Spyin' Kop - Chelsea v Liverpool 6.2.2011

Posted by ConorYNWA on February 5, 2011, 06:59:41 PM

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A potentially controversial Spyin' Kop this week. Tensions are running high between the two clubs due to the late signing of Fernando Torres in the January transfer window. Liverpool fans have been incensed about the nature of his departure. However its not doom and gloom on the red half of Merseyside. With the money received from Chelsea; Liverpool have signed two very exciting prospects. Unfortunately, £35 million signing Andy Carroll is set to be out for the next few weeks and will not feature. On the other hand, Luis Suarez impressed on his debut by bagging a goal, himself and Liverpool fans will be urging him to carry on that scoring form. Sunday will be a hum-dinger for sure. Torres himself has described it as 'destiny' to be facing his old side. A goal from him will only reinforce whats been taken away from us from the present. Not that that matters, as the future looks bright, and red.

Many thanks to Matt and Shane for answering these questions on short notice.


Before we get to the transfer fiasco, lets talk about how the season is shaping up so far. After 24 games, Chelsea lie fourth and 10 points of league leaders Manchester United. Not good enough?
Shane: Not really but its our own fault. There’s a few bad eggs in the team who don’t really pull their weight when things are going against them. The Wilkins dismissal was used to cover it all up. Great footballing man but to be honest he wasn’t that integral. Not like Clarke. Kenny’s best piece of business.
Matt: Its never good enough. We started the season with a flurry of goals and suddenly RW gets the sack. Since then the team has struggled to get back to the form of the end of last season and early this one. If we can do the double over the scum then we can all rest well and possibly retain the title.

What were your expectations at the start of the season? And how does your current position compare to that?
Matt: To win the title and Champions league. Our position at present would suggest that we may not achieve either.
Shane: Considering the recent business I would of taken this season if offered. In terms of quality we are head and shoulders over everyone else, I mean that United team top? For fucks sake. The best thing is the rise of Josh Mceachran. A localish lad showing some very special ability. Better now that he is a lefty No10.

Now we get to the controversial stuff. Happy with your dealings in the transfer window?
Matt: On the face of it, delighted. But then again so were you when you signed him. Ask me again in 4 months.
Shane: Stunned. I mean opinions apart, Torres is a true superstar. To have that kind of player turn up is incredible. Sheer excitement. Luiz I am just as excited to see. The premiership doesn’t have the best selection of classy defenders. Hope he is the next Carvalho. We need him to be. A mention to Danny Sturridge aswell. Such a great prospect but finds himself behind Kalou. Ridiculous.

So you don't think Torres is a bit of a classless pr*ck?
Shane: Not at all. I mean that’s a hugely biased decision but looking at it the only fault I can find is the timing. I think it’s the last bit of damage your former owners did. You have to look at the constant broken promises Torres has endured. The loss of Benitez was huge too. Torres just didn’t want to be somewhere where he thought was stagnant. Not saying the club is, but you have to look at it from his perspective. First Atleti and now the mess Liverpool found themselves in. Torres is a superstar up there with Messi and Ronaldo. He doesn’t want to be playing in an underinvested team. He may look back in 2 years and think bad decision. But like I said the last time I did this he is Van Basten mark 2 and he wont make it to 32. Its purely trophy driven and he contributed so much to your team. Every fan envied the relationship between you lot and Torres. But it wasn’t anything to do with Liverpool. It was for himself. Selfish but we all make similar decisions ourselves. But the burning of shirts? Get a life.
Matt: Like so many teams, they have 1 or 2 key players who are given so much hype it goes to their heads. Torres is no different, however, in his defence we’ll all agree he is a class act when he’s on form and would have to wait 2 years to play in the ultimate competition if he stayed at Liverpool. He’d be nearly 30 by then.

Best player(s) so far this season?
Matt: The jury is out on this one, JT is still the key man, Drogba still manages to boss the oppositions defence. Josh Mc Eachran is coming on well.
Shane: Ivanovic, better than Vidic and more likeable. Just an absolute stalwart nowadays. Cech is in good form. Ramires is motoring up nicely.

...and the not so good?
Matt: Kalou, again.
Shane: Kalou, Malouda, Drogba and our right backs. Really not sure on Florent I think there is a little clique in the dressing room and they are working against the club. Mikel as well, so much wasted potential there. After such a progressive last season. God he is playing like a muppet.

Liverpool have hit a good run of form of late, any worries about facing King Kenny's revitalised side?
Shane: Liverpool are a different side. I mean Kenny is King. Its nice neutrally looking at the club moving in the right direction. Going to be such a tough game. Always is. A mention for his return against Everton. That was quite moving.
Matt: No. Andy Carroll isn’t playing. When he does then maybe.

Now you've got Torres, if you could have anybody from Liverpool, who would it be?
Shane: Kelly, will get 60 odd caps for England. Fucking hell what a find.
Matt: Kelly has is showing he could be a great right back. We need a right back, we’ll buy him please.

Vice-versa, which player would you recommend to us?
Matt: You can have Kalou.
Shane: You’ve got really good depth centrally, but players like Anelka, Malouda, Cole would enhance your team. You will need a good crosser for Carroll. My word he is relentless in the air. So glad he’s not playing.

How will you set out against us on Sunday?
Matt: 4-3-3
Shane: Will be interesting tactically speaking, No idea what to expect. Will be a 442 daimond with malouda drifting left as the number 10.

With the second half of the season to come, how do you think both clubs will do come May?
Shane: Both will take leaps, I've got an eye on the CL. If we avoid Barca its hugely in our favour. Especially with Torres. You lot can get top 4. Just not get carried away. Winning 6-7 on the bounce is a lot different from winning 3. But youre pulling together and as a club. Which is good to see because you set the precedent on what a true football club is.
Matt: I would love to come in the top two and win the Champions League. You’ll come sixth.

...and finally, score predictions lads?
Matt: 2-0 Your away record this year is awfull
Shane: 3-1 to either team. If that makes sense.

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