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Meant to get this posted sooner, rather than on the eve of the game but for various reasons that proved
problematic. It's a long read but hopefully an enjoyable and entertaining one and let's face it, it's Christmas Day, you've got sod all else to do!  :wave

Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Anfield, Saturday December 26th 2009 17:30pm

Not content with having one of the longest club names in english football this pack (clever eh) have also won a couple of things in their history......


First Division/Premier League

    * Champions: 1953–54, 1957–58, 1958–59
    * Runners-up: 1937–38, 1938–39, 1949–50, 1954–55, 1959–60

Second Division/Championship

    * Champions: 1931–32, 1976–77, 2008–09
    * Runners-up: 1966–67, 1982–83
    * Play-off winners: 2003

Third Division (North)/Third Division

    * Champions: 1923–24, 1988–89

Fourth Division

    * Champions: 1987–88


    * Runners-up: 1972

FA Cup

    * Winners: 1893, 1908, 1949, 1960
    * Runners-up: 1889, 1896, 1921, 1939
Football League Cup

    * Winners: 1974, 1980

FA Charity Shield

    * Winners: 1949*, 1954*, 1959, 1960* (* joint holders)
    * Runners-up: 1958

Football League Trophy

    * Winners: 1988

Notable former players: Billy Wright, Derek Parkin, Steve Bull, er Robbie Keane

Club records

    * Attendance: 61,315 — Liverpool (FA Cup Fifth Round, 11 February 1939)
    * Gate receipts: £525,000 — West Bromwich Albion (Championship play-off semi-final, 13 May 2007)
    * Best league win: 10-1 — Leicester City (Division 2, 15 April 1938)
    * Worst league loss: 1-10 — Newton Heath (Division 1, 15 October 1892)
    * Best cup win: 14-0 — Cresswell's Brewery (FA Cup Second Round, 13 November 1886)
    * International appearances: 105 caps — Billy Wright (England, 1946–59)
    * League appearances: 501 — Derek Parkin (1967–82)
    * League goals: 250 — Steve Bull (1986–99)
    * League goals in a season: 38 — Dennis Westcott (Division 1, 1946–47)
    * Best pie - 1965

Oh and they're owned by a scouser, some Morgan fella apparently, has a few quid like.

Oh what a merry christmas for all Reds, 8th in the table, yes that's eighth, the one after seventh, out of the European Cup,
seven league defeats and a defence with seemingly more holes in it than a game of connect 4.
Yes it's been a season to forget but it's not over yet, we must endure another twenty league games before this season is put behind us but here's a thought, and perhaps a new year's resolution in the making for all Reds, how about we do what we do best and get behind the manager and his players and stop moaning about our predicament and see if we can actually salvage a trophy or two or at least CL qualification, the be all and end all it seems.
Arsenal should have been a turning point, instead it was a turnover, we've become a shadow of our former selves and need to reawake the club and play our way back into some kind of consistent form.
The visit of Wolves tomorrow should be, with due respect to them, a definite three points,(come on Santa) but as we all know the way we've been performing that's about as definite as Mick McCarthy fielding a full strength team when playing the mancs.
Anyways, one game at a time and so on...

In the time honoured tradition of Spyin' Kop, I opened my laptop and took a cyber trip down to Molineux Mix (http://www.molineuxmix.co.uk) and talked to strangers on the internet about their football team.
This week's victims are the followers of that wonderful yellow / bronzey midlands outfit the Wolverhampton Wanderers or Wolves to their mates....


So how has your season been shaping up so far? Happy?

Very happy with 12th as things stand but it is still very tight - home form moving forward is key to staying up

willenhallwolf:  Yes, very pleased with 12th at Christmas, so far that not many fans i've spoke to aren't worried about going to Anfield Saturday. In fact, a fair few think we may get something.

