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After a two week international break where most of us were holding thumbs that our players would come back unscathed we are ready to get our league campaign underway again. Our off-field problems are well documented and numerous but match day never fails to get me excited and with our two new boys hopefully making their debuts it should be an interesting day out. 

My thanks to Blondblunose, PartisanBCFC and Alfred E. Neuman for their answers

1. We're a few games into the season, what are your initial reactions to your results so far?

Blondblunose:  I'm pretty happy so far personally. On a footballing level I would say that were playing at about 60-70% compared to our best last season and we're still winning and drawing games.

PartisanBCFC: Very pleased but glad we managed to add three new faces in the transfer window

Alfred E Neuman: 2 Away & 1 Home - satisfied with the results but the performance needs tweaking

2. Staying up last year was a great achievement, more of the same or are you looking to do better?

Blondblunose: I think a realistic fan would say were aiming to establish ourselves in the mini mid table league outside the top 6 and above the relegation threatened zone. I'm pretty confident that we have a a squad that could keep us in the PL providing we don't have too many injuries. The overall aim is to establish ourselves as a top flight side and then push for Europe after a number of seasons I think.

Blues really need to win a domestic trophy like the FA Cup or Carling Cup to bury our longstanding trophyless hoodoo and 'Yo Yo' image.....but I do expect a finish this season between 6th and 10th.....some of our more negative as simply believe staying up or survival is a big task in itself.....I'm more ambitious than that....and I hope the club as a whole are as well

Alfred E Neuman: Better. Last year we had good runs of luck, fortified by a tight-knit dressing room. The sort that Shankly built.

3. Favourite chant we can expect to hear at St Andrews?

Blondblunose: You will most certainly hear Keep Right On which of course is an original football chant sung only by us Bluenoses. You will also hear a lot of booing and negative chants for N'gog after his blatent dive for a penalty against us at Anfield last year.

Who are ya? ;D

Alfred E Neuman:
Harry Lauder's " Keep Right On" - which we have sung from long before "You'll Never Walk Alone". Both of which are regarded as the longest surviving football anthems in the world. Did you know that? Man Utd started "Que Sera" and dropped it then started it again 

4. Best/worst players in your squad?

Blondblunose: I don't think there is any general consensus on players in our squad, everyone seems to think a certain player is the best for different reasons. The key members of our squad are probably Roger Johnson and Scott Dann our 2 centre halves who are into their second season in the PL and I personally think are one of the best centre back pairings in the UK at the moment. That praise doesn't just come from Bluenoses either, these players are being noticed by a range of pundits, commentators and other managers. Ben Foster who has only played a handful of games for us so far, but has something to prove to himself and others in that he after being sat on the bench at United for so long he can be and is a fantastic No.1... although he isn't currently wearing the No.1 jersey! Cameron Jerome while still very much an unfinished striker has lethal pace and occasionally scores sensational 30 yard screamers whilst holding off international level defenders who may have since moved on to Barca! Liam Ridgewell has a bit of a reputation for ghosting in and scoring at any opportunity he's given so is a favourite of many Bluenoses for that. Barry Ferguson is one of our most talented players and according to last season's tables is the most accomplished passer in the PL with the most completed passes of any player. The list goes on, but the most loved thing about our team at the moment is that everyone seems to have their own role to play, which is why it's hard to say any particular player is the worst. They all do their bit for the team and the game. And of course there are the signings we made on deadline day that we haven't seen yet. In particular, Hleb on loan from Barcelona was a master stroke. If he can reach the same levels he was playing with during his time at Arsenal and could have the 'Dugarry effect' on our season.

PartisanBCFC: Roger Johnson, Scott Dann and Barry Ferguson........two big players for us from the new boys will be Hleb and Derbyshire I believe
Worst ? Maybe picking on him again but Gary O'Connor is Championship material at best.......cannot understand for the life of me why we gave him another 6 months

Alfred E Neuman: In our squad ? None. As said previously we have a dressing room united and fiercly loyal. Some players may have an off-day, but others will cover and help. Some may excel one day and not another. It's a pretty even squad in terms of ability.

