Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Bolton Wanderers 30.1.2010

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Bolton Wanderers
Major Honours
FA Cup Winners: 1923, 1926, 1929, 1958
Runner up: 1894, 1904, 1953
Division One Champions: 1997
Division Two Champions: 1909, 1978
Division Three Champions: 1973
Division One Play-off winners: 1995, 2001
League Cup Runner up: 1995, 2004

Well we've gone past the halfway mark in the season, and its been topsy-turvy to say the least.
Nobody could have predicted how this season has gone, not just for us but for everyone.

Out of the title race.
Struggling to make fourth?

Our opponents this weekend are Bolton, who themselves have had their critics; have recently had a change of manager who has given them a breath of life in an otherwise, miserable season. With good performances against Arsenal, and a win against north-west neighbours Burnley, things are looking up for Bolton.
As for us? Things are not looking as bad as they were. Good performances against Stoke and Tottenham, and a good result against the latter, it looked like we turned a corner. However after Tuesday it seems were up to our old tricks. Nevertheless, unbeaten in our last four league games; we've hit a bit of 'form'. 3 points on Saturday would put us back on track for Champions League qualification so lets hope for the best.

Many thanks to those who answered the questions on the Bolton forums 'the-wanderer.co.uk' and 'boltonbanter.com'.


What are your feelings on the season so far?

Lord Kangana: Owen Coyle
Sprout: It's not the position, it's the lack of hope that something will improve.  Actually, with Coyle now in charge, hope is what we now have.  It's too soon for anything more but it's a big step up from before Christmas.
Worthy4England: I'll forget the first half of it and look forward to the second half.
tony cunninghams willy: Coming to terms with the First Division again. Frank Worthington is on fire and is bound to win the Golden Boot

Are you confident you can escape relegation?

Lord Kangana: Owen Coyle
H.Pedersen: Honestly, I'm not entirely confident. It doesn't look like we'll be making any big moves in this window
and I'm not sure our back line is strong enough, despite Megson spending £8 million there this summer.
tony cunninghams willy: Absolutely. Ian Greaves is working wonders and Worthington and Gowling's goals will be enough to secure safety
TKIZ!: Yes

You've recently had a change in manager. Firstly, what was the problem with the old manager and what do you make of the new man in the job?

Lord Kangana: Owen Coyle
tony cunninghams willy: What are you on about? Ian Greaves will be here for years to come.
Worthy4England: Negative football, no rapport with the supporters, some mystifying team picks in games we needed to win at home. New man - still wait and see for me.
le god: a)he was shit
            b)he's great

What do you make of whats happenings at Liverpool this season?

tony cunninghams willy: Excellent, looking like you could win lots of silverware.
TKIZ!: Slightly embarrassed for you, you have a good couple of players but Rafa likes signing mediocre ones
TANGODANCER: A lot of digruntled Scousers? We've been telling you about "Benitez Adoremus" for long enough.
as: You sold your soul to the yankee devil, and now you're in danger of being an also-ran. If you didn't have so many glory-hunting fans I'd have sympathy

Best player(s) this season?

tony cunninghams willy: Frank Worthington
H. Pedersen: Cahill is our leading scorer, but given the lack of clean sheets I can't in good conscience name a central defender. I'll have to go with Klasnic. Lee Chung-Yong has been the surprise of the season.
hallz: Klasnic for his goals if not necessarily his work ethic. SKD always gives his all and Lee has promising spells. Gary Cahill continues to impress.
ohhsammysammy: Gary Cahill even though he has been shaky in some games. Ivan Klasnic is our other star of the season.

Any particularly bad player(s) this season?

melbourne dave: Zat Knight, McCann
Catte Strophe: McCann
Worthy4England: Knight's had a bit of a mare, but seems to have more confidence with Coyle in charge. Don't think Rickett's has offered us much defensively. Taylor isn't pulling his weight either

Any highlights from previous meetings between the two clubs?

David Lee's Hair: I'll always remember the League Cup final as a memorable moment as it was at the beginning of our rise to prominence so to speak, and the FA Cup 3rd Round replay at Anfield when David Lee tore you apart.
Verbal: Beating your lot 3-2 in the Carling Cup, at Anfield. Last minute penalty from Youri, yes.
Harry Genshaw: Sorry to go on about it but the 2 cup games in 1993 defined a turning point in our history.  The 1995 League Cup Final was a great day out too, pity for us it had to be one of those occasions when McManaman played to his full potential.
as: Campo's header, Speedo's free kick, Stevie 'I don't dive' Gerrard stamping on Nolan

If you could recommend one player from your team to join our club, who would it be?

David Lee's Hair: I'd rather you had none of them.... but probably Cahill. Carragher has gone and I'm not convinced by any other defender you have being any good.
mofgimmers: I'd recommend you take Gavin McCann for £20million.
le god: Urm none of them would get in your team;
hallz: Cahill has genuine top 4 credentials. If i was to be facetious, I would suggest that youre no longer a top 4 club and then the answer would be Shittu!

Vice-versa, what player would you want from our team?

Lord Kangana: The press . F*ck me, you've been over-rated for years.
Bigzippy: Whos the blonde lad that plays upfront?
hallz: Want - Torres.
Want with a sense of reality - Hmmm just looked at your squad list and for the first time in as long as i can remember I cant see many there that inspire me to "want" them. Don't know if you have an up and coming creative midfielder that may welcome a loan move?
H. Pedersen: Gerrard, duh.

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

TANGODANCER: "Owen Coyle". No explanation needed.
tony cunninghams willy: You're going home in a St Johns Ambulance
Sprout: "I've Got Chickens" is my fave for the surrealism but you can't beat the sheer force of "we're the one and only wanderers" when it gets going.
Harry Genshaw: "We've got chickens in our back yard and we feed them Indian corn"  used to be sung at Burnden in the 70's.  No, I don't know either.

Where do you think both clubs will finish at the end of the season?

Worthy4England: 16th and 5th - I'll leave you to guess which way round.
as: You - top 6
Us - bottom 6
pfk505: You: 5th Us: 17th
Billy Bradshaw: Liverpool - 6th -- Bolton 14th/15th.

How do you think you'll set up against us?

tony cunninghams willy: Roy Greaves will man mark Jimmy Case out of the game. Willie Morgan will run rings round Alan Kennedy and Frank Worthington will make mincemeat of Alan Hansen.
mofgimmers: We'll no doubt try to hit you on the break.
le god: 4-5-1
Sprout: I've not seen enough of Coyle's style to know.  We won't sit back and soak it up though.

Score predictions?

3-1 to us.
Sprout: Very, very difficult.  Too many unknowns on both sides.  A good Liverpool will beat any Bolton.  A good Bolton could beat a bad Liverpool.  The problem for both sets of fans at the moment is neither of us know what to expect from our own team.
Worthy4England: 3-1 to Liverpool
David Lee's Hair: Close with possibly one side edging it late as neither team know how to defend
melbourne dave: 3-1 scousers way.

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