Our Club, Our Shirt

Posted by MichaelA on July 3, 2010, 01:10:45 PM

By request, here's a message from Jonny J about the alternative kit and how to order it. The details are already buried in the thread ;)

Jonny J says:

"Oh - hi there
What are you doing in here??
What shirt?

Oh yeah, right that shirt - oh yeah right, I'd forgotten all about it to be honest - loads on y'know...

Ladies & Gents, Lads and Lasses - thank you for your patience, your support and from a fair few of you - your love.

Here it is, the most eagerly anticipated announcement on here since the signing of Sabu Pundit (he's done all of the script for the website) so get yourselves over there to have a look and get yer orders in.

Where? Oh yeah, right again.

Before you go, I want to ensure the right people get credited here, so in no particular order, but in massive recognition of massive work here we go, lay down and let them walk on you:

Royhendo, Kitster, Blert, Jason, Guigy, Shanklyboy, Koplass, J_Mc and Fat Scouser for the kick up the arse to get summat done - THANK YOU ALL.  :wave :thumbup

There's probably loads more - sorry

There is one more - VIGA - without them we' wouldnt be here and without some really decent efforts from them over the last few days we wouldnty have been able to get the kids shirts down to £15. Well in to them.

Right - get on it you lot:

www.viga.co.uk/lsu  ;D

Lets crash this!!!"

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