Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Blackpool 3/10/2010

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Blackpool FC
F.A. Cup Winners: 1952-53
F.A. Cup Finalists: 1947-48,1950-51
First Division Runners-Up: 1955-56
Second Division Champions: 1929-30
Second Division Runners-Up: 1936-37,1969-70
League One Play-Off Winners: 2006-07
Third Division Play-off winners: 2000-2001
Fourth Division Runners-Up: 1984-85
Fourth Division Play-Off Winners: 1991-92
LDV Trophy Winners: 2002, 2004
Anglo-Italian Cup Winners: 1970-71
Anglo-Italian Cup Runners-Up: 1971-72
Central League Champions: 1919-20,1949-50
Lancs F.A. Youth Cup Winners:1985-86
Marsden Lancashire Cup Winners: 1993-94,1994-95,1995-96
Lancs Cup Winners: 1935-36,1936-37,1953-54

Newly promoted Blackpool are in town this weekend. They will be arriving with their sticks of rock and a sense of confidence from an impressive start to their Premier League campaign. Heavy defeats away to Chelsea and Arsenal were to be expected, but results in other games have shown they have what it takes to stay in this league and compete. Liverpool's recent form has been poor to say the least and The Reds have looked uninspired. Whatever happens on the pitch on Sunday, cannot take away what is taking place off it. A protest march has been planned before the game and all Liverpool supporters are urged to join in. With an RBS deadline looming, this could be the last big chance to show how we feel. With all this uncertainty in the Liverpool camp at the moment, Blackpool can smell blood. Which sets us up for a fantastic match.

Many thanks to Jordi, Hoggy, Joe and Callum for answering the questions this week. Enjoy.

Well first of all, congratulations on a terrific promotion last season. You must be in dreamland at the moment?

Callum: I am currently in dreamland, for me its about beating the teams that are around us or are likely to be at the end of the season. So playing teams like yourself, and Chelsea are purely bonuses. Not bothered about getting beat 6-0 by Arsenal as its Arsenal, not the likes of Burnley.
Joe: Yeah I'm still buzzing to be honest, but the promotion was no fluke and we are where we deserve to be. No matter what happens this season though we're determined to make the most of it and have a good time.
Hoggy: Thanks for the congrats! To say it was unexpected would be an understatement! (At the start of the season anyway)
However as the season went on, everybody pulled together and realised it was possible (abit like yourself vs Juventus)
Jordi: Of course we're in dreamland, mystic meg couldn't have predicted what happened to us last year! But we completely deserve it and we will enjoy every last second in the Premier League!

What do you make of your start so far?

Callum: I think we've had a good start so far. Beat Wigan and Newcastle and drew with Fulham, the only result I'm upset about is the Blackburn score as we deserved at least a draw. But like I said its about beating the teams around you and we seemed to be doing that away at least.
Joe: We've found our feet quite quickly and we've had a good solid start, though it could have been a great start had we won one of our home games.
Hoggy: Apart from the Blackburn game at home we've done what was expected really - at least by our fans anyway.
The games against the big team like Arsenal and Chelsea are just days out, however its games against teams in the lower half of the table like yourself that will define our season ;-)
Jordi: I must say its better than I thought it would be to be honest, but on reflection we should have beat Fulham, and at least deserved the draw at Blackburn!

Do you think you have what it takes to stay up? (Excuse the ignorance that you may achieve something better than that, but it just seems like a reasonable target)

Callum: I do think we have what it takes to stay up, especially if we start capitalising at home which is what we need to start doing.
Joe: I think we do have what it takes to stay up but it will be very tough. If there is one man who can get a group of players to fight for each other and scrap until the end then it is Ian Holloway, but of course we will need more than our terrific spirit to keep us up. Hopefully our squad has the quality within in it to get the points needed to keep us in the Prem.
Hoggy: I believe we do have what it takes to stay up. We can play good football when we want to and when we stick to our best tactics and starting 11; and let the opposition worry about us. (Unlike Chelsea-lesson learned!)
Jordi: Definately, I think even though people are beginning to realise that Blackpool actually are in the premier league and that it's not some funny joke by the FA, they just don't undertstand the way we play. We defend as a team, wait for the perfect moment to strike and then counter as a team. The best way to describe it is, 'The Tangerine Arrows' ;)

Sunday will probably be the first time any of you have been to Anfield. Is this the trip that your most looking forward to or are there other grounds you were more interested in visiting?

