Scribes Q&A: Part I of several. Join in!

Posted by StevenLFC on October 7, 2011, 11:29:37 AM

note from Hinesy: This is part one of occasional internal spyin' kop type threads which are generated in the Writers Forum and brought over. Please join in, especially during the international break when this will remain stickied

This weeks subject will be Andy Carroll, as he seems to divide opinion.

1. Cast your mind back to January 31st. Liverpool have announced that Fernando Torres wants to leave and is about to join Chelsea. News then breaks that Liverpool have had a bid accepted for Newcastle striker Andy Carroll. What were your initial thoughts about us replacing Torres with Carroll?

2. Do you think the £35M price tag is a burden for Liverpool & Carroll?

3. How would you describe Andy's performances thus far?

4. What would you describe as Andy Carroll's strengths and weaknesses?

5. Some people say Andy Carroll needs to adapt to Liverpool, others say Liverpool need to adapt to Andy Carroll. Most think it's a bit of both, what are your thoughts?

6. Finally, how do you see Andy doing for the rest of this season, and looking further forward, his Liverpool career?

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