'Them and Us' the Deportivo view on our Champions League meeting...

Posted by Armin on October 17, 2004, 09:53:57 PM

One of our more popular features from last season returns with the return of 'Them and Us' a chance to hear from the opposition.  Ahead of Tuesdays champions league clash with Deportivo La Coruna RAWK asked Xoán M.Paredes from www.deportivo-la-coruna.com for his thoughts ahead of the first ever clash between our clubs.

RAWK: How has the start of the season been for Depor?

Xoán:  Not good. We drew two games and lost other two. The 1-5 defeat to Valencia was especially bad. In any case, we got a much needed victory at the Bernabéu in the last game against Real Madrid. That was a huge morale boost.

RAWK: What are you expecting of this season?

Xoán: Most fans would content with qualifying for next season's Champions League. This implies snatching in the top four at the end of the season. Obviously, any title will be most welcomed.

RAWK: Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Xoán: Playmaker Valerón, but only when he's on a good day, because he's somewhat irregular. Other key players are Mauro Silva and Fran, but these are close to retirement and cannot perform at top level for 90 minutes.

RAWK: Your worst player(s)?

Xoán: If this was before summer I'd say Amavisca. But fortunately he's gone now. Then again, this is a personal opinion. Right now it's hard to tell who's the "worst", since those who are not that skilful make it up but working harder.

RAWK: What kind of atmosphere can we expect at Deportivo and what are your expectations of the trip to Anfield?

Xoán: At Riazor you can expect the usual stuff: some booing and shouts, but nothing vicious. Depor fans are known to be quite peaceful and relaxed. Football in Galicia is a family thing.  We do expect a vibrant atmosphere at Anfield, but I have to say that Depor is the sort of team that plays better when the pressure is on.

RAWK: Any young stars in the squad that we might not know about?

Xoán: We hired two youngsters this summer, but they're loaned out to Albacete this year. They're "getting some experience", as the coach said. Thus, we're longing for Tristán's comeback. He was terribly unfit last season, and a number of problems prevented him from playing so far. Still, fans expect him to make it big eventually.

RAWK: What sort of line-up can we expect home and away?

Xoán: It'll probably be the same in both games. A 4-5-1, with Molina on goal, central defenders Andrade and César, fullbacks Romero and Capdevila, midfielders Luque, Víctor (wings), Mauro Silva, Sergio (defensive midfielders), Valerón (attacking midfielder), and either Pandiani or Tristán up in front. But this is just a mere orientation.

RAWK: Your favourite/best chant(s)?

Xoán: Apart from the typical "De-por-ti-vo" chant there're a number of songs fans sing according to the game. You can check some of them at http://www.deportivo-la-coruna.com/songs.html and we've printed the best below...

RAWK: How well do you expect Liverpool to do in the Champions League?

Xoán: At first I was convinced that both Liverpool and Deportivo would progress to the next round. However, as things are going, it seems as if both our teams will have to work really hard if we want to make something big in Europe.

RAWK: Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Xoán: Not a specific player, but there's a consensus in believing that coach Benítez is "dangerous" for us. The explanation is simple: he knows Deportivo perfectly, and we won't be able to use the "surprise" element against Liverpool. Likewise, Xabi Alonso also knows how to play Depor.

RAWK: And your feelings on the new 'Spanish flavour' Liverpool and our new recruits?

Xoán: As mentioned above, all that people coming from the Liga will inevitably make things more difficult for us. Liverpool is an "unknown" team for us (we've never met before), but Benítez and Co. do know us in full detail.

RAWK: Predicted score?

Xoán: Anything is possible with Depor. There's no middle term for this team, really. It could be 5-0 or 0-5. we're that sort of team. Remember last season: we lost 8-3 and 4-1 to Monaco and AC Milan respectively, and then annihilated AC Milan 4-0. Also this season we lost 1-3 to Osasuna at Riazor, and then we go and defeat Real Madrid in their own stadium. Honest, anything is possible.


We'd like to thank Xoán for kindly giving us a Deportivo viewpoint ahead of the first of our two meetings and extend a warm welcome to all the Depor fans who are coming to Anfield for the first of our meetings in the Champions League group stage  :wave

We trust you'll leave with fond memories of your visit to Liverpool (and no points ;) ).  Lets hope we didn't use up all our luck on Saturday and that Anfield will reverberate to the kind of atmosphere that only European nights can provide.

And as promised here are a selection of Depor's favourite songs - seems we have something else in common besides a mixed start to the season...

Tu nunca solo marcharas ...
tus hinchas cantaran ...
con el corazón blanquiazul
somos los Riazor Blues
oe oe oe oe ....   

You'll never walk alone,
your supporters will sing,
with blue and white heart,
we are the Riazor Blues
oe oe oe oe ....

Vivir na Coruña, que bonito é;
andar de parranda e dormir de pé,
e dormir de pe, vivir na Coruña
que bonito é!!   

Life in Coruña how wonderful is!
party's everywhere and sleep standing up,
sleep standing up, sleep standing up,
life in Coruña how wonderful is! :)

Yooo te daréee...
te daré niña hermosa,
te daré una cosa,
una cosa que yo solo sé

I'll give you...
i'll give you pretty girl,
i'll give you a thing,
thing that you only know

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