you last time!

Do you have any favourite chants?

E.T - Oh when the Spurs, go marching in....

Zofo - Ooh Ledley Ledley, he's Only got one knee, he's better than John Terry, oooh ledley ledley.

adebayor adebayor, we used to be racist we're not anymore

MDM - I want to go home. I want to go home. Liverpool’s a sh@@hole I want to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On a serious note, Oh ledley ledley, hes only got one knee, but he’s better than John Terry.

MB - You'll never walk alone (Celtics version).

Are there Academy prospects at Tottenham we may not know about?

E.T - Tom Carroll could be one to look out for, has impressed in his Europa/Carling cup appearances. As has Andros Townsend.

Zofo - Yes, but we're still not going to tell you

MDM - Thomas Carroll who played in the Europony looked fairly decent a CM. Otherwise no, not really.

MB - Not that I no of.

What has happened to John Bostock?

E.T - Not too sure about this one. He did have an injury which kept him out for a while but I think there has been issues with his temperament.

Zofo - Random question, he's on loan at Hull City

MDM - I know. There was such an uproar when he was poached from Palace. I think he has been sent back from some loans. So not looking good.

MB - On the bench for Sheffield Wednesday against MK Dons Tuesday.

As fans, are you genuinely pleased you’re not in the Europa League anymore?

E.T - Not really, although I'm not that bothered we're no longer in it. They desperately need to reformat the competion.

Zofo - Yes, although it would have been nice to beat Sh1tty in the final

MDM - YES. Although the knock-out stage is fairly decent in terms of teams. I think the champ league rejects make the comp better but also devalues it.

MB - Yes because of injuries that I could hamper our top 4 finish.

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most or is that just too obvious given Suarez’s likely return?

E.T - Gerrard and yes Suarez.

Zofo - Ha ha ha ha

MDM - Yes – Suarez. Althoguh Bellamy has been brilliant.

MB - Dirk Kuyt the work horse and comes up with the goods when the crowds with him.

What's your opinion on Kenny Dalglish, our manager?

E.T - I think he's a good manager but didn't do himself any favours with the recent Suarez debacle.

Zofo - Who's Kenny? Too much hope on one little man, but he's better than Hodgy

MDM - A legend for you and handled the Hillsborough tragedy amazingly well. You could see the weight of the city on his shoulders. Problem if, when it is time for him to go – who can replace him. Roy? 

MB - Honeymoon period will soon be over.

What’s happening with the development of WHL now that the battle for the Olympic Stadium seems lost?

E.T - I think it's just a matter of time before an announcement for work to start on the Northumberland Development Project which is exciting.

Zofo - We'll see (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northumberland_Development_Project)

MDM - They will redevelopment WHL as originally planned. Spurs were the wrong club but had the right idea for the Olympic stadium.

MB - Not sure.

What, if you already have them, are your expectations for next season?

E.T - Keep key personnel at the club (Redknapp, Modric, Bale). Top four finish.

Zofo - I never expect, that way I am pleasantly surprised.

MDM - Maintain current form.

MB - If we don't get in Champions League all our best players will leave so this season depends on whether we go up or down as a club.

How does it feel to be the best club in North London, despite Arsenal remaining in the Champions League?


Zofo - How long will they be there for? Come on Barca

MDM - Let’s hope it lasts. There have been so many false dawns.

MB - Don't worry Arsenal will soon be out of Champions league and Arsene Wenger will be moaning about a wrong decision or bad pitch that lost them it!

And finally, do you mind predicting the score?

E.T - 2-2 (I'd be happy with that!)

Zofo - The score of what? I never predict Spurs games.

MDM - I would take a draw. I think the Suarez factor will come into play. Narrow LFC win, a helpful ref giving a penalty in front of the Kop.

MB - I don't think it will be like last time however I think we will just put 3 past you this time

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