Moira Stewart: Up until 3 weeks ago, no, but 3 wins in 4 has turned our season around, in terms of the teams we have played at home and away I still think we're about 3 points light of where we should be but at least we're in with a fighting chance after looking dead and buried less than a month ago.

Toon Wolf: So far so good. If you'd have told me in August we'd be 12th at Christmas I'd have laughed in your face.

Sheriff Woody: Relatively pleased. Victories away at Wigan & Tottenham highlighted that on our day we can compete and we're no pushovers. Home form a little sketchy, dropped points against teams we're capable of beating in Hull, Portsmouth and Birmingham

Pessimistic Wolf: Rather well, I think. We've had a few disappointments and weak results. Hull, pompey and brum at home, Blackburn away, all games we should have won, but we've found some decent form and have no major injuries jeopardizing our results. 12th at Christmas is fantastic, so I can't complain too much.

What are you expectations for this season now we've reached halfway? Have they changed from day one?

SalisburyWolf: No change really - survival is the key, so anything from 17th up will have been a good season for me. I think we need to strengthen in January to take a bit of pressure off the boys. If we were to lose Doyle and Henry through injury we'd probably be in a bit of trouble.

Welsh Y'am Y'am: No change - I'll take 4th bottom now, just as i would have day one

Law's Bus:
No. I didn't have any expectations this season, just hopes - and that was for mid-table mediocrity. We've fallen short of expectations for so many years that I just don't bother with them any more!

Adrian Monk:
Any realistic supporters' primary objective this season is avoid relegation and show some spirit and pride for the shirt. This remains imperative if the club is to build for next season. Any improvement on that come May could see our impatient fanbase raise expectations, because for the foreseeable future, as much as we'd rather it not be the case, clubs that have left behind the championship after a long time in it, tend to spend the next few seasons either fighting to stay out of it, or hurtling back there.

Sheriff Woody: No, survival has been the hope all season. Survival is the foundations that this club can build on.

Who do you think has been your most important players?

Mikic: Doyle, Milijas, Craddock
willenhallwolf: Karl Henry, Kevin Doyle and Jody Craddock.

NorthWestWanderer: Take your pick from Craddock, Henry, Berra and Dolye. Doyle is a class above a truly top player.

Moira Stewart: Doyle up front has been massive for us, only 5 goals but his all round performances have been excellent. Craddock has been a revelation also at the back, he couldn't get in our side for much of last season so fair play to him for rising up and playing so well this season

Sheriff Woody:
Without wanting to get into the McCarthy debate I think when you have a small squad like ours all the players are important. So far this season though Doyle, Stephen Ward our left-back (converted from a striker), Karl Henry have done well. Craddock has also weighed in with some goals and his experience is important to a young side.
Adrian Monk: Our return to form has coincided with the return from injury of Stephen Ward. Our striker-cum-left back has a cultured left foot and produces dangerous crosses from deep, as well as being able to overlap effectively with a good partnership with winger Matt Jarvis. His attitude and desire to learn has seen a huge improvement in his positional play since his conversion against Forest last Autumn, and he is now an integral part of our side. Craddock and Berra, our centre halves, have done a surprisingly admirable job, but most crucial to our play are Kevin Doyle and Nenad Milijas. Milijas is dangerous from dead ball situations and many of our recent goals have come through him. Doyle's tireless working of the channels and ability to hold the ball in wide areas as well as his knack of finding the net will be critical for the remainder of the campaign

And your worst / most disappointing performers:

Pessimistic Wolf: George Elokobi and Greg Halford, methinks. Elokobi is still very a much a Championship player, as is Halford.

