Spyin' Kop - Sunderland vs Liverpool 17/10/2009

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Sunderland vs Liverpool
Stadium of Light
Saturday 17 October 2009
Kick-off: 15:00


Sunderland Honours


First division: 1891–92, 1892–93, 1894–95, 1901–02, 1912–13, 1935–36

Second division/Championship: 1975–76, 1995–96, 1998–99, 2004–05, 2006–07

Third division: 1987–88

FA Cup: 1937, 1973

League Cup: 1985

Charity Shield: 1936

Sheriff of London Charity Shield: 1903

Football League War Cup: 1942

Football supporters they come in all shapes and sizes. From those who know the game to the bellends who take whatever Sky says as gospel and all those in between. The one thing we all have in common is having an opinion. Depending on who you talk to either our entire season comes down to this one match (never mind the other 37 matches throughout the season) or we're still taking it one game at a time and see how the season unfolds.

The international matches are over for the time being so it's back to business. We have a few injury concerns and some players are arriving back late which may cause some disruptions.

Sunderland on the other hand are in high spirits after their 2-2 draw against United. Bent is scoring goals for fun, Jones appears to have woken up this season and the addition of both Cana and Cattermole has added some much needed steel in the centre midfield. I headed over to Ready to go to ask some questions. Thank you very much to all those that responded. There were lots of good responses with some smart arse comments mixed in between. They're a decent bunch over there (please don't hate me Black and White Paul!).

Here's a small selection of the responses. All the responses can be found here http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=446955

1. How has your season been shaping up so far?

Soz Marra - pretty good. It looks like we've finally clawed ourselves out of the relegation scrap (hopefully for good).

TartanMackem - Quite reasonable. A few god wins, and a few disappointing losses, but to be expected with so many new players. We'll soon see whether our performance against Man Utd was one off, or a sign of things to come. In the good days under Peter Reid, we used to go into every home match looking for a win, or at least a point. Times have changed, but I'd like to see us get to a level where the top 4 sides travel to the SoL and think "hmm gonna be a hard day today".

the_local_jacko - It seems that we all are nothing so far this season. We either play excellent or very disapointingly hence the fact we have only drawn one game so far. There have been more excellent performances that poor ones however. Confidence is high amongst the fans as we go into games knowing now that with Bent and Jones we are likely to nick a goal or two so we have a chance. The performance at Old Trafford was superb. Its the first time in a lot of years we have had a proper go at a big 4 team with 2 upfront and we were rewarded for that bravery.

OAKEY - Not bad though jolly inconsistent. Results have been up and down like Jordan's undercrackers.

Medulla - We've done OK. The generally poor quality of the opposition thus far has meant that our points total is probably flattering, so to speak, but there's no doubt that we have the quality to out-fox and out-score teams that we didn't have last season. The frustrating thing so far has been our inconsistency, which seems like a mental thing, or a discipline issue. Saying that, I think most have faith that Bruce knows exactly where our problems lie (his spot-on post-match comments suggest as much) and will deal with them.

Our defence is still comical at times and I suspect will require strengthening in January, but Turner will bring some of the organisation that it has lacked.

Team: 6/10, Bruce: 8/10

Andy.SAFC - Pretty good, about what I expected. Away from a relegation scrap and far enough up the table to get people delusionally thinking about Europe

2. What are you expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

Soz Marra - mid-table finish, around 8th-14th would be fine by me. Day one, i'd have probably said 12-16th.
TartanMackem - Not really, with the money spent and the players we brought in, I think most of us were looking at a 8th - 12th place finish. The losses to Burnley and Stoke were a bit shit, but not altogether suprising. After years in the wilderness, most of us just want to see progress. 8th place may be just outside our reach this season, but otherwise the rest of the clubs are not that great really.

the_local_jacko - No we are still looking for a safe and relaxed season. If we can get a decent cup run and a 10th place finish I think most fans would be happy with that. We know there are still positions were we are not quite strong enough to really kick on but we are all encouraged by what we have seen from Bruce so far.

