Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Birmingham City 23/04/2011

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Liverpool are doing quite well at the moment. After thumping Manchester City they grabbed a last-gasp goal at Arsenal to deliver the Londeners' title quest a serious blow and remain in the race for European football next season. Unlike Liverpool, Birmingham don't need to worry about that as they won the Carling Cup by beating Arsenal 2-1, against all the odds. But the Blues and their followers aren't yet free of all kind of worries: they still have to fight of the relegation danger, even though they are five points clear of the dropzone. The side from McLeish will come to Anfield with a lot of injuries and on the back of an expected 3-1 defeat at fellow Blues Chelsea. So Liverpool, who do have injury worries themselves too, will need a win to keep their Euro hopes alive, the team from McLeish will come into Anfield knowing that another three points will probably be enough for them to see of the relegation threat. Remarkable feat: the last six(!) league matches between both sides have ended in draws. Neither team will be happy with another share of the spoils this time out though.

Thanks go to Birmingham fansite www.smallheathalliance.com for allowing me the space to post some questions and to Declan, Mr. Clown and Fat Buddha for sharing their sound opinion with me, and with you. Here they are.

Fat answers are Declan’s
Underlined answers are Mr. Clown’s
Italic answers are Fat Buddha’s

How has the season being shaping up so far?

A struggle as we all expected.
Best season ever. Our first ever proper cup win (we were robbed of our just deserts ten years ago - not Liverpool's fault, but the ref bottled a second clear-cut penalty) and every chance of a mid-table finish again.
Curates egg. Scintillating, attacking football in the cups and an actual cup win, but dismal in the league

Who do you think are your best/most important player(s)?

Keith Fahey
This season like last has been an immense team effort, but outstanding have been Roger Johnson, Craig Gardner, Seb Larsson, Lee Bowyer and of course Ben Foster. Scott Dann and James McFadden were also brilliant until they were injured.
Ben Foster, Roger Johnson, Zigic

And your worst?

Keith Fahey

What do you think of Alex McLeish, the manager who led Birmingham to their best league finish for over half a century and the Carling Cup?

Not bad for a ginger.
He has his faults, and I'm one of the first to point them out (he delays making subs until there's almost no point making them, for instance) but he is an outstanding manager.
Used to love him for his dignity and refusal to treat the fans like idiots, but he is beginning to get on my tits a bit

Are there any brilliant youth prospects in your Academy?

Nathan Redmond looks like he will cause defenders problems in the future when he featured in the cup games.
Don't follow the youth team much, but Redmond will be in the first team next year, and I believe there are a few others not far behind
No. Not since Trevor Francis

Do you have a particular memory from a game between Birmingham and Liverpool?

Clinton Morrison's last minute equalizer back in 2002
How many would you like? The League Cup Final ten years ago still rankles, and probably always will. The nil-seven quarter final a few years ago started out as embarrassing but just became a big laugh at the end. When the fourth official held up the board for four minute's injury time at the end I shouted, "Come on lads, you can still do it!" I could probably be heard at the away end as well, since thousands of people had already gone home by then. I stayed right to the end to avoid the traffic. 
Liverpool 2 Birmingham 3. Nutted before game, nutted after game. Looked like a motherfecking panda.

Do you have a favourite chant?

KRO - predates that dirge your lot sing by a decade and it means so much more.
Play up and play the game!

What kind of line-up will Birmingham put out against us?

4-5-1 with Hleb playing behind. Jerome.
4-5-1, without a doubt.
A double decker

How do you expect Birmingham’s and Liverpool’s campaign to finish?

Mid table for your lot, 15th for ours.
Us - somewhere between 10th and 15th.
Yours - sixth or seventh

A triumphant survival for us, severe disappointment for you

Finally, care to predict the score?

0-1 Birmingham
It's going to be a draw, isn't it? We all know that. I think it's practically a law now
Liverpool 3 Birmingham 0

Excuse me if this Spyin' Kop doesn't live up to the expectations that may have risen due to the brilliant standard the other RAWKites have set for it. But I didn't have quite a lot time and it's my 'debut' on making them. Any advice would be welcome :)

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