Spyin' Kop - Liverpool vs. Queens Park Rangers Dec. 10

Posted by NYCRedsFan on December 8, 2011, 04:29:37 AM

Liverpool FC      vs    Queens Park Rangers
Kick off: 15:00

Saturday 10th December


First time for me creating a Spyin' Kop, so I hope this is up to the high standards set by past posters.

For this Spyin' Kop. I reached out to the QPR Fansite "Loft for Words"  I want to thank DesertBoot, TerryK, DylanP, and Londonscottish for their replies... They also sent me a set of questions for a Liverpool perspective.  it was fun !!

In your opinion. how has the season been shaping up so far?

DesertBoot - A season of heavy defeats and certain relegation has been transformed into one where comfortably staying up is a distinct possibility. Tony Fernandes has put a smile back on the face of our club.

Terry K. - Supporting QPR isn't, historically, the most stress-free of experiences and it's been 'normally' stressful from the word go really. We've looked very good on occasions but we lack strength in depth and physically it seems to be a lot harder on players than the Championship was.

Dylan P. - This has been a good season so far. There have been plenty of frustrating games, but overall you have to be pleased with how we have handled things so far.  Beating Chelsea was a fantastic result and will probably be the highlight of the year whatever else happens from here on out (unless we beat them again at Stamford Bridge). Playing well against the likes of Man City and Newcastle are also highlights.

Londonscottish - Rangers are in a decent mid-table position, albeit only six points or so above the drop. Six signings in the last ten days of the transfer window have gelled well.

What are your expectations NOW for this season? Have they changed from day one?

DesertBoot - I would expect us to beat the drop now whereas before I set out to try and enjoy one season in the top-flight.

Terry K. - I expect us to sign a few in the transfer window and added to what we have already, I think that we could finish somewhere close to mid-table. That would be higher than I envisaged on day 1 when we hadn't signed the likes of Wright-Phillips, Barton, Ferdinand, Young and Traore. On day 1 survival and 17th place was a hope rather than an expectation.

Dylan P. - Survival is the goal this year, that has not changed. Expectations have probably increased a fair amount as a result of bringing in some quality players. I would say after we were tonked 4-0 on day 1 of the season, a lot of folks thought we would go straight back down. Now, I would think that the expectation is that we could manage to avoid the drop and put in some good performances along the way.

Londonscottish - Yes. On day one Tango and Cash were in charge, no money was forthcoming to strengthen the squad, Taarabt was being sold and Colin Wanker was about to be sacked. We'd missed out on a victory parade and had suffered the nightmare of possible points deductions at the end of last season. And then Bolton beat us 4-0 in our first PL game in sixteen years at Loftus Road.  Now we've beaten Chelsea and have had some stellar performances against the likes of Wolves, Stoke, Newcastle and Man City and we get frustrated at a draw with WBA. So good progress.

Your reaction to your ownership and his dedication to spend to maintain a quality squad?

DesertBoot - Fernandes has a brilliant track record at succeeding in everything he does. He listens to the fans, has a great relationship with fans favourite Amit Bhatia and has a fantastic assistant in Philip Beard.
The injection of funds to bring in some quality players gave us all a huge boost and we are at the least competitive now.

Terry K. - The new ownership has taken us forward from where the previous regime left us. To be fair, I think that the previous regime just wanted to get us up and sell out and get their money back, but the Furling business probably delayed that process and we started the season in a state of chaos. Since then, the club, players and fans have pulled together and we are pretty tight now.

Dylan P - Tony has been great so far. Says and does all the right things. Long may he prosper.

Londonscottish - From the ridiculous to the sublime.

To follow, what do you think of your signings in the summer, and in the transfer window that closed in September ?

DesertBoot- Bothroyd and DJ Campbell apart, our summer signings were hardly inspiring. Dyer is the expected disaster I knew he would be. Gabbidon better than I thought but still not good enough.  Not in my wildest dreams around July/August did I imagine Barton, SWP, Traore and Anton Ferdinand would come to QPR.

Terry K- The signings were good in September, but the fans and even management probably underestimated some of the players that we already had, such as Helguson, Smith, Derry and Hill. The summer signings were made when we had no money as no takeover had been agreed, so the quality wasn't always there. Most of the September incoming players have proved themselves to be Premiership class, and there's a few that we haven't seen a lot of such as Kieron Dyer and DJ Campbell.

Dylan P. - Barton, Traore, Young, and SWP have all come in and blended in very quickly. Traore has been a revelation. He arrived days after Arsenal got hammered 8-2 by United and was under a bit of a cloud. He has played really well and is a firm favourite of mine.

Londonscottish - Barton has proved to be an excellent captain. Massive workrate and commitment. Traore and Young have excelled at LB and RB.

Joey Barton as Captain

Desertboot- Barton is an excellent captain. Very good in the middle of the park, vocal and critical when he has to be.

Terry K. - Barton appears to have added some 'attitude' to the training regime and there's been an improvement on the park as a result. Our performances when he's been in the side as captain have generally been good, although his own performances haven't always been top-drawer. So you could say that he's a decent captain on that basis.

Dylan P - Seems to have settled in well and relishes the role.

Londonscottish - Fabulous commitment, could not ask for anything more.

Your opinion of Colin Wanker? Strengths? weaknesses?

DesertBoot - Warnock is a legend. We were staring Division 1 in the face and now here we are mid-table in the Premiership.  His man-management skills are fantastic and he has us playing some good attacking football.  If I had to choose a negative I'd say his substitutions can sometimes be a bit strange and/or changes made too late.

