Round Table: Bolton 3 Liverpool 1

Posted by Garstonite on January 21, 2012, 08:07:02 PM

I say this is neither haste nor anger, but Kenny needs to swallow his pride and get rid of Carroll. Weíll take a massive knock financially, but itís fundamentally clear he is not the right man for this club and the type of football weíre striving towards.

Carroll isnít the only problem, of course. The elephant in the room, for my money, is Charlie Adam, who appears to have dodged much of the criticism thrown in the direction of our summer recruits. When he gets his head up, heís one of the best passers of the ball in the division (his ball to Enrique against Stoke was sumptuous) but heís consistently unaware of his surrounding. When he drops deep to collect the ball from the centre-backs with his back to goal, his eyes are fixed on the ball. Heís got to trust that Agger and Skrtel are going to play the ball to his feet and start looking over his shoulder and around him. Alonso was the best Iíve ever seen at doing this and Michael Carrick is another I have to begrudgingly admired for it too. Thereís next to no point whatsoever having two ball-playing centre-halves if you havenít got an anchoring midfielder who is capable of giving and receiving under pressure. This is another area we miss Lucas, who always demands the ball and returns it with precision and speed.

Chelsea dropped points earlier in the day, but their performance was on a different level to ours. They make use of the size of the pitch. Meireles and Lampard (before he went off) played the ball from side to side patiently while Mata ran into the channels. If Torres was in form, they would have won at a canter.

By contrast, we had central midfielders who were afraid of being pressurized, playing the ball up to a front man who traps every other ball and is predictable as this site running slowly after a defeat.

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