Welsh Y'am Y'am:
I think it's unfair to highlight individuals, but I think a big problem at the beginning of the season was not being able to pick a settled side and also I don't think McCarthy really knew which team to play.. we went into at least two games with a central midfield pairing of David Edwards and Karl Henry, which has a creativity level of zero and meant we gave up the midfield in those games. Edwards was actually quietly effective being played on the right of midfield before getting injured against Spurs. Whilst I wouldn't go as far as to say his injury is a blessing in disguise, I am rather glad we won't be seeing him central midfield for a while. Our right hand side is an area we need to strengthen - Michael Kightly is injured as often as he is fit (and I can't see us playing two out-and-out wingers at the same time this season, especially with Milijas in the centre as tackling is not his strongest attribute) and Greg Halford has proven himself to be a poorer footballer than Rory Delap, with a less effective long throw.

ice cream head: Halford, Elokobi

Still Proud: Halford and Majerhoffer

You've taken over from Mick for the day, what's your starting XI v Liverpool?

Welsh Y'am Y'am:I'd stick with the settled team that we have got at the moment to be honest. I wouldn't have picked this team at the beginning of the season, but things seem to be working okay, i just wish we wouldn't give up the central midfield whenever we have a lead to defend. As I've said above, our right side is a problem area, although I would probably continue with Kevin Foley (a right back, last season's player of the season, who says that he prefers playing central midfield) on the right of midfield. He helps out in the middle and can cross a ball, but we won't see him getting too far forward, allowing Jarvis (a natural winger) to attack more down the left

mikic: Hahnemann, Ward, Craddock, Berra, Stearman, Jarvis, Henry, Mancienne (man mark S G), Milijas, Doyle, SEB

SalisburyWolf: The team that started against Burnley. They are looking settled - now is not the time to start tinkering.

Pessimistic Wolf:I'd keep it the same. All due respect, but your there for the taking right now. You haven't been weaker in years, so there's no better time to grab a cheeky 3 points at Anfield.

North West Wanderer: Hahnemann, Stearman, Berra, Craddock, Ward, Henry, Mancienne, Jarvis, Foley, Milijas, Doyle

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Pessimistic Wolf: Goodness me, chants from the Steve Bull Upper, are you mad? Nah, a chorus of Hi Ho Wolverhampton, pre-match is brilliant, since everyone gets into it.

mikic: My personal is "Hahnemann, du du du du du" at the mo (to the muppets theme tune thing - only started on sunday against Burnley as far as I know)

: I like the old favourites (Stevie Bull's a tatter/Wanderers Scarf etc) as most of the newer chants are rip offs as you'll hear! .......and

He's half a boy he's half a girl Torres Torres
He looks just like a transvestite Torres Torres
He wears a frock he loves the $$$$ he sells his $$$$ on Albert Dock
Fernando Torres, Carraghers bit on the side  (yes I know  :-X )

Moira Stewart:
Most of our chants are nicked off other clubs like the 'Ebanks Blake is Wanderers number 9' which Liverpool supporters sung about Torres. Our only really unique chant is 'Once upon a time there was a Tavern...' but not sure why we've made it our own.

Sheriff Woody: Ebanks-Blake is a wanderers number 9. I believe a small club in the north-west stole it for one of their lesser known players

F!@# off West Brom!

Glasgowolf: Once upon time there was a tavern, those were the days , both iconic Wolves Terrace anthems.

Laws Bus:If you need them explaining, then you're clearly not paying attention. Either that, or you're listening to the Lower Gornal Supporters' Club, who all have that flat Black Country accent which is unintelligible to anyone born more than four miles away...

Birmingham or Aston Villa who do you see as your biggest rivals
or arch enemies in the PL this season?

Blues - hate the scumbags, and some of their lot seem to enjoy hitting shirters..

Moira Stewart: Birmingham have for some years now been competing on the same level as us so I would see them as bigger rivals, Villa are an established Prem side and unless we can establish ourselves it will always be Blues although our true rivals will always be West Brown.

Toon Wolf:
Birmingham- vile, nasty little tinpot club.

Sheriff Woody:
Neither, they are Birmingham clubs and bare no relevance to Wolverhampton or the Black Country. Personally I have a fondness for disliking Stoke City and everything they represent, a place that makes Kensington in your own fair city seem like the Maldives.

ice cream head: There's a healthy respect between Wolves and Villa re history, potential size of support etc. Blues are a scummy little club supported by inbreds.

