Round Table Rumination: The 10 men of Everton 0 - 2 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on October 1, 2011, 02:53:04 PM

So, what could be better than a derby day win the sun. Unless its one of them unfairly sent off and the Moyes' face twisted like a cheap gurner with indignation. To be honest, actually, I don't think it was a sending off but it was a godsend(ing off) to us.

After the sweet taste of victory has disappeared, as long as that may take, this was a game that the scoreline probably flattered in some respects and not in others. Once again we're a team in fluctuation, slowly settling into a pattern and shape, albeit slowly.

Like most games this season, there were times when we were on top and in control and times when we were hanging on a bit, and that's with Eversmall having 10 men.

Carroll at times seems bewildered, other times, his runs into the box aren't met instantly with crosses leading to his and our frustration; and then at times we crossed it to find no-one there. One thing I've noticed about him is the fact he drops off and away in the box, never trying to get in front of the defender, or at least yesterday, there was always one in front of him til the goal when he shoved thingy out the way...

Discussion points:

1.Adam should be a bonus player in midfield, someone who adds, not is the basic need. He doesn't control, read nor make a game. Lucas already is better than him. Which means we're still missing and not controlling the centre of the field a lot of the time. That basic control of the space in front of Carra et al makes us vunerable. So, with Gerrard fit, what's the best formation for us in the centre?

2. Carroll and Suarez: starting to show a little understanding but no Keegan and Toshack. Is Carroll at fault for his 'sluggish' appearances or are we not playing to his strengths?

3. Everton looked at times like they wanted it more.. true or false?

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