Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Newcastle United 30/12/11

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Our last game in 2011 signals the visit of Newcastle United. They are just one place beneath us in the table and hadnít it been for their collapse, they might have spent Christmas time in the top four. There are lots of developments on Tyneside at the moment and lots of connections between Newcastle and Liverpool. What about the best ever Premier League game, Kenny Dalglish, Enrique and Carroll.. Enough interesting things for a Spyiní Kop. I went looking for Magpies and eventually found a place called Toontastic. Although it was late in the day, the Newcastle fans didnít disappoint and lived up to their reputation as brilliant people. A whole lot of answers.

1. What is your opinion on Mike Ashley? I know he's not generally liked..

Aeris:  shit owner
Ant: He's a fat useless bastard with a fetish for cheap tracksuits
Monroe Transfer: He's the man at the top so at the end of the day every major decision concerning the club has to be blamed on him. With that said, with better advisers and a replacement for the awful Llambias, we might be better off. The man doesn't know what he's doing and needs help from football people, not casino managers.
KeithJ: I am half and half on Ashley. He has given Newcastle a financial reality check. We have stopped buying the proven, poorly thought out so called superstars and are signing well scouted and thought out players like Tiote and Cabaye. He does some good like the half price season ticket offer which means he gets fans on side but then changes our Stadium name.
Howay: Total fat Arsehole surrounded by slimy tossers like Llambias who know nowt about football. Just in it for the money.
TicTacWoe: Arsehole who made some horrendous decisions particularly in the first few years at the helm. Now running the club on a shoe string and doing relatively well/getting lucky depending on how one views it.
The Fish: Now only interested in pushing his Shop Brand. Will run the club at minimum expenditure level possible.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Fat bastard who is only interested in recouping his pennies & we're in limbo at best until he does just that.

2. What is your opinion on Alan Pardew?

Aeris: shit manager
Ant: Hide your wives and girlfriends
Monroe Transfer: Top class and has done an impressive job since joining us. Certainly won me over. However he is far from perfect, tactically he can be questionable and he appears to put too much faith in certain players.
KeithJ: I like him as a manager, he says all the right things. Tactically he is spot on and does his research on other teams and more importantly on ours. He goes through stats to see where we done well and where we need to improve.
Howay:  Does a canny job for us, doubtful of him at first but like most people has won me over. Agree with Monroe that he's sometimes poor with his subs and definitely has favorites.
TicTacWoe: Used to hate Pardew but he's done well in his year here so have gradually warmed to him to some extent.
The Fish: Done very well with materials at his disposal, knows he's not in control of signings but manages the team manfully regardless. He's benefitted from some astute signings but he's a good manager none-the-less
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Done very well in difficult circumstances so far, but I'm yet to be convinced he's a good manager.

3. How do you rate your season so far?

Aeris:  we have had luck and we have had ba?
Ant:  Good but jammy at times
Monroe Transfer: Impressive but we need to get over our recent bad results. Also need to see how we cope with a further depleted squad (Tiote+Ba at African Cup of Nations).
KeithJ: Very good, we have done well and we have picked up good results however it came apart when injuries showed how poor in defence we are for back up. Sitting 7th with not a lot spent is a great achievement however we need some depth.
Howay: Very good start, we've stumbled as of late particularly in the 3 before the Bolton game but hopefully we can turn it round.
TicTacWoe: Good. If we can finish 7th it would be a success compared to the dross of recent years.
The Fish: good, expect now to finish around 8th. Anything higher is a very good season, anything lwoer will be a disappointment given our start.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Surprisingly enjoyable, but we've rode our luck. I can't help but feel it's a matter of time before it all goes against us...

4. Why on earth St. James' Park has got some terrible sponsor name? Is it Ashley responsible for that?

Aeris:  because we are owned by complete retards, and yes.
Ant:  We love a good logo , yes he is (another reason he's a prick)
Monroe Transfer: Yeah, I could live with it a little better if we made anything from it.
KeithJ: To increase revenue to the club and make sure we maximise our sponsorship potential... It will always be St James Park.
Howay: Of course Ashley is, simple answer I guess is he wants his brand name out there more or he really does hope to attract a sponsor for a large fee. Tosser.
TicTacWoe: Yes he is.
The Fish: Yup, ashley is a c*nt
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Oh yes.

5. How do you feel on Andy Carroll?

Aeris: he plays shit for you because you don't seem to understand how he can be used...
Ant:  I'd slowly sneek up behind him and try a sly bump into him. (if that was the objective i'd rather avoid it all the same)
Monroe Transfer: I don't dislike the guy but I'm still bitter about him leaving us, so I haven't got a problem with him failing elsewhere.
KeithJ:He hadn't set the world on fire since he left however Liverpool isn't playing him like he should be played. I don't wish him any bad however I think he needs to leave Liverpool as he is not for them. I see him going to Spurs.
Howay: He's a sumbag but he's our scumbag, good player nee surprise cockend Kenny has no idea how to use him effectively. Would like to see him back here for a low fee, glad he's misfiring for your lot.
TicTacWoe: I still think Carroll could come good as long as he keeps himself out of trouble off the pitch (which I have severe doubts about). Obviously Liverpool spent far too much on him but he's still got a lot of potential imo.
The Fish: He has bags of potential and it's a source of enjoyment for me that you're not playing to his strengths and that, eventually, he'll be considered a flop and fuck off elsewhere. Provide fir him the chances and he'd get you 20 goals. However, liverpool play the Liverpool way and as such, Carroll will never be accepted by the scousers and will never make it at Anfield. Oh and thanks for the £35m
Chronic the Drug Wasp: I'm loving his disastrous time at LFC, mainly because it reflects terribly on that arsehole Dalglish. BUT give him the right service and he's a nightmare for any defence.

