Exclusive: RAWK interview with new signing Morientes

Posted by Rushian on January 15, 2005, 02:49:01 AM

Thanks to resident rawkite and Spanish native Inigo El Koppero, we've managed to obtain an exclusive interview with LFC's new signing Fernando Morientes. So without further ado take it away Inigo ...

Inigo: Firstly may I extend a warm welcome to Liverpool from all at Red and White Kop and thanks for squeezing us into your busy schedule.

FM: Thanks, it feels good to be here at last.

Inigo: Fernando, how does it feel to join the Reds, to be one of us?

FM: It's great. Since my arrival it has been fantastic. I knew Mr Benitez wanted to take a chance on me and bring me to Anfield from the interest in the summer and then again when I was contacted in December. I had better offers from teams such as Lyon but it has never been about money, money, money for me, but about glory. Liverpool is a historic team with a great tradition, and I have a dream to win many trophies here.

Inigo: So back to the transfer. Did the deal move quickly?

FM: No. There was a complication when Luxemburgo came and the club wanted more money. I just had to wait patiently for the ring ring of my mobile phone to hear the good news from my agent.

Inigo: So where did it go wrong at Real Madrid? Did you have to issue an SOS?

FM: I loved Real Madrid, it will always remain part of my life, but sometimes you have to move on. Since Perez has been president the name of the game has been galacticos and politicos.

Inigo: But it looked good for you in the summer?

FM: When Camacho returned I was hopeful for many games, with him knowing me, knowing UEFA Champions League top scorer must count for something. However I think the signing of Owen turned out to be his Waterloo and mine.

Inigo: So Camacho leaving was the end for you?

FM: Yes. Under Sr. Garcia Remon I was fourth choice. Then Arigo Sacchi came and I thought "Mamma Mia - the Italian defensive mentality!" and knew there was even less hope of a game.

Inigo: So what is your footballing philosophy?

FM: Simple. The winner takes it all. There's no room for second place. A team must fly high like an eagle that rides on the breeze not walk on the ground like a turkey.

Inigo: Are your family happy to come?

FM: Yes I spoke at length to them before deciding to come. My wife Chiquitita was apprehensive but excited at the same time. I spoke to my father in Cáceres. He is a strong man with very good advice. He's a .... not sure what the term is ... a senior sheriff? A super trooper? Anyway he said I should grab the opportunity. He knows me very well though and asked "Does your mother know?" She was the hardest person to tell but she is happy for me.

Inigo: What are your hobbies? How do you relax?

FM: Well there's my family and children obviously. I love watching all football. There's cinema particularly the films of Pedro Almodovar. My wife and I enjoy salsa dancing. Queen is my favourite band, I love to softly strum my guitar to their albums - I just wish I could have met Freddie Mercury to say thank you for the music. On TV I love a British series with the famous actress Kathy Burke. Do you know Gimme Gimme Gimme?

Inigo: Yes *cough*. Moving on quickly, what do you know of the city of Liverpool?

FM: I know The Beatles like every Spaniard. In Spain it is famous for football and music. I spoke to Owen, Hierro and Campo before coming here and they all said to come over as it's a wonderful place. I ate with Steve McManaman last night who was recommending restaurants such as La Tasca, Voulez Vous and Don Pepe so I won't go hungry. El Macca also said that Liverpool is a summer night city and told me of the beautiful Liverpool girls and their short skirts in the hot weather.

Inigo: Aha, we all know about those! So Fernando, finally, what does the future hold?

FM: I hope for many trophies. I also hope "El famoso Kop" will lay all their love on me and my fellow Spaniards. We know we are the visitors in this city but we hope to become a word I learnt today, "scousers".

Inigo: Thanks once again and on the eve of what promises to be a battle tomorrow, I hope that when you're old and grey Fernando, you'll remember back to the times when we thought that we could never lose, and you could hear the sound of Kopite songs coming from afar.

FM: Thanks Inigo. I hope so too.

© Inigo El Koppero 2005

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