Round Table Liverpool 3 - 1 Bolton

Posted by Hinesy on August 27, 2011, 07:17:50 PM

Fluidity. Smiles and fluidity are the two words I'd take from that game. Couple of things stood out for me, Carroll is a UK version of Kuyt in a lot of ways, Enrique and Agger looked like they were having fun and the interchangeable nature of the attack is a lovely and unusual thing to see. Even Skrtel popping up on the wing, (and scaring the ball with his head, into the goal), things appeared well for us.
So to start, have Bolton and Arsenal both had bad days, or have we discovered an unhitherto noticed trick, the flexible front?
Secondly, how would you play Gerrard now?
Just to get the ball rolling. And also, what toothpaste does Kenny use, cos his smile at Adam's goal was a joy to behold...

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