Callum: I am looking forward to going to Anfield, looking forward to singing my lungs out no matter what the score.
Joe: I wouldn't necessarily say it is the trip I am most looking forward to but it is certainly one of them. Looking forward to coming to a ground full of passionate fans and plenty of history, something that can't be said for the Emirates' of this world.
Hoggy: It will be the first time I've been to Anfield so it will be a nice occasion. Personally I'm looking forward to both Manchester games more because I'm at Uni there so it will just be a long weekend piss up!
Jordi: Personally this is a ground I have always wanted to visit, so am I looking forward to this one quite a lot! The weekend away im having will certainly help aswell. On a serious note, I can't wait to see fans that are so passionate for their club just like Blackpool, but in much bigger numbers. I must add that i was looking forward to going to the Emirates just that little bit more!

Blackpool are a bit of an unknown quantity to a lot of Liverpool fans, can you give us a quick synopsis of what your all about?

Callum: Our fans are brilliant, ( I'm abit biased) particularity are away fans, always singing and having a good time. I've never seen any trouble with our fans and we're always willing to have a chat and pint with home or away fans back in Blackpool all with good banter and that.
I'm not really sure how to sum us up, but maybe, When we were being beat by Arsenal 5-0 the our fans started singing 'We're gonna win 6-5' which might show something, not sure what like, sense of humour maybe.
Joe: We like to 'go for it', you won't find us sitting back and trying to hold out for a draw and we like to get the ball down and play.
Hoggy: On our day we can play football with the best teams in the country.
We had chances at Arsenal when it was 11v11, but sadly Olly lost his bottle at Chelsea and changed tactics and it backfired big time.
We have got any superstars in the team although some players do have more skill than other. The whole club is about getting together and supporting each other, from the stand onto the pitch and vice versa.
Jordi: Like I said earlier The Tangerine Arrows! The way Holloway has set the team up to play, along with a lot of heart and desire will be enough to keep us up this year.

Best player(s) for you this season so far?

Callum: For me, Gary Taylor Fletcher has really surprised me, he has really stepped up his game this season. As for new signings I think Groundin and Matt Phillips who made his debut last week looks very promising.
Joe: So far I'd have to say David Vaughan, a small central midfielder who plays like a Spaniard.
Hoggy: I honestly couldn't pick a best player(s) so far this season. A few players have had individual games of brilliance so far (Gilks, Adam, Evatt, Cathcart, Campbell) but it really is a team effort with Blackpool.
Jordi: David Vaughan! Without question for me!
He just seems to win every single tackle when wer'e defending, and then set every chance up on the break aswell. He just a little Welsh Wizard.
Grandin, has looked very good and comfortable on the ball. Looks like he can cause defenders of the highest quality a few problems!

Any that have been underperforming?

Callum: Steven Crainey, technically he's brilliant, but lacks the pace for the premiership, put the ball behind him and hes stuck.
Joe: Not really, nobody has let themselves down although we definitely look vulnerable at the back against pacy teams.
Hoggy: Currently our Right Back Eardly has looked abit lost in his previous two games - and our whole midfield went missing Vs Blackburn (although that was irrelevent beacuse the ball was never on the floor v Blackburn -Cheers Big Sam!)
Jordi: Every single player has done themselves proud this year, I couldn't possibly give a fault to any of them.

How do you think Holloway will have you set up against us?

