3rd Round Table: Liverpool 5-1 Oldham

Posted by Hinesy on January 6, 2012, 10:04:02 PM

Plaudits to Oldham and Simpson for their first goal, well taken and possible fluke but screamer all the same. At that time we looked like we were going to get another draw and be grateful for it.

So what changed for us? And how do we get Andy Carroll to stop thinking and having so much time on the ball? Instinct - great goal - two mins later, time to head in and misses it...

Downing scores too, Carragher back, Shelvey good and bad, Bellamy showed promised & I do think he blends with Gerrard who, apart from the mistaken Hollywood pass looks like he's never been away...

So onwards to the 4th round but was Kenny right to have that back 4? We'd have been in trouble with a better team... was that his idea?

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