Terry K. - When Warnock came in I feared that we would resort to hoofball and for a while we did try that, but it didn't really work with the players already there. Warnock couldn't replace all of those players, and the better ones such as Taarabt and Furling weren't hoofers, so I think that he's adapted his style of play and we couldn't even be described as playing a 'Warnock-lite' style now really, it's a proper passing game. He still likes a no-nonsense defence and we probably need more strength in that area, but that's down to getting more players in January. Weaknesses? It's easy to be critical at times but overall there's no obvious weakness in his general approach to the season in hand.

Dylan P - Warnock is a great man manager and a master of strategy. His subsitutions can be confusing at times.

Londonscottish - A great manager FINALLY given the wherewithall to cut it in the PL.

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Desertboot - Alejandro Faurlin is our most important player. His work-rate, skill and vision is impeccable for someone so young.

Terry K. - At the moment, it's hard to single out anyone in particular. When we play well we work well as a unit, and pass it around. When we don't play well, passes are going astray and we give it away too easily. As of this moment, probably Helguson, Furling, Ferdinand and Barton are the four that you'd most not want to have missing from the side, but that's hard on a lot of other players.

Dylan P. - Ali Faurlin probably, although there are a number of players who have been key. Helguerson is another who springs to mind.

Londonscottish - Barton/Faurlin are standout in midfield. Heidar Helguson is a revalation this season. Paddy was and will be the rock at the back (although Cerny has been surprisingly good standing in for him)

Your worst player(s) if any?

Desertboot - Not worst player but worst signing is Kieron Dyer.

Terry K. - Nobody in particular. I don't think that I'd point him out even if he existed.

Dylan P - Ned Zelic -- absolute disaster!

Londonscottish - The linesman at the West Brom game on Saturday.

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

Desertboot - Will never forget both legs of the Milk Cup on ITV and the own goals that got us to Wembley.

Terry K. - My dad was born in Liverpool and has always supported the reds and as a kid I supported them too. The first time I went to QPR was in 1975 on the opening day of the season, when QPR won 2-0. We stood in the old away end and Gerry Francis scored the goal of the season down that end. Liverpool won the league and in fact I celebrated that success, but started supporting QPR soon afterwards, so you could hardly call me a glory hunter. Have some decent memories of going to Anfield on the odd occasion in the early 1970's - a league cup semi-final against Leeds being a particularly noisy night as I recall - Liverpool lost I think, unfortunately. Also remember going to a game at Spurs with my dad around that time - UEFA Cup semi-final I think it was. Can't remember the result of that one.

Dylan P. - Not really a Liverpool game as such, but the last day of the season 1975-76 we won our game and you were tied against Wolves, which meant we had won the League. You scored in the last minute to take the title away from us. BAST*RDS!!!!!!!!  (NYCRedsFan – it was 3 goals in the last 15 minutes, to win 3-1).

Londonscottish - Nov 1992 Loftus Road - Liverpool won 1-0. My first top flight match in England.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Desertboot - Our youth programme is poor so we await the next Kevin Gallen. Could be a long wait. Sterling was promising Grrrrr!!!

Terry K. - Raheem Sterling!! No he's gone...where did he get to???

Dylan P. – Faurlin is a bit of a secret gem.

Londonscottish – Pass!

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Desertboot - Likely to be same line-up as against West Brom. Helguson and Bothroyd up front, SWP roaming and Barton/Faurlin in the midfield - an excellent partnership.

Terry K. - Hopefully the same as played against WBA. Kenny is injured and must be very doubtful so Cerny will be in goal I should think. The rest of the side more or less picks itself.

Young Ferdinand Gabbidon Traore

Barton Furling

Mackie Bothroyd SWP


Our wayward genius, Adel Taarabt might be called upon if you lot go in front. It will be interesting to see what happens if he comes on as Damien Comolli has a connection with Taarabt and is your director of football I think. A Taarabt revival is possibly imminent.

Dylan P. - Probably play 442. We do not tend to "get defensive" when we play away from home or in the tough fixtures. That is why our away record is actually better than our home record and we have had some good games against the top 6 teams. Warnock has the boys playing attractive positive football whatever the opposition and right up to the final whistle.

Londonscottish - Same as last week.

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Desertboot - Our songs aren't great to be honest.

Terry K. - Probably 'Paddy's having a party' is a bit weird for us to sing, but he more than likely won't be playing.

Dylan P. - Not really. At times our lads can be louder away than at home. It'll be interesting to see (hear) whether they can make Anfield echo.

Londonscottish - Loads. Of the newer ones I like the SWP song - but we nicked it off you (the Suarez song).

Where do you expect QPR - and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Desertboot - QPR 15th and Liverpool 6th.

Terry K. - Us? I reckon 12th. Liverpool? Difficult one. 6th.

Dylan P. - QPR 13-16th. Liverpool 5-6th

Londonscottish - QPR 15th-ish. Liverpool 4th (one place ahead of Chelsea).

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Desertboot - Luis Suarez is a fantastic player but I slightly dislike him after the World Cup antics v Ghana.

Terry K. - I had a bet on Ghana for the last World Cup so I hate Suarez. Hopefully we'll get him sent off or something because he's a little shit. But he's a dangerous little shit.

Dylan P. – Suarez

Care to predict the score?

Desertboot - Norwich and Swansea got something. I think 3-1 Liverpool is about right. We can score goals but you will get chances.

Terry K. - I think that we'll play well up there. My dad says that you'll badly miss Lucas, which would be like us losing Furling. I think that if Furling and Barton hold it together in midfield then 1-1 is achievable.
Cheers and good luck for the rest of the season.

Dylan P. - 1-1 would be a fantastic result for us. Everyone recognizes that anything we get away at Anfield will be a result.

Londonscottish - 3-1 to Liverpool

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