Spyin' Kop: Tottenham preview

Posted by Armin on April 16, 2005, 09:10:05 AM

Today we welcome Tottenham to Anfield.  Our first game this season was the meeting at White Hart Lane.  Many reds were disappointed that day not to take all three points, Gerrard having a decent shout for a penalty turned down.  Despite our early dominance however Spurs made a determined effort in the second half.  Most neutral observers thought that a fair result, although they were clearly wrong ;) 

Back then an away point was a decent result, now the season is coming to a close however only three will do if we are to claw back some of the ground surrendered last week.  Benitez will be hoping that the midweek heroics in Turin won't have taken their toll on his team.

For this weeks Spyin Kop we asked some of the members of Spurs Community for their thoughts on the upcoming game. Our thanks to Rob and co for their help. An excellent response lads: if I missed your answer out - tough!
Rawk: What are your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

Dan: I hope for but do not expect Euro qualification. I hoped for a mid table season of gelling at the season's start.

MrWoolley: They are the same as they were from day one, but they have fluctuated throughout the season, but not any higher that they are now.

Supersonic:  Yes! Until Santini left I thought we would be playing boring defensive football, and finishing tenth. Now i have confidence we can get seventh, with style and goals.

Chris12345: Not really... I thought (and hoped) that under Santini we'd get into UEFA, and with 7 seven games to go, and with a new manager, my expectation remains we will make the cut for europe.

Beni: My expectation was a top 10 finish, I mean anything would of been better than last season, but we are meeting my expectations and more by competing for a Uefa place. If we get that, then we are laughing.

MrWoolley: Day one I wanted a Cup Run, 1/4 finals, and a good solid league position, with signs of progress. Now, fortunately I'm expecting a close run in for Europe, and my previous expectation have been met.

Following the changes last summer i was hoping for a top half finish but now i feel that if we get in the top 8 then this is a great achievement.

Rawk: Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Beni: King, Robbo and Defoe are the three key players, but if I had to pick, it would be Robbo.

Dan: Paul Robinson

Rawk: Your worst player(s)?

Chris12345: At this level, there are no bad players, but in the context of the great side we have at the moment, out of the regular starters, I'd have to say Browny... he tries really hard, but just doesnt have the quality of either of our 2 world class midfielders sitting on the bench.

Beni: I like all Spurs players regardless, but if there was an area I would say we were weak in, would be our left backs in Atouba and Edman.

sahfstander: Probably Thimothee Atouba, purely for his "showcase moments" but he's not too bad...

Dan: None, if any... Johnnie Jackson

Rawk: What are your impressions/expectations of Anfield. Do you enjoy the
atmosphere, pubs, pies etc?

Beni: Loved the atmosphere, can be intimadating at times though, and is hard to find what pubs you can goto and not to go to.  Never tried the pies. Looking after my figure to fit into these Kappa shirts. :)

Dan: Really impressed. Love the atmosphere and respect the committment and loyalty of Kop. Pubs good, pies not so good

Yido_4eva: I've only been once and when we started friendly banter towards a Liverpool fan who was slightly 'chubby' by singing 'Who ate all the Pies' we were told by stewards to shut up where as the 'pool supporters then started throwing abuse back and the stewards didnt batter an eyelid.

DavidOrbis: Just hoping my car's safe...

Rawk: Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Spursbloke: Reto Ziegler, Rodrigo Defendi (a defender!) and Phil Ifil

Beni: We have got quite a lot of young talent coming through, noteably more now Arnie is at the club. But to pick a few:- Phill Ifil (RB), Hamdoui (CF), Leigh Mills (CB)

Dan: Squad for the game or in general? Squad for the game:Dawson. In general: El Hamdoiau, Yeates, Marney, Dawson, Davenport, Huddlestone (next year), Ifil, Mills, Defendi, Limbersky, Hallfredsson, Dilevski etc

Sahfstander: Reto Ziegler, young left sided player, signed to play in the reserves, but got his chance and is still in the team, Also Kelly, Marney and Ifil are ones to watch

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between us?

Sahfstander: 86/87 season Chris Waddle scoring in a 1-0 win at White Hart Lane. Skidded a low shot off the wet turf past a stranded Grobbelaar. Not a great game but a great result against the mighty reds

Beni: Loved it when we beat you 2-1 at your place in the Cup a few seasons back, when Sheringham scored a wonder goal from outside the box going in off the post, and then Klinsmann clinched the winning goal.

Dan: Us winning 2 - 1 last year. Went to the game was great

Supersonic: I obviously remember the WHL match, that kicked off the season, but it was the start of a new era for both of the clubs, and we all had high expectations, it was just seeing all of the summer build up gone and the real thing starting, with a draw being a fair result.

Rawk: What do you make of Martin Jol, how is he shaping up as a manager and do you think he's a long or short term appointment?

Devonyids: Definetly long term, and I think he'll be given the time. I see good things as long as we dont call for his head as soon as we lose a few again, that's been our problem over the last decade.

MrWoolley: I don't want to get too exicted over his role in the future success of Spurs, but in my honest opinion...I think he could be the man to bring the glory years back to the lane. Hopefully long term apointment!

South london Spur: I think he is shaping up very well. He communicates well with the players and press, has good tactical knowledge and a mark of a good leader will change his mind if his original opinion is not working. I think he will be a long term appointment, I'd like to think he will be the man to bring us some long awaited success.

