round table Liverpool 1-1 Norwich

Posted by Hinesy on October 22, 2011, 11:04:20 PM

over the last decade particularly, I've found myself and other reds saying "One day we'll reallly hammer someone". But its usually spouted when we do the opposite. Play well and draw. We did it last week and could've won it in the last minute, and the same for this week. That's the positives I'll take from this, but the negative is that the frustration that builds up in the early stages of a season is there and real. We ought to beat Norwich and could've and its the 6th home game that we've been unable to keep a clean sheet.

For me the main thing is that without 2 up front, and Luis S doing his tricky running around the perimeter of the box, it frequently means we don't have any natural target in the box and time and time again yesterday and last week, we were found lacking in the opponents area.


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