Round Roy we go Table WBA 0 - 2 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on October 30, 2011, 02:05:26 PM

So Carroll looks like he might be a player, and Luis gets a penalty and we don't get one that was and the woodwork is hit for the 10th time in a matter of weeks...
Carra is out and we keep a clean sheet. Related or not? And this isn't have a go at Jamie, but here's the questions...

Does Adam feel more authoritative without Stevie in the side, is the 'power' of Stevie cramping his style at all?
Do you really think its Kenny in Wonderland.. can Lewis Carroll can work together... (you know what I mean)
Tactically had we got it right? WBA aren't that easy to play against but at times we broke their defence easily, (& admittedly it must be said with the long ball for Andy over the top)

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