Round Table Ruminations: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester Utd

Posted by Hinesy on October 15, 2011, 03:43:32 PM

Shoulda coulda won.

For me, it was one of those times when we actually looked like we dominated large passages of play rather than moments, and there were times when we looked like our counter breaks were going to reap reward. But of course, only having Luis up front and the midfield mindful of defence, most crosses into the box were met by Utd players as we simply had no-one in the box.

Adam looked good today, Lucas and Enrique both looked comfortable on the ball and for me, Gerrard looked like he fitted right in, not as I'd feared.
But Utd are feared and rightly so, and we defended deep.
Rooney had a great few minutes as a defender, i'm sure Fergie's delighted with his new holding sweeper... fuck him. Nani and Evra can fuck off and we shoulda won it. Henderson's last min header particulary should've at least been on target.
I'm happy we didn't lose and the fact I'm also unhappy at only drawing tells me a lot about how much we've come on. We still need to, but this team is slowly gelling better and better. I don't think we'd lose to Spurs like we did right now for eg.

Oh, and whatever Fergie says, he can fuck up.

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