OAKEY - When one tries to predict the final table for the Premier League, from about 9th downwards the sides which are clearly better than us begin to dry up. So 9th-11th for me and that opinion hasn't changed since the start of the season.

Medulla - Nope. I'd be delighted with a top half finish, and anything above 14th (with <gasp> a cup final perhaps) would show evidence of progress.

Andy.SAFC - I'd be happy with anything about 14th and anything above 9th will be unbelievable. This is about what I expected at the start of the season

3. Who do you think is your most important player?

Soz Marra - lorik cana or lee cattermole, a tough choice. Bent may be grabbing the headlines with his goals, but it's the two in midfield who pressure opponents into mistakes, and aren't afraid to get stuck in.

TartanMackem - Kenwyne Bent. Technically two players, but as a partnership they are on of the best front lines outside the top 5. They are the major difference between us and the likes of West Ham, Fulham and Wigan.

the_local_jacko - Most important for me is between Bent and Cana. The two things we have lacked for years is goals and leadership. These two players were exactly what we needed. Cana a brilliant player and his attitude is exceptional. Hes a proper captain. He has great balance in the fact he is a hard man but he can play aswell. We all knew what we were getting when we signed Bent. He is there to put the ball in the net and he has brought Jones back to life after he had tailed off slightly.

OAKEY - Andy Reid. Hopefully his transformation this season shows the rest of the squad what you can achieve with hardwork, determination and a few less packs of Mr Porky's.

Medulla - For his attributes and influence, Lee Cattermole. I'm delighted with what I've seen so far. He's got that desperation to win that all good players have, is tenacious in the tackle and his creative abilities and forward play are underrated.

For his potential importance given our weaknesses, Michael Turner.

Andy.SAFC - Lorik Cana. He has brought exactly what we were saying we needed last year, a genuine leader and tough tackling midfielder. The fact we've got Cattermole along side him is even better and obviously Bent cant stop scoring

4. Who do you think is your worst player?

Soz Marra - george mccartney.

TartanMackem - I'm not a fully paid member of the "We hate Darryl Fucking Murphy" Society, but it is a wonder as to why he is still at the club. All the other shit players don't get near the team thankfully.

the_local_jacko - The obvious choice is Murphy but he hasnt been playing. My choice is Richardson who is not the worst player but the player im most disapointed with. He has let us down in the past 2 games which stupid mistakes. This is his 3rd season for the club and we are still sitting around waiting for it to happen for the lad. He has shown genius in flashes but these have been very few and far between.

OAKEY - Tough one. I don't think there's too much deadwood in the first eleven now. So, I'll join the bandwagon and say Daryl Murphy.

Medulla - Roy O'Donovan. Murphy's a waste of space, but his problem is mostly heart. Roy's is just that he's fucking shit.

Andy.SAFC - Daryl Murphy/David Healy/George McCartney. Delete as applicable, whichever one is the most recent to play according to most on here

5. Do you have a particular memory (good or bad) of any previous meetings between our clubs?

Soz Marra - i'll never forget the master class by jurgen macho (one of very very few) to earn us a point in 2002.

TartanMackem - As a scotsman, I'll never forget Gary McCallister's dive from about 2 yards outside the box to win a penalty at the SoL. Shameful.

the_local_jacko - There are very few good moments for the good. The obvious choice is the 92 FA cup final but we wont got there.

OAKEY - Good and bad - September 1990 at Roker Park. It was my first ever match so I was as excited as Garry Glitter in the Early Learning Centre. But we lost 0-1.

Medulla - Good: Beating you at home for the first time in god knows how long, despite having the worst side in our recent history.

Bad: Michael 'Bastard' Thomas. Ian 'Cunting' Rush.

