Round Table: City 0-1 Liverpool - CC Semi 1st Leg

Posted by Barney_Rubble on January 11, 2012, 10:30:56 PM

Best bus-parking job I can remember, certainly from a Liverpool team. It would take a team-and-a-half to get past that back seven.

Very professional job well done, and if anyone wants to mention the players they had missing, we've one or two of our own in the same boat.

Pretty much dominated them until Nasri replaced Balotelli and the extra man in midfield gave them far more possession than they'd had, but for all that, there were only a couple of really nervy moments. Didn't think they'd score personally, although I think their most likely chance would have come from confusion at the back from our lads who seemed unsure who was playing where for 5-10 minutes. Can't say I thought much of Johnson at left back, but needs must at times and that tackle on Aguero was a peach, although the later one on Adam Johnson was very close to the edge.

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