A promise to my father

Posted by WOOLTONIAN on February 18, 2005, 10:55:50 AM

Struggling with his health, I spoke to my Father yesterday. Inevitable as always the subject soon turned to football.

Son, what's happening with our team, we're up and down like a brides nightie.

I know Dad, there are a lot of fans who feel the same way you do. They are not happy with the current lot being so mediocre.

[talk about a complete turnaround in conversation]

Mediocre ? Medi-bloody-ocre ! The current side is bloody brilliant compared to what we were watching between 54 and 62. Christ where would this lot be if we were back in the second division.

Yes my Father does live in the past, he retired from going to games in 1989. He saw all the great teams during the glory years, but he also suffered trips to Grimsby in the days down amongst the dead men. He remembers the Worcester City result in the FA Cup like it was yesterday.

My Father watched a great side, slowly slipping over the years, where quality players were being replaced by cheap journeymen. After many years on the slide we eventually slipped into the abyss of second rate football.

I sat listening, this was not the time to interupt him. My ear was red raw by the time he finally ran out of breath. I swear I could hear his heart beat when silence finally fell.

I decided to ask him a question. "So you dont think we're that bad then at the moment?"

there was a pause,

My Dad answered, "NO"

"Good news that then eh, I think I'll write a peice about how good we currently are."

another pause,

"Well you can certainly put the current plight into context. Medi-bloody-ocre ? Do they know the meaning of the word?"

"Dad, I've used it myself mate."

"Well you should be bloody ashamed, you should know better, call yourself a writer of the club's history. Get back down the Echo archives, and read about the late 50s, if that doesn't inspire you to write something good about the current lot nothing will.
Try and find the Plymouth Argyle game, where we lost 4-0, that might give you something to think about.

"Ruddy spoilt brats, [whinging tone] I can't win a trophy at Anfield so I'm off. Just as well Billy Liddell didn't say the same. Tell 'em when you write that piece, we deserved what we got in the 60s and 70s because we lived through the 50s doldrums. If yer want to enjoy the highs you must endure the lows."

"Ok Dad, will do mate, speak to you later in the week."

"OK son."

Talk about a complete turn around. I'm not sure what triggered it all. I was half expecting him to have a go at our poor form for half an hour. Just goes to show, touch a raw nerve and all the old feelings burst back.

I think I'm going to have to review my stance of late. I suppose I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, supporting a team that win one week and get beat the following. Perhaps, even that is a marked improvement on some of our historical past.

I must admit to feeling pretty guilty after the conversation finished. I have slated some of our players and have used the word mediocre on more than one occasion.

Perhaps I and some others don't deserve, what might be just around the corner.

When was the last time your Father put you back on the straight and narrow ?

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