Spyin' Kop - Stoke City Away - 16/1/2010

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Spyin' Kop

Opposition: Stoke City
Date: 16/1/2010
Kick Off: 12:45
Venue: Britannia Stadium
Stoke City Honours List
League Cup:
Winners: 1972
Runners-up: 2007/2008
Division Two:
Winners: 1932/33, 1962/63, 1992/93
Play-off winners: 2001/02
Division Three (North):
Winners: 1926/27
Auto Windscreens Shield:
Winners: 1999/2000
Autoglass Trophy:
Winners: 1991/1992
Watney Cup:
Winners: 1973/1974
Football Alliance League:
Winners: 1890/91
Birmingham and District League:
Winners: 1910/11
Southern League Division Two:
Winners: 1914/15
Staffordshire FA Senior Cup:
Winners: 1877/78, 1878/79, 1903/04(shared), 1913/14, 1968/69(shared), 1992/93, 1994/1995, 1998/99
Isle of Man Trophy:
Winners: 1987/88, 1991/92, 1992/93
Bass Charity Vase:
Winners: 1997/98
Pontin's League Premier Division:
Winners: 1927/28, 1991/92, 2003/04

Well, after the defeat to Reading in the F.A Cup, attention turns back to the bread and butter of the Premier League and a potential tricky trip to the Britannia Stadium to face Stoke City in a vital game for Rafa Benitez and his men as they look to climb the table and get back into the Champions League places.

To get the views of the opposition fans, I went and asked a few questions to the Stoke fans at http://www.delilahs.co.uk and below are a selection of their answers, enjoy. (Be aware that these questions where posted prior to our F.A Cup defeat & news of subsequent injuries).

1. How would you say your season has gone so far?

Knype: In my opinion, we are a few points of where some of our performances deserve! Although some other performances could see us at the bottom.

Wily Boos Knees: Overall, we have to be happy at being in 10th place, but we all know that with a bit more luck we could be in the top eight as we have dropped some silly points in recent weeks, but with the Premier League being closer than ever this season, then we still have to be careful to not get too confident.

Potterz_Rkz: So far, so good... I mean our style is slowly changing [very slowly], which has cost us points in my eyes on a few occasions, but its pretty much where we would have loved to be pre-season so credit to TP.

2. After a good season last year, what where your expectation for this season, and have they changed since August?

My expectation was to stay up and not embarrass ourselves.

Wily Boos Knees: My personal expectation was to once again avoid relegation in what is known as second season syndrome, while I think we will do this with comparative ease, the teams that have come up in Burnly and Brum are giving a good account of themselves, although Burnley could implode now that Coyle has left them.

Potterz_Rkz: Realistically Mid-table was my expectation, we could use abit more quality to confirm this, but at least I can't see us going down.

3. What was the reaction of the Stoke fans to the incident between Tony Pulis and James Beattie?

Beattie has to go! Manager is boss end of!

Wily Boos Knees: Honestly I thinnk it was much ado about nothing, but the fallout since then will mean that three players involved in the incident could leave in this window for allowing the news to get out when there is an unwritten law in football that what goes on in the dressing room stays there.

Potterz_Rkz: Personal reaction was: No player is bigger than the club, Beattie gets paid well for playing football, not for clubbing.

4. With the transfer window, are there any rumours circulating about any potential additions to the Stoke squad?

Wily Boos Knees: This has probably been our busiest window ever regarding ins and outs, and with possibly six players leaving then it leaves room for six to come in. names mentioned that could be leaving are; sorrenson, simonsen, Beattie, Lawrence, Kitson and Griffin, for obvious reasons, there is no way we are going to publicise any possible transfer targets.

Mattwm: Quite a few, but none with any real substance. Tony Pulis keeps his cards close to his chest and won't even mention or discuss potential signings until the player has signed the contract. Although it'd be nice for him to unveil his targets, I think we've gladly become appreciative of his professionalism at maintaining such high levels of discreteness.

5. Are there any players you'd like to see leave the club?

Wily Boos Knees: Kitson, he's a wrong'un and has now had run ins with two management staff since he has been here, this is the reason he went out on loan last season as well.

Mattwm: None I'd like to see leave except Kitson. Too much has happened between Club, management and player for him to remain on the payroll. And his recent expression of desire to leave the club permanently has only soured things further. I imagine a few of the reserve players (like Cresswell to Sheffield United) are likely to leave; whilst not desperate to offload them, I'd be happier knowing that 1) they're playing regular football and 2) they've freed up our resources a little.

6. Earlier in the season, you were on the recieving end of a bit of a thrashing at Anfield, what are you expecting in this game?

I think that you will find it much more difficult at the Brit on a cold cold winters day!

Wily Boos Knees: With Liverpool no longer anything to write home about, I think most Stoke fans are expecting at least a draw. but no-one knows if we will have any new players in by the weekend.

Mattwm: A solid and professional performance from the team, with Pulis playing the type of football which secured our status last year. I'd be happy with a closely fought loss, pleased with a draw and ecstatic with a victory for Stoke.

7. What line up do you think Stoke will put out against us?

Wily Boos Knees: If we have the same squad on Saturday that we have now, then expect the following line-up.


Huth or Wilko .. Faye .. Ryan .. Higgy

Liam .. Delap .. Whitehead .. Ethers

..............Tuncay ... Mama

Mattwm: No idea. Pulis experimented with the lineup at Anfield; don't expect the same. It's likely to be a solid team, bulked midfield and probably with Tuncay and Mamady Sidibe up front as long as they're both fit.

8 . Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Knype: Delilah and OWTR.... Delilah is our YNWA, Oh When the Reds as it can be inspiring with the volume/intensity its sung!

Wily Boos Knees: Not a favourite one, but Delilahs is probably our loudest, although some fans seem to think it should be sung 20 times in a game.

9 . Where do you expect both Stoke and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Knype: I think that Stoke will finish 14th.. Liverpool 6th or 7th.

Wily Boos Knees: I expect Liverpool to finish in the top six, I honestly don't think they will finish in the top four this season, while I'll be happy once again to just avoid relegation and build up slowly.

Mattwm: I'd expect Liverpool to finish in Europa League places at least. They've got to sort themselves out a bit though now. I'd be happy if Stoke finished six points clear of the 18th placed team.

10. Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Wily Boos Knees: Gerrard, If he is allowed to have a good game, then we will lose, if we keep him on a leash, then we will either draw or win. Does that make you a one man team? I'll let your lads discuss that one.

Mattwm: Liverpool have some quality players who we need to fear, not just one. Torres, Gerrard, Benayoun and Carragher are the players I'd be most fearful of. Keep those quiet, and a result is possible.

As mentioned earlier, that was just a small selection of answers to the questions, for a look at all of the answers from the Stoke fans CLICK HERE.


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