Adrian Monk: Birmingham. We feel a sense of kinship with Villa, as I guess we do with Liverpool, being the aristocrats of their city and looking down upon their poorer, less fashionable neighbours, as we do with West Brom.

Law's Bus:
Don't really care about either of them in that way. Neither of them are "arch enemies" or "rivals" really. I dislike Birmingham City as a club intensely, and have no real feelings about Villa.
Our real derby game this season as far as I'm concerned is the Staffordshire Derby against Stoke. At least they're in the same county as us unlike those heathens from across the Warwickshire border...

What do you make of the goings on at Anfield this season? What's your take on our decline in form this season?

Welsh Y'am Y'am: I think Benitez is on borrowed time, but the rumours I have heard is that your owners can't afford to sack him and pay off his contract... not sure how much there is to that. Your league form is down to average players all over the team and of course Rafa's tinkering. To have to play a left back at left wing just because the person playing left back can't be trusted in defence is not the makings of a team with aspirations of winning the title in my opinion. Selling Alonso was foolhardy, not playing Aquilani is bizarre and you can't expect Torres and Gerrard to do it all for you each and every game. Villa, Spurs and Man City will all push you hard this season - I've seen a marked improvement in Arsenal and Man Utd and Chelsea are bound to finish in the top 2.

Salisbury Wolf:
Odd this one. I had you down as top 4 going into the season but it looks like Rafa picks a really defensive team every week which has left you a bit short going forward. He must be feeling under immense pressure at the moment and if we nick a win off you tomorrow he could be in trouble. Imagine that, Wolves 5 points being Liverpool on Boxing Day - the stuff of dreams for Wolves fans

NWW: I'm from up that way so most of my mates support Liverpool. Its a huge reality check and proof in my eyes that winning the European Cup in 05 was probably the worst thing for you - Rafa has signed so many duds it makes Mark Hughes look good! Maybe now we'll see some changes as the goodwill recedes.

Moira Stewart:
Benitez doesn't seem to learn his lessons from previous seasons, Alonso was a bigger loss than most people thought and they don't seem to fancy his replacement Aquilani considering he has hardly played since returning from injury. I think Liverpool have always lacked decent wingers to break teams down at home, he's never really signed a world class winger.

Toon Wolf:
It's a farce and I think you'll struggle to make the Champions League. There are 5/6 teams better than you. Take out Torres and Gerrard and you're a mid-table side and given the money that Benitez has spent that is a scandal.

You deserve better

Sheriff Woody
: Benitez seems to have lost the plot and seems to be more interested in what Man United are doing. After you came so close to the title last year it's surprising that you have failed to build on it and not had the financial support. Not replacing Alonso with anything other than an injury prone Italian was a shocking decision as is your over reliance on Stevie G and Torres.On the bonus side seeing clubs of Liverpools stature struggling financially gives the smaller clubs hope of the premier league becoming a more level playing field.

StillProud: Rafa's lost it and it's a real shame want Liverpool to make a real challenge - got to get rid of the Yanks but hands off Morgan if you do

Adrian Monk: Astonishing. For such a great club to have been treated so negligently by your owners is a startling demonstration of the threat posed by indifferent foreign ownership. I have been one of Mick McCarthy's biggest defenders over the course of his reign and have taken heart at the Liverpool fans' consistent defence of Rafa Benitez. I felt Rafa built a good team and was tactically very astute and deserving of the fans adulation, but lately it appears he has lost the plot and once managers lose momentum it is very difficult to regain it. I think if the owners could afford it, Rafa would be gone.

Which Liverpool player(s) do you fear the most:

Moira Stewart: I bet you get the same answer on this every week! Gerrard and Torres are Liverpools only genuinely world class players in my opinion although I think Glen Johnson has had a good season and Benayoun.

