Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Everton, Saturday 06 February 2010

Posted by Terry de Niro on February 3, 2010, 09:33:37 AM

So here we are again with another Derby and both teams have been scraping some decent league points of late. Liverpool are on an six game unbeaten run whilst Everton are on nine with some impressive away performances against Chelsea and Arsenal. But as we know, league form tends to take a back seat when we face each other.

Both teams having been knocked out the FA Cup will be eager to get some good league form between now and the end of the season with an obvious eye on trying to make progress in the Europa league.

Liverpool v Everton
Barclays Premier League
Saturday 06 February 2010
@ 12:45
Anfield, Liverpool

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Many thanks to two bluenose mates of mine for helping out with the questions.

How do you see your season going so far?

  I see our season as a dissapointing first half, but just starting to get better with a few of our key players still to return.

Tony:  Fair to middling. Birmingham aside in the FA cup we seem to be doing OK.

What are your expectations for the rest of this season, and do think you can fulfil them?

  Expectations for the rest of the season, going on a good run in the league and finishing in a Europe place, and having a bit of a run in the Europa league. Yes I think we can do them, with Jags and the best little Spaniard we know to return, there's no reason why we cant.

Tony:  A top six finish, a decent account of ourselves in the Europa, beating you lot on Saturday.

Who has been your best player/s this season, so far?

John:  Best players so far, probably Pienaar and King Louis.

Tony: Pienaar without a shadow of a doubt. Last few games I'd have to say that Fellaini has been brilliant for us.

Which player/s have you been disappointed with?

  Dissapointing players. The Yak and Cahill, although Timmy has started to get back to his old self recently, thank God.

Tony:  Yakubu and Hibbert have been a huge disappointment so far. Yak is your Kuyt without the effort. Hibbert is just shite.

Regarding your injured/missing payers, who have you missed most so far?

  Apart from the obvious ones I think we have missed Phil Neville.
Not the most talented of players but a good captain, organiser and a true professional who gets the others going on the pitch.

Tony:  Arteta has been a massive miss for us. Jagielka offers us so much at the back and it's a pity he can't be playing on Saturday, just so he could have Torres in his back pocket again.

Oh, hang on...

What of Liverpool - what have you made of our season, so far?

  Your season has been great as far as I'm concerned, ha ha. No seriously though, I think you have now been found out as just an ordinary side with 2 great players, teams are not scared of playing you any more home or away. Been living on your reputation now for a few seasons, over achieved.
I thought in the league last season but I would say that wouldn't I?

Tony:  Being honest. Without going on about your obvious two. I think Rafa has lost the plot.
Why the hell does he persist in playing two holding mid-fielders against shite teams is beyond me?  I know football has changed over the years, but Liverpool used to be a team that opposing teams feared home and away.
Now every team feels like they've got a chance when they see your team sheet/formation.
Your fans go and and on about getting rid of the Americans, why? The buck stops with Rafa why you're in the position you are now. He's vastly overspent on mediocre players, Torres aside. He made an embarrassing situation over the Alonso situation when he wanted Gareth Barry?
You used to have frighteningly attacking teams in the 70's AND 80's, now you set out with too much caution.
2005 didn't do you any favours, as the expectations since then have been too high.

Keep up the good work, Rafa.

Your best memories of a Merseyside derby?

  Best memory's in a derby, Andy King, Andy Johnson coz of the hilarity, but winner by a mile is Sharpies goal at the Anny road. GET IN THERE SHARPIE LAD!!!!!!

Tony:  Andy Johnson against Pepe butter fingers was brilliant.

and your worst memory?

John:  Worst memory has gotta be the 5-0 drubbing, Glen Keeley never to be seen again in an Everton shirt. I still have nightmares about that match.

Tony:  Take your pick of cup finals we lost against you.

Progress in the Europa league, how do you see both teams doing in that?

  Europa league, Id like to see us do well it's our only chance of a trophy now and I think Moysey deserves one. As for you I don't think your players will be motivated for it, can see you going out after this round.

Tony:  We should beat Sporting and hopefully make good progress from there.
Rafa will probably make the Europa his priority and you'll slip away in the league like you always do.

Where do you think both teams will finish in the league?

  You 5th and us 6th, honestly.

Tony:  Neither of us will make the top four. Hopefully we'll get a European spot and you'll finish below us.  ;)

Finally, care to give me a prediction on the score?

  Don't like to predict derbies usually, but we are long due the luck, coz you shower have had it for years now, maybe if Twattenberg isn't refereeing then I'll go for the blues by the odd goal.

Tony:  Tight game with us getting another goal from a set piece.
1-0 to the toffees.

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