Round Table Manchester City 3-0 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on January 3, 2012, 09:57:07 PM

Even with ten men, City still looked like they had 11 on the pitch. We were poor, unlucky and lethargic in equal measures. Carroll on his own isn't going to work, especially when the ball into the box isn't whipped in at pace, but lumped in, depending on our striker to create the pace.

Frustrating for me as Downing's early chance could've easily been tucked away and put the jitters on City, they were already shaky a bit and that miss and Pepe's mistake gave Manchester City the confidence.

But neither side sparkled. And to be honest, what pissed me off is that we as sloppy as them and they were quicker to close down and hassle us in the midfield yet they were the ones who'd lost 48 hrs earlier.

I was surprised and to be honest, pleased yet annoyed, at the injection of life and pace Bellamy and Gerrard's substitutions gave us. Pleased because we needed it, but annoyed because where was it before then?

Still, we didn't lose 6-1 to them at ours, and we lost by the same 3 goals last season, and the big worry for me right now is that they'll tank us in the Carling Cup which I want us to win.

Onwards and hopefully upwards. But an opportunity lost.

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