6. Who have been Newcastle's best players so far this campaign?

Aeris:  ba, cabaye, colo, krul
Ant: Colo, Ba, Krul without a doubt
Monroe Transfer: Krul, Ba and Coloccini.
KeithJ: Demba Ba, I don't need to say why, just look at the goal scoring charts. Cabaye, he is a great player in terms of his passing and play making ability.
Howay: Ba, Coloccini, Cabaye and Krul.
TicTacWoe: Top5: Krul, Ba, Colo, Cabaye, Taylor
The Fish: Krul, Colo, S.Taylor, Cabaye, Ba. I fully expect Ben Arfa and Tiote to be additions to this list over the rest of the season though.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Ba & Krul stand out, followed by Coloccini, Cabaye & S.Taylor.

7. And the worst?

Aeris:  perch, obertan, best
Ant:  Obertan, a lightbulb headed freak who ironically runs out of ideas fast.
Monroe Transfer: Obertan, Best in recent matches.
KeithJ: James Perch, he is just shit and no match for any premiership striker.
Howay: Obertan
TicTacWoe: Obertan
The Fish: Best, Obertan, and above all else Perch. He hasn't performed particularly below his standard, but his standard is so low I'd applaud him onto the pitch if I were the opposition.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Obertan & Perch. The latter I sincerely hope to never see in a NUFC shirt again.

8. Would you like to see Sunderland relegated, or would you miss the Tyne-Wear derby too much?

Aeris: yes of course, dont you like seeing everton relegated?
Ant: Not Bothered, they don't matter.
Monroe Transfer: I guess the latter but I'm not a Geordie so not the best person to ask.
KeithJ: No, just 17th
Howay: I'd love to see them trampy c*nts relegated from league two let alone the premiership, wouldn't miss the 2 weeks of them telling us how we're delusional and how their starting 11 pisses all over ours and how it'll be 3-0 to them before we promptly hammer them like the inferior mugs they are.
TicTacWoe: Seen them relegated many times, it would be a non event to most Newcastle fans.
The Fish: I'd honestly rather see the back of footballing non-entities like Wigan and Blackburn. At least the mackems get close to 40k a home game (if they're playing someone big... and if the schools are given free tickets... but still.)
Chronic the Drug Wasp: I've seen Sunderland relegated that many times now all the enjoyment's gone out of it. I'd definitely miss the derbies.

9. What are you hoping for in the January transfer window?

Aeris: I expect nothing but sale, but a class striker and a young brilliant centre half would be above even my wettest dreams.
Ant: Smith to leave, and for Pato for some reason decide he loves stripes but prefers black & white more than red & black, buy his own contract and come to us for 50p a week and a packet of monster munch.
Monroe Transfer: A striker, a full-back and a central defender. We'll get a CB at most.
KeithJ: A couple of new Defenders and a striker. Eric Pieters, Chris Samba and Carroll for 7 million.
Howay: A striker as a partner/cover for Ba, a centre back and a full back, will we get that? no.
TicTacWoe: Two defensive signings and a striker but that isn't going to happen.
The Fish: A centre Half, a Left back, and a striker. but we'll sign nobody.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: A left-back, a centre-back and a striker to cover for Ba & then compliment him on his return from the African cup. However, that simply won't happen - we'll be lucky to see one of those and I'm fully expecting another tidy profit to be made instead.

10. What is your opinion on Kenny Dalglish, our manager and your former

Aeris:  what a retard
Ant:  Awful Awful Awful
Monroe Transfer:  strongly dislike him. His second season with us went sour and he sold 2 of our best players. As Liverpool manager, I'm tired of his persecution complex and blind defence of his players and club.
KeithJ: Shit for us, dismantled a great team to make a shit team. Looks like he is going to waste liverpools money
Howay: Despise the jock c*nt.
TicTacWoe: Seems to have a victim complex/thinks everyone's against him/Liverpool. Good manager in his day but has made some ridiculously expensive signings in recent times and deserves criticism if Liverpool don't finish in the top 4 considering the money spent. In terms of his time here, he was poor but bought some great players (Given, Speed, Solano, Hamman).
The Fish: Persecution complex bigger than the kops, stubborn tactically, an arrogance beyond his success, inflexible and barely comprehensible.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Whinging arsehole & shit manager who'd had his day 15 years ago.

