Huge weekend looms for Liverpool Supporters

Posted by RAWK Editor on September 30, 2010, 12:47:46 PM

This is a huge weekend for Liverpool fans, no disrespect to Blackpool here but the game isn't huge, in many ways it is irrelevant, this weekend is huge for what you can contribute off the pitch.

Film Producer Mike Jefferies (Goal!) is in town and is intent on making a short video allowing fans, both famous and simply committed, have their chance to tell Tom Hicks, and anyone else who will listen, just what they think of him.  They will be filming from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and again on Sunday morning at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool.  If you can, get down there and take your chance to tell Tom to do one.

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Then on Sunday there is a fans march from the Liverpool Supporters Club on Lower Breck Road to the ground.  5000 people joined the last march before the Man Utd game, it is vital that we show the strength of feeling about how this great football club is being destroyed by ensuring that even more turn up this time.  9000 people stayed behind after the Sunderland game, lets continue to raise the bar. If you are going to the game then get there early and join in - in fact drag everyone out of your normal pre-match hostelry, grab some tins and come and join in.  If you aren't going to the match then that is no barrier to getting involved come down anyway and show your support.  Numbers are important here, this has to be a show of strength. A show of defiance.  Tom Hicks is trawling around every financier he knows with promises of guaranteed revenue streams and pliant fans who will continue to turn up week in week out while they help him siphon millions of pounds of our money out of the club. Let them know that this ain't so, we have had enough.

1.30pm Liverpool Supports Club, Lower Breck Road

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