Dan: Legend as a man and legend as a manager. Best appointment the club has made and very much long term

Rawk: Oh and is he the hardest looking manager in the league?

Devonyids: Yes, and the most Pimpin'.

Dan: Yes

Mr Woolley: Oh Yes!

Beni: Well yes, Would you mess with him??

Spursbloke: Yes! But when Mourinho whips his tie off things are gonna get nasty!

Chris12345: Hardest guy associated with football.

Yido_4eva: I wouldnt mess with him!

DavidOrbis: Him and Dowie ... be one hell of a fight

Rawk: What sort of line-up will Mr Jol put out against us?

Dan: As strong as possible. Robinson Kelly Edman Gardner (Dawson) King Davies Reid Davis Carrick Kanoute Keane (Defoe)

MrWoolley: A full team, this is a huge game for us, and with Europe a seriously possibility, we have to go out and look to get three points. If Naybet continues to struggle, look for same team that we played against Newcastle, with the inclusion of Davis instead of an injured Michael Brown.

Rawk: Do you have a favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an

Sahfstander:  There'll be all the usual hubcap, giro chants. but Martin Jol's blue and white army will be sung a lot and also the rendition of "when the spurs go marching in" starting slow and working its way up.

Beni: The best chant is when the drum bangs and we all shout yids, it echoes around WHL which is quality.

MrWoolley: My two favourite's are, Martin Jol's got no hair and England Number 1 (to Robbo). They're both pretty self explanatory! 

Dan: You'll never get a job, go home (to the tune of You'll never walk alone) or England's No1 to Robbo as he is a legend

Rawk: Where do you expect Spurs and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Dan: 7th and 5th respectively

Supersonic:  Spurs sixth/seventh, and Liverpool will beat Everton to fourth. And I hope Liverpool can win the CL.

Beni: Im hoping for 7th or 8th for Spurs. For Liverpool it would be 4th. Everton are in a sliding slope down hill.

Rawk: Which Liverpool player will you fear the most, if any that is?

Dan: Gerrrard

MrWoolley: Steven Gerrard. and Luis Garcia when he performs to his potential.

Devonyids: If Stevie G is still out then Luis Garcia, anyone who can make something from nothing.

Beni: Baros, and giving Alonso too much time to spray his passes. I would have said Gerrard, but I am glad he's not playing.

Rawk: Why should you be regarded as a big club?

Beni: Our history speaks for itself, our fanbase is and will always be as high as the top 3 or 4 teams in the Premiership considering that we haven't been in Europe for ages or won anything that's worth noting.

MrWoolley: Many reasons; the fans, the structure of the club, the rich history, to name a few. It's now time for us to remind everyone that we're a big club, and trophies do that. 

Dan: Because of our history, financial status, big players, huge fan base, big stadium, tradition, magnetism, etc

South London Spur: History, fan base, crowd figures. I appreciate why us Spurs fans get some stick from others when it comes to recent success. I am hoping this will change in the near future and we can consider ourselves a big club with more justification.

Chris12345: Good question. Does being good in the old days count? Wait a season or two, when our youngsters have grown up, then you will see why ...

Rawk: And your impressions of the new 'Spanish flavour' Liverpool. Rafa
Benitez and our new recruits?

MrWoolley: Inconsistent so far. Having viewed nearly all of your European games, there is enough potential and talent there to really challenge the top three. It's fair to say Benitez knows the european game like the back of his hand, and when he learns the English game like he does European, you'll be a threat once again. Some of your spanish recuits have been dodgy in my opinion, though I feel true judgement will come after next season.

Chris12345: to be honest, don't see too much of Liverpool, they seem better than they were under Houllier, but they are nothing special yet, maybe when your players stop getting injured and play as a unit for a while we will see some competition for the big 3. Garcia has had some good games though, and if Morientes' shot against Everton had gone in (the one off the bottom of the bar that someone followed up... was it Everton?) had gone in... I'm sure everyone would be hailing him as a wonder striker...

South London Spur: I was unsure about some of the signings at first but apart from Nunez I think they're doing quite well now that they have 'gelled'. I think the team will be more consistent and more dangerous next season.

Beni: I feel he is in a simular situation to Jol, trying to bring a big club back to where they belong. At first I thought he bought bad in the transfer market with Nunez and Garcia and others, but apart from Nunez, all of them are starting to show their worth.

Carrick123: Don't really rate Benitez that much from what I have seen, he's just grumpy.

Dan: Impressive in the CL, far too inconsistent, especially away from home, in the league but could go places next year without a doubt

Rawk: Care to predict the score? Go on!

Dan: 1-1

Sahfstander:  I'll go for a 2-1 away win hoping you'll still be tired from the midweek game, so a draw it is then 1-1

Beni: I have a bad feeling about this game, even if you might be tired after Europe. Liverpool are in a good run of form, and are very good at home. But Spurs desperately need some points, so I'm predicting a 1-1 draw.

Chris12345: Hoping for a 1-1, but realistically, its going to be 1-0 Liverpool... but then again, Spurs and Liverpool are both reaaallly inconsistent, and you have that big Champs League semi to focus on..

Thanks again to the Spurs fans for taking part.

© Armin 2005

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