11. What do you make from Liverpool's season so far?

Aeris: shit season, you spent all that useless money
Ant: Alright, trying to play everything through Suarez far too much, if you actually played to Carroll's strengths and stopped being so reliant on L.S you'd be less predictable
Monroe Transfer: Mediocre for a club of that stature, for the quality players they possess and most of all for the money they spent on players who don't look anywhere near close to justifying what was spent on them.
KeithJ: For what you have spent you are having a crap season. Liverpool seem a bit if a circus with Suarez bring a racist debate and Carroll being poor. The T shirt stance made you look a bit wankerish however supportive gesture was. The PR should have been sacked!
Howay: It's as good as you lot could hope for realistically with the money flowing round Chelsea + Man city, you'll struggle to get into the top 4. Especially with Kenny spunking fortunes on extremely average players like Carroll and Henderson.
TicTacWoe: So-so. If either Carroll or Suarez were scoring regularly (a big if) you'd be doing ok.
The Fish: For the money Dalglish has spent I'd be expecting better performances on the pitch and better points on the board. All in all frustrating season for liverpool.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: All things considered? Shite.

12. Newcastle are given a wild card to sign a random Liverpool player. Who would you opt for?

Aeris: I'd probably take Carroll back since he's a geordie, and to save his career.
Ant: Enrique,  "stuck in birmigham, too much snow! is shit!"
Monroe Transfer: That's a good question. I'd take Enrique back as he's not been replaced really (we have Santon who looks great but there's confusion over which side he'll play on. Or maybe Bellamy as we need a striker, but I realise he isn't that prolific.
KeithJ: Enrique - left backs are rare and he is one of the best. He is so strong and had a great partnership with Gutierrez.
Howay: I'd want Enrique back.
TicTacWoe: Suarez (even though he's an annoying git) or alternatively, take back Enrique.
The Fish: Enrique, arguably the best left back in Europe.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: I think Jose Enrique would be of most value to our side. We have too many black players for Suarez to cope with, there'd be hell on.

13. Are there any youth players coming through the Toon ranks worth keeping an eye on?

Aeris: nile ranger, liverpool should make an offer this window
Ant: Sammmmmmmy Ameobi, Harris
Monroe Transfer: Vuckic, Campbell, Streete, Ferguson, Sammy Ameobi, Lopez, Tavenier and more. Abeid is another youth player to look out for, but he only came to the club as an 18 year old during the summer.
KeithJ: Sammi Ameobi who is Sholas younger brother. He is quick, skillful and fearless at running at defenders. He tracks back as well and will defo be a first team player.
Howay: I'd want Enrique back.
TicTacWoe: Adam Campbell is supposed to be the next big thing.
The Fish: Vuckic, Abeid, are genuine talents, Campbell has won the same award as Messi and Iniesta so he's worth a watch... other than that it's the same possibly maybes but they'll all probably turn out to be Mellors.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Shane Ferguson, if he still counts

14. Do you have any particular memories of a game between Newcastle and Liverpool?

Aeris: the 4-3 match in '96, it was a amazing match which we won...I was 6 at the time but I've seen it later on.
Ant: Yes, not good ones frankly (i'm sure we all know what wife beating dogger i'm referring to)
Monroe Transfer: Only memorable memory is the 4-3. We usually lose to be honest so I have no happy memories.
KeithJ: 4-3 matches. Too young for you to remember but you can get the DVDs of them. Just full blooded attacking football with great players like Ginola, Fowler, Lee, Ferdinand, etc
Howay: The 4-3's obviously, also Robert scoring some excellent free kicks and when we played you lot on boxing day (think it was the 1st time Bellamy had played us for you) and we won at SJP.
TicTacWoe: The infamous 4-3 game lives long in my memory unfortunately.
The Fish: Robert's deflected freekick. Delicious.
Chronic the Drug Wasp: fuck off

15. Where will both teams be come May?

Aeris:  I ask you the same
Ant:  Us: around the middle, LPool: 6-7th or thereabouts
Monroe Transfer: Depending on who we get if anyone during January, both in top 8.
KeithJ: Euro spots
Howay: Us: Think we'll stay in the top half, mid-tableish.
You: round about where you are now unless there's some very good purchases in January.
TicTacWoe: Liverpool 6th, Newcastle 7th (if we sign some cover in the window) otherwise 8th
The Fish: liverpool 6th, Newcastle 8th
Chronic the Drug Wasp: Newcastle 11th; Liverpool 6th

16. What will the score be come Friday night?

Aeris: 100-0
Ant: *sigh* Liverpool 2-0 is what my head says due to the former players in your team, heart says 2-1 us
Monroe Transfer: 2-1 to us. I'm just being hopeful - I know Liverpool always beat us at Anfield.
KeithJ: Score draw - I doubt we will win and it will be interesting to see how you play without Suarez
Howay: Honestly I'm not sure could see either side winning just down to who shows up, losing Suarez hurts you lot.
TicTacWoe: 1-1
The Fish: 2-1 to liverpool
Chronic the Drug Wasp: 1-1

Címon you Redmen! Three points please

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