Spyin' Kop - Fulham v Liverpool - 31/10/09

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Fulham Honours:

League Division One: 2000/01
League Division Two: 1998/99, 1948/49
League Division Three (South): 1931-32
From Division Two: 1958/59
From Division Three: 1970/71, 1981/82, 1996/97
Intertoto Cup Winners: 2002
FA Cup Finalists: 1975
Semi Finalists: 1908, 1936, 1958, 1962, 2002
Anglo-Scottish Cup Finalists: 1975

Highest Premier League finish:  7th (2008-2009)

Last season:

Premier League:    Liverpool  0-0 Fulham at Anfield
Premier League:    Fulham 0-1 Liverpool at Craven Cottage

This Season:
Fulham W-L-L-W-L-L-D-W-D
Liverpool L-W-L-W-W-W-W-L-L-W


Both teams are coming off massive results from last weekend.  Fulham came back from being 2-nil down at City of Manchester Stadium to draw, and Liverpool twatted Manchester United at Anfield after a thunderous strike by Fernando Torres and later capped by a joyful 100-yard dash by Pepe Reina.  We learned how to adjust around the absence of Steven Gerrard and will have to do the same this week, as his health is in question and surgery is being suggested.  Glen Johnson will also be out due to injury, and the anticipated Premier League debut of Aquilani may be postponed due to "a virus".  Fulham will have problems of their own, with both Danny Murphy and Andy Johnson also out due to injury.  It may be a case of who still has the hangover from last weekend (figuratively for the team, possibly literally for some fans!) and who has regained their focus.

1. How has your season been shaping up so far?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands:  Not bad, about the same as last season but with european games added on to that so i would say very satisfactory.

Average. Obviously we're not going to reach the heavy heights of seventh like last year, but a mid-table season with a good run in the europa league (fa cup run would be nice too) will be perfectly acceptable and appreciated.

2. What are your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

  to avoid a relegation battle and to survive comfortably. No european aspirations but unlike every season prior to this one we do not think we are one of five favourites to go down.

fulham1879: i have to admit from day one i was unrealistically hopeful of another european season next year, but I soon realised that will most likely not happen, unless we win it of course!

3. Who do you think is your most important player (or players)?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands:  Danny Murphy, runs the midfield as well as any man in the league. Zamora is crucial as well although not for his goals he is a lynchpin to us going forward with any effect.

fulham1879: Dickson Etuhu for me is an unsung hero, but Brede Hangeland, Aaron Hughes and Mark Schwarzer I feel have been the pinnacle of our success (nearly named the whole team there)!

The Bishop: Schwarzer, Hangeland and Murphy - we're not a 2 trick pony

4. Who do you think is your worst player (players)?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands: Stephen Kelly but he was bought as a replacement so no worries there.

fulham1879: I think many people would agree with me, and I hate to brand somebody with this title, but it's got to be Bobby Zamora. He tries hard and is appreciated for that, but he is simply not good enough.

Norfolk Jim: The fans are divided about Zamora - some hate him and think he can do nothing right, the rest, including the manager, think he's vital to the way we play and is doing a good job. I think Kelly is probably the least impressive player you might see, for me though its Eddie Johnson, the US striker who we have not heard anything more of since he missed the chance to get us all 3 points at West Ham in the closing seconds - misses open goals!

5. Former Liverpool player and still an Anfield favourite, Danny Murphy, may not be available to play due to a knee injury. How will that affect the team?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands:  Badly, it is fine in europe where we can cope against less strong opposition but against liverpool we will struggle to create many chances and given our forwards finishing abilities that is a worrying thought.

fulham1879: Depends. If Dickson is around then it shouldn't be too bad. Having said that we were without both of them two on Thursday and we played pretty well, we did, however miss someone like dan who would have got the ball down and kept it in those last few fatal minutes.

6. Do you have any particular memory of playing against Liverpool (favourite or otherwise!)?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands: Beating them 2-0 with Boa Morte scoring in the last minute to clinch it. Peschisolido's goal at Anfield in the cup years back.

fulham1879: 11-0. Enough said.

Andy.S: Yes back in the 1960’s George Cohen played his last game against Liverpool at home and I also remember a Liverpool fan racing on to the pitch and throwing punches at our winger Les Barrett.

7. Any young and up-and-coming players we might not know about?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands: Chris Smalling is an england U21 centre back and looks very promising. Danny Hoeson (spelling???) is being monitored by Man U.

fulham1879: Chris Smalling. Only 18. Captains Fulham reserves, England U18 and has recently had a call up to the England U21 squad.

8. What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands: As strong as possible but assuming murphy is out then it will probably be Schwarzer, Hangeland, Hughes, Paintsil, Koncheskey. Dempsey, Duff, Etuhu, Greening. A.Johnson, Zamora.

fulham1879: As strong as possible, with attacking intent.

9. Do you have any favourite chants and perhaps any that require explanation?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands: Take me home, a reference to our time away from craven cottage and the ever present threat of us being forced to move given the property value. It is a tribute to al fayed for keeping us there this long and to remind everyone we never want to move.

fulham1879: The favourite one to sing to you lot would have to be;

We've won it one time, We've won it one time, The intertoto, We've won it one time.

Our take on your famous We've won it five times... song, that reflects our steeped european history and prowess!


Take Me Home, Al Fayed. To the place, where I belong. Craven Cottage, by the river, Take me home, Al Fayed.

Sung in the dark days of Loftus Road as a call to Mo to take us home!

Norfolk Jim: Take me home has already been explained, The intertoto one is very much tongue in cheek, I'm sure you Scousers will get it. To be honest, the acoustics at CC are so poor you will all swear we watched the game in total silence while at our end we'll think we a making one hell of a noise.

10. Where do you think you'll finish in the Premier League? Where do you think Liverpool will finish in the Premier League?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands:  I see us finishing 13th with a bad spell in the new year briefly giving us relegation fears before pulling clear. I see Liverpool finishing third Chelsea and Man U are just too strong.

fulham1879: Liverpool, 4th. Us, 10th

Andy.S: I think we will finish around half way up the table. I do not think that we will finish as high as 7th this year. I do however think a good cup run could be on the menu. As far as Liverpool are concerned I think that 4th or 5th is a realistic possibility but it is too early to judge for sure. Your squad seems a little light to the outsider.

11. Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Ifyourgoingtothecottageclapyourhands:  Torres without a doubt the best striker in the world along with Rooney.

fulham1879: So hard to pick between Gerrard and Torres. Gotta be Torres.

12. Care to predict the score?

2-0 liverpool torres and kuyt to score.

Norfolk Jim: 2-1 to Fulham. We are still good value against top sides and we have had some good results at home against you. Cant see us completely keeping you out though.

The Bishop: 1-1


This is my first Spyin' Kop- hope it was okay!  I nicked some ideas from other posters who have done this in the past.

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