5. Any young up and coming players we should keep a lookout for?

Blondblunose: As already mentioned we have players like Roger Johnson and Scott Dann who are just starting their career in the PL. Academy wise we've got the England under 19 goalie Jack Butland and another youngster who started to make a name for himself is Nathan Redmond who brought pace and energy to one of our recent Carling

PartisanBCFC: Nathan Redmond, Ashley Sammons and Jordon Mutch

Alfred E Neuman: None that would be playing so early in the season. But in the future. Butland - Goalkeeper

6. What do you think of Liverpool and our current predicament?

Blondblunose: I think the best thing for Liverpool to do at the moment is forget about their history for at least 2 seasons. It's all well and good reminiscing about the great Liverpool and what they have achieved which admittedly is a lot, but all that's happening at the moment is that you are sliding down the table like Villa did. Liverpool still have some quality players, but your season has to be more about a knuckle down and do it approach for me. I was chatting to a friend who is a Liverpool fan and they were lamenting beating West Brom by only 1-0. These days just because you are 'Liverpool' doesn't mean you have a right to trounce smaller teams. It's these victories you have to take, shut the door on and move swiftly on to the next game. It's no good banging on about how Torres 'only scored one', the point is you're on your arris by your standards at the moment and you need players who will consistently put a shift in for LFC. The good thing for you is you now have a decent hard working manager who is well respected by everyone, even if he takes more than a season to settle in.

You've gone downhill since Hicks and Gilettte took over and lost some ground on your old enemy Man Utd but 'Pool' are a massive club the world over and still the most successful English side in Europe to will be back under Hodgson I'm sure........We ourselves are hoping for a Shankleyesque kind of revolution with Alex McLeish

Alfred E Neuman: Horrified. I love Liverpool and wouldn't wish that pair of shysters on anyone but Villa. Like the Glazers at Man Utd they are mortgage transferees of the first order. US Sports business practise apparently allows all this cr@p. Franchising clubs, moving clubs from one city to another. Harvesting the name and tradition. They must sell, and I only hope that it is to someone who knows the off-side rule and not another yankbanker.

7. Who do you think are Liverpools most dangerous players?

Blondblunose: The obvious answer is Torres, but a fully fit Torres. I remember the game at St Andrew's last season and I honestly though you had more chances once he'd been subbed... at least I was jumping in and out of my seat more anyway. I think it's really unfortunate for you that Masch went to Barcelona this season otherwise I would have said him too.

Gerrard and Torres without doubt.......Joe Cole could be a huge player for you as well

Alfred E Neuman:
Obviously Torres and Gerrard. Beyond them I think Cole may be one of the few current Liverpool players that has a fire within to excell and prove. Which is bloody sad for Liverpool because there used to be about 11 a time with that fire.
My own favourite Liverpool player, with fire, commitment and desire is Dirk Kuyt. One of nature's good guys.101% always.

8. Best pub to go to before the match?

Blondblunose: Loads of pubs in town centre and a few down near the ground... probably the Adam and Eve

PartisanBCFC: If you're an away fan then probably one in Stafford or Lichfield

Alfred E Neuman: Ask directions for Moor Street Station when you get out at New Street Station ( if coming by rail). You need to ask directions because although you can just about see it, there's underpasses, detours etc.To take in the shops  From Moor street station just walk away from the centre and you will see and test a whole range of pubs.See what you fancy.
If you walk all the way to St Andrews (about a mile and a half) allow for time.The closer you get, the more the pubs will be home fans.

9. Score predictions for Sunday?

PartisanBCFC: I'll take the draw....but if we can play well for a whole 90 minutes I'm going with 2-1 to the Boys in Royal Blue  :wave

Alfred E Neuman:
4-1. Sorry but I live in a dreamworld.After NGog's stupid con and dive, we deserve recompense.  ;)
Good Luck and I hope we both enjoy the day for what it may show

I wandered over to and found some good brummie fans and would like to thank them for their help, if anyone wants to read of all their answers its at ....just don't mention David Ngog and you'll be safe  ;)

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