Round the Wembley Coach. LFC 3-2 Man City

Posted by Hinesy on January 25, 2012, 11:37:44 PM

Questions, questions... Did we want it more? Were City poor at times or did we press and harry? Is Bellamy now worth £35m? Does Downing know which we play? Was Kenny right, we only get up for the big games, or were we up again because we'd been down (*tm Chumbawumba)?

Either way, it reminded me of the first leg, we were fast out the blocks, but not as quick as Manchester City. But we kept attacking and it looked good at times and then like many I was waiting for the City goal, which came and like many I thought that can't be us out of the cup... And we weren't. But then we were, then we weren't. I didn't expect Bellamy to score as much as he expected the ball back from Johnson...

Bloody semi finals, too bad for my nerves...

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