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Posted by Hinesy on August 5, 2011, 09:01:50 PM

For those who don't know, there's a little place where the Scribes of the site can meet and chat and discuss stuff without someone writing "But we should sign Messi, he's gud". It's like a pub. In fact it is a pub and occasionally we all sit at the big round table and discuss stuff like the upcoming season and if I'm not too pished I'll write up the minutes and on we go.

So here's some questions I asked of the scribes and here are their answers and discussions. Please feel free to join in the thread but it will be heavily moderated so please ensure your contribution is worthwhile.


So, a couple of questions to kick us off, John says a Champions League spot is a good aiming place whilst Kenny says there's nothing wrong with aiming for the title. Normally its the other way round with the chairman boasting of success and the manager bringing it back down to earth.... Has the normally taciturn Kenny said too much?
Second point I'd like to hear you tacticians talk about is how Kenny's going to play Reina and then 10 in midfield given the amount of midfielders we have. Who and how would you play in these situations:
Home v park the bus teams
Away v most of the league
Home or Away v bigger games
ie what shape is Kenny going to aim for and how would you play them? Would you stick to a 'We're Liverpool and we play like this, YOU adapt your team" or the more Rafa-like, adjust to every game..
I'll bring up some more points later maybe.

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