Callum: Attack, Attack, Attack. Haha, well according to his last interview anyway and I think he'll stick to it. I'd rather have ago than try defend a 0-0. I think thats what was wrong with the Chelsea and Arsenal match. Defending at chelsea 1st half it was 4-0 and when he changed it to our attacking side in the second half, we had more chances and kept it 0-0 for the second half.
Joe: 4-3-3
I think we'll have a front three of Varney, Taylor-Fletcher and Campbell which will leave a space in the side for the return of Keith Southern to anchor our midfield with David Vaughan thus allowing our captain Charlie Adam to roam forward. At the back we'll probably line up with Crainey, Evatt, Cathcart and Eardley. But with Holloway you just never know.
Hoggy: Olly should go 4-3-3.
The likely team being
Eardly Evatt Catchcart Crainey
Vaughn Adam Grandin
Camobell Varney Harewood
Jordi: The Usual 4-3-3

Eardley Evatt Cathcart Crainey

GTF Adam Vaughan

Grandin DJ Ormerod

If you could recommend one player from your team to join our club, who would it be? (Serious question, we are awful at the moment)

Callum: Charlie Adam
Joe: Jason Euell.
No seriously it would probably have to be Charlie Adam but you're not having him.
Hoggy: I would say Cathcart or Grandin, both young players with bags of potential. Cathcart would be a perfect replacement for Carragher when he hangs his boots up.
Grandin would walk in your team ahead of Lucas on his showing vs Utrecht (Saying that so would I)
Jordi: Has to be David Vaughan, I'm not even sure why! You seem to have a load of very creative players but are creating no chances at all! The Welsh Wizard would sort you out.

Vice-versa, what player would you want from our team?

Callum: Haha, Gerrard or Torres
Joe: Jonjo Shelvey.
Hoggy: Torres - for the simple reason, no matter how badly he is playing; he can allways produce that bit of magic from no-where and win you the game.
Jordi: Stevie Gerrard! His pride and passion for his club would definately fit right into our team. I suppose his bit of quality might help aswell.

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Callum: At the moment the most popular one is ‘Going down to the Sea, to see the Blackpool FC going down to the shore don’t want to go home, DON’T WANT TO GO HOME x2, This is the best trip I’ve ever been on’
And its really just about having a good time and being in the Prem, then we have the usual and My favourite, ‘Are you watching PNE’, cant think of any unusual ones.
Joe: My favourite is an old classic at Blackpool;
Going down to Blooomfield Road, to see the Blackpool aces,
Woahhh the lads, you never seen us coming,
Hardest fans in the land, you'll never see us running,
All the lads n lasses with smiles upon their faces,
Going down to Bloomfield Road, to see the Blackpool aces.....
Hoggy: Not really got any favourite chants as of such - however "Dont wanna go home" has caught on from the end of last season (away at Plymouth - I dont think you've been - Its horrible and was sung sarcastically after a 8 hour journey) and has followed us into the Premier League.
Also, if you dont score 6 or more; expect "Your not as good as Arsenal"
Jordi: Posh Spice is a slapper,
A slapper she was born,
And when she's shagging Beckham,
She thinks of David Vaughan,
David, David, David, Vaughan etc

Enough Said!

Where do you think both clubs will finish in the table come the end of the season?

Callum: Liverpool top end of the league, I couldn’t guess as I don’t usually follow the Prem, merely the league Blackpool are in. As for Blackpool I think we’ll stay up and be around 16th place.
Joe: From what I've seen of you so far you look poor, but I think Hodgson is a very good manager and you'll come good (hopefully after you've played us) and you'll end up in around 5th or 6th place. I think (hope) we'll finish in 17th.
Hoggy: I think we will finish 15th and you will finish 7th.
Jordi: I think we will finish 16th, we will pick up enough points to stay up as we will surprise so many teams especially away from home, in which these points will be vital!
Liverpool around 9th, I just think you look so dissapointing this season and the signing Roy Hodgson has made just haven't made much difference. The motivation in the players just doesn't seem to be there.

And finally, score predictions?

Callum: No offence intended but I’d like to beat Liverpool out of all the top clubs, not exactly sure why, that being said its all dependant on the sqauds out, mostly likely I think it’ll be 2-1 or something to that effect to Liverpool.
Joe: 2-2. I never predict that we will win anyway, it's just bad luck.
Hoggy: Liverpool 1-2 Blackpool
Jordi: Liverpool 1 vs 1 Blackpool

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