Andy.SAFC - Jurgen Macho saving more shots in one match than he did in the rest of his career, to get a point at Anfield in 02/03

6. You've taken over for Bruce for the day, who do you pick in your starting XI for the match?

Soz Marra - gordon
ferdinand turner mensah bardsley
malbranque cana cattermole reid
jones bent

TartanMackem - Gordon
Bardsley Turner Mensah Richarson
Malbranque Cana Cattermole Reid
Bent Jones

the_local_jacko - Gordon, Bardsley, Ferdinand, Turner, Mensah, Malbranque, Cattermole, Cana, Reid, Jones and Bent.

OAKEY - Gordon | Bardsley, Turner, Mensah, Richardson | Malbranque, Cana, Cattermole, Reid | Bent, Jones with my goodself on the bench to come on for the last minute if we're winning.

Medulla - Gordon
Bardsley Ferdinand Turner McCartney
Malbranque Cana Cattermole Reid
Bent Jones

Andy.SAFC - Gordon
Bardsley Turner Ferdinand Mensah
Malbranque Cana Cattermole Reid
Bent Jones

7. Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Soz Marra - perhaps you haven't heard, but darren bent is fast as lightnin'.

TartanMackem - "Cana, Lorik Cana, hey hey hey, hard as fuck!"

the_local_jacko - Theres a few new ones kicking around for the new lads (bent, Cana etc). They are pretty much self explanatory really.

OAKEY - No. I'm ashamed to say I haven't made a game for a while.

Medulla - Lee Howey was a bit of a clogger that played for us in the First division and his brother Steve played for the Mags at the same time. The chant was usually started by a lone voice or two in the depths of the Fulwell:


[The Fulwell]: YOUR BROTHER IS A c*nt!"

And that was it. Two lines, and a personal favourite.

Andy.SAFC - Niall Quinn's Disco Pants is still a personal favourite

8. Come end of May where do you think our respective teams are going to finish in the league?

Soz Marra - liverpool - 20th. Sunderland - 3rd ... Nah, liverpool 5th - sunderland 10th. I can see arsenal and city both finishing above liverpool.

TartanMackem - Liverpool: you might squeeze into 4th place by a baw hair. Rafa should never have messed Alonso about, and I think he wakes up every morning thinking "why the fuck did I want Gareth fucking Barry over him?"

9th for us

the_local_jacko - Both teams are a little thin on the ground in terms of squads. I think both teams rely a lot on 2 or 3 individuals. If Liverpool can keep Torres fit then for me you have the best player in the prem. If not I can see Man City sneaking in at your expense this year. Likewise we are relying on Bent and Jones for goals, I was delighted with the signing of Campbell but hes still learning his trade. I will go 4th for Liverpool and 11th for sunderland.

OAKEY - Sunderland 9th, Liverpool 3rd

Medulla - Liverpool: 4th
Us: 12th

Andy.SAFC - 4th and 11th

9. Which Liverpool player do you fear the most?

Soz Marra - the ref.

TartanMackem - choice between the obvious two I guess. Whichever one I pick, I'm pretty sure the other will score instead. But I'll go for Torres, seeing as he was the difference last time at the SoL.

the_local_jacko - Torres without a doubt. Stevie G dosent like getting kicked and he will on Saturday if hes fit. Torres on his game is totally unplayable.

OAKEY - Gerrard as I suspect we share different tastes in music and I'm a bit soft.

Medulla - That girl up front. No, not Voronin, don't be stupid.

Andy.SAFC - Since Torres and Gerrard look like they may not play it has to be Benayoun

10. Gazing into your crystal ball what do you see the final score being?

Soz Marra - 1-1, bent to get ours, mike riley to get yours from the penalty spot.

TartanMackem - 1-1. Jones and Torres

the_local_jacko - I think there will be goals. I will go with 2-2 as it looks like Liverpool have a couple of injuries.

OAKEY - Sunderland 1-2 Liverpool if our pattern of inconsistency continues.

Medulla - 2-1 'pewl.

