Round Table Liverpool 1-1 Blackburn Rovers

Posted by Hinesy on December 26, 2011, 04:58:43 PM

A day of frustration. A day of deja vu, and a game we should've blasted into 2012 and a team bereft of morale and a manager mo4e lame duck than gives a fuck. Frankly I'm kinda lost for words.
Still, nice to see our Captain back, and he looked pretty sharp all things considered.
But just cos Carroll's in the box, it doesn't mean no-one else should show up, the amount of times the area between the pen spot and the 6yd box was empty of reds was ridiculous.
At times AC looked disinterested and Downing failed to stun me with the ability he is hired by the national team for. Disafuckingpointing.
Another day at Anfield, another draw. And another who the fuck are you goalkeeper having their best match ever. Gordon fuckin Banks save at the end.Sums us up really. :-[

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