Round the table, Stoke 1-0 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on September 11, 2011, 10:49:30 AM

Well, it was to be expected. The reality hits us that we'll get beaten and sometimes it'll be shit after a shit game where the stats say we shoulda won it, where Suarez coulda drawn it and where the world woulda expected it.
But no.
Its not about excuses, I'm not interested in why we lost, that analysis appears simple. Adam had his least good game for us, Carragher had a couple of slips of judgement and the whole team appeared unteamlike. We were distracted and disjointed. That much is clear.

What I am interested in is this: without Gerrard on the field, it was clear that no player took a leading role yesterday. We didn't impose ourselves on the midfield nor the game. Is it that because no-one is capable or is it because no-one wants to, knowing Gerrard is coming back to play?

Also, when teams like Stoke (who by the way, didn't just play all shithouse football but had Pennant running nicely at times and Jones holding the ball properly and well) defend a tiny lead at the back the way they did, and press consistently, where's and what's our plan B? One of the first round tables asked, do we have a plan B? Well I didn't see any evidence of it yesterday.

Finally bad day at the office or genuine worry about areas of the park?

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