Andy.SAFC - Heart says 2-1 but the crystal ball says score draw. Yes, its a shit crystal ball and doesnt tell me the score

11. Now that the Barcodes and to a lesser extent the Smoggies have been relegated do you miss the derbies or are you too busy laughing at their predicament?

Soz Marra - a bit of both. The feelings leading up to derby day are awful, but i love it (providing we don't get beat). Couldn't care less about boro though. I've never viewed it as a derby, instead just a game for an easy 3 points.

TartanMackem - Ignoring Boro altogether, I have to say I'm enjoying the Mags' demise, but I'd like them back up in a season or so. Hopefully once they've shed a few of the plastic gobshites.

the_local_jacko - I hope newcastle disapear of the face of the earth. I couldnt care less about them but we are constantly reminded of them due to the media circus that follows them. If they dropped down the leagues and disapeared then that would suit me fine.

OAKEY - Ambivalent. I'd rather concentrate on what we're doing than peak over the fence to see what the neighbours are up to.

Medulla - I used to believe that I didn't want them (the Mags, forget about Boro- noone cares about them) to go down because I'd miss that sickening excitement of derby day. And that's true, I do miss it. But given the circumstances of their relegation and subsequent comical implosion I think I can just about deal with a year or two without them.

To see Shearer take them down on the last day was truly side-splitting.

Andy.SAFC - I am sorta missing the prospect of the Mags game this season, but hey, they're in the fizzy pop which is nearly making up for it.
And the Smogs games doesn't matter to us. At all

12. Has a missing person's report been filed for David Healy? Any particular reason why he hasn't been playing?

Soz Marra - he is going through some internal discipline procedures. Apparently he has been spreading rumours that he's actually a footballer. He clearly isn't.

TartanMackem - He was another pointless signing by Keane. He was never going to get many games, so I dunno why he bothered coming. Though, through a strange twist of fate, despite improving our forward line immeasurably, Healy has possibly moved up the pecking order to 4th choice now. Actually that's a lie, he's 5th choice. 4th choice would be to play with only one striker.

the_local_jacko - Bruce keeps referring to his "3 top strikers". This suggests Healey is not in his plans. I would loan him out personally, hes a hard working player that has proven he can do it in lower leagues but with Jones, Bent and Campbell he wont get a look in.

OAKEY - He went AWOL some time ago. Perhaps if we played in green he'd raise his game.

Medulla - Three managers, and hardly any games. Tells its own story. The lad's fucking hopeless.

Andy.SAFC - Rumours are he went missing in Portugal in pre-season

13. You've been linked with an ex-Red Bolo Zenden. What do you think of him? Do you think he could be a valuable member of your squad?

Soz Marra - we desperately need cover down the left, where our current players are either injured or severely lacking form. Providing he can prove his fitness to bruce, i'd be glad to see him in the red and white.

TartanMackem - I'd rather give our youngsters a chance than use a 33 year old who's been finished for a while. We're not gonna win anything this year, so I'd rather we built for the future, than use stop-gaps for the sake of a few extra points. Even if it costs us a few points, giving the chances to young lads like Jordan Henderson could be the difference between them making the grade or not.

the_local_jacko - Our midfield is very thin on the ground with only 6 options to fill 4 positions. If nothing else he adds great experience and cover to the squad. Reid has been excellent this season so far but it would be nice to have someone keeping him on his toes. I think if Bruce has a good look at him and decides to take him on then it will be a good signing on a free.

OAKEY - Zenden is like one of those pens you get through the post with a charity envelope. You'll probably use it and it's free but you're not too fussed about it.

Medulla - Who knows? A bit of experience never hurts and if he's fit, cheap and is happy to fill in as and when necessary then get him in to bolster the squad. If he's good, I'll think of it as a bonus.

Andy.SAFC - We desperately need more depth in midfield. I havent seen Bolo play since he left Liverpool, but if he is still nearly the player he was then he will be a very good addition to the squad

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