Toon Wolf:
Lucas and Aurelio... just kidding, the answer is obvious, though Benayoun is also your other class player.

Sheriff Woody: Apart from the obvious two who on their day are as good as anybody in the world. Kuyt is always likely to grab a goal or two and Benayoun is good little player.

StillProud: Torres without a doubt - he's world class

: Torres, Gerrard and Reina.

Law's Bus: David Fairclough coming off the bench. Or maybe Steven Gerrard.

Torres - his speed and movement and eye for goal can be devastating

There was some controversy over McCarthy's team selection for the trip to Old Trafford. How did you feel about him fielding a lesser side for that game?

Salisbury Wolf:
If you had been here after the game... What a crock of $$$$. Mick is paid to manage the team and that's what he did. Good decision in my book, it paid off. The season is about 38 games, not just those against the glory teams. Admitedly, I didn't pay the money to go to Old Trafford, but nevertheless, you have to look at the long-term picture.. If we'd played the team we did against Burnley at OT then we might have struggled last weekend and now be sitting in 18th...

mikic: Travelled away to Old Trafford and was very angry with the selection and his subsequent reaction by MM, but enough has been said about that in the media and on here - onwards on upwards. 19 points doesn't lie


Moira Stewart:
I was disgusted at the time, he will feel vindicated by the fact we beat Burnley but we could have had a go at Man Utd and still expected to beat Burnley with one point away from home all season at home. After the uproar I don't fancy he'll do it again.

Toon Wolf: The fans who went have every right to feel aggrieved after they'd spent a lot of money on tickets etc. However, in footballing terms, in survival terms, it was absolutely the right thing to do. There are Wolves fans who still don't trust McCarthy to make the right decisions, and they are a loud, vocal minority. The fans who can look at the bigger picture can see that McCarthy has got almost every decision he's made since becoming manager correct.

Still Proud: Gutted at first - thought it showeed disrespect all round though the nerve of Wenger to criticise got me back on side - so did the Burnley result - all behind us now

Adrian Monk: The guy got us promoted and we're 12th at Christmas in the Premier League. He has consistently proved the critics wrong, and Wolves fans pointing to his poor record with Sunderland in the PL should pay more attention to the fact he took a team that didn't belong there with little backing into a no-win situation and that expectations of anything other than what they actually achieved were hugely unfair. He is entitled to pick whatever team he sees fit, and out of the blocks against Burnley we looked fitter and more determined, and won the game with the players that looked dead on their feet after we beat Spurs. I can understand fans moaning about it but I don't agree with the idiots that called trading standards. For me, you pay the money to support your team, regardless of who is wearing the shirt. Only supporting if you get entertainment/results/your team selection isn't support, it's stakeholding.

Welsh YY: I was furious on the night, I've got over it now, but I don't think the score against Burnley vindicates the decision because I think the decision makes a mockery of this league. I'm glad it paid off, but I'm not proud of the decision at all.

Come end of May where do you think our respective teams are going to finish in the league?

PessimisticWolf: Wolves; 16th. Liverpool; 5th.

Salisbury Wolf:
Liverpool 8th and Wolves 15th.

mikic: Wolves - 16th, Liverpool - 7th

willenhallwolf: Us- 17th, and you - 4th

Moira Stewart: Liverpool will improve but may have too much catching up to do on the top 4, so I'll say 5th. If we sign the right players in January we can make a good fist of staying in this division so I'll go for 17th.

15th and 6th

Sheriff Woody:  On current form I'd predict us to finish above Liverpool! Realistically 17th for us would be fine and unless you put in a spectacular run of results I'll say 5th or 6th.

Adrian Monk:
Liverpool 4th, Wolves 16th.

Do you have a particular memory (good or bad) of any previous meetings between our clubs?

Welsh YY: Not really, I only remember the home game v Liverpool in the 2003/04 season when we drew 1-1, kenny miller scoring with his left foot from the tightest of angles. As a child of the 80s, wolves and liverpool were never in the same division during my life. All my mates at my shropshire school were liverpool or man utd "fans", though, which meant I hated both equally.

I was at the mach in 76 I also remember the last game of the season in 65 when already relegated we lost 3-0 to Liverpool reserves as they were playing Leeds in the Cup final the following week. Before my time but Liverpool beat us in 1947 in the last match of the season to stop us winning the League. Stange game where Cullis announced his retirement before the match and refused to bring down Stubbins for the Liverpool winner. I was not at the match but I think we beat Liverpool in QF of the LC in 74 when we went on to win it. I think it was played on a Wednesday afternoon during the power strikes and the three day week.

Glasgowwolf: Good:
Losing to give you the title with a ground full of scousers despite leading 1 - 0.
Beating you at Anfield thanks to Steve Mardenbrough.
Beating you 4 at Molineux with Hughes scoring
Bad : Dissapointing a late Hansen goal to equalise at Molineux after a geoff Palmer pen had given us the lead.

Tors: Night game away, late 70's, Filth would not let us into the ground untill after the KO, then put us in the bottom of the stand behind the goal, with the red $$$$e behind us seperated by 2 rows or pigs with sticks. We got pelted with pies and I turned round to throw one back and WHAM!!, 2 coppers smacked me, but did'nt kick me out.

As a 14year old, I remember the stench of beer wafting around the Anfield road end one Tuesday night in 1971, Wolves lost that game. Although he did not play that night, a young Kevin Keegan had just made his impressive Liverpool debut against Forrest 3 days earlier.

ice cream head:
I only remember the last time we played (1-1 and 1-0) but I do have a dad who likes to chat Wolves with me and he was a regular during the 60's/70's and 80's. I don't remember the exact year but we played you on the last day of the season at Molineux sometime during the 70's and it was a game that meant alot to both teams. Wolves needed a win to stay up and Liverpool needed a win to win the league. Molineux was packed by the time my dad had got to the ground (about 6pm for a 7:30 KO) with sold out signs on the north bank and the south bank had a queue that reached the end of the subway, so they (my dad and his mates) decided to park up outside the feathers pub, sit on the benches outside and listen to the car radio. As you probably know, Liverpool won the match (2-1 I think). Anyway, after the match had ended, a chap came over to where they were sitting with a tray of drinks. He was a Liverpool fan who just said hard luck lads, hope you come straight back up. I thought this was a nice touch.

StillProud: Yeah, 4 -1 in the early 80s followed by Emlyn Hughes This is Your life - oh and going to the Hawthorns with some Reds and standing in the Home end with them - as they wer being thrown out and led to the away end, Plod asked me if I was a Liverpool fan, to which I responded "No Wolves, of course" much to his and the locals bemusement

willenhallwolf: Bad: You scoring last minute with a Hypia header at Anfield.
Good: Kenny Miller getting a last minute equaliser in the home fixture.

Not between our clubs, but I do have a great memory of being on The Kop back in the early 80's with some scouse mates when you beat Coventry 4-0. The good old days of terracing!

Finally, gazing into your crystal ball what do you see the final score being?

mikic: 1-1

1-2 Wolves last minute winner!

NorthWW: Heart says a draw, head says a home win 2-0.

It's a massive game for Liverpool whereas we'll see anything as a bonus if we get anything so I expect Liverpool will run out comfortable winners, 2-0.

StillProud: 1-0 to Wolves a repeat of Steve Mardenborourgh's winner from the 80's by Sylvain Ebanks-Blake

: 3-2 Liverpool

Adrian Monk: Liverpool 2 Wolves 1

glasgowwolf: Win 1 -0 to Wolves

Law's Bus:
Surely we can't win again, so it'll be a home win - probably 2 or 3 nil.

Liverpool to win by two goals

Thanks to all the Wolves fans who participated.  Happy Christmas everybody :wave

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