Liverpool vs Bolton, Spyin' Kop 28/08/09

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Well here we are, 3 games in and just a point to count for each. Out of the title race?
Don't be stupid we are Liverpool Football Club.

True we have lost the same amount of games this season as we did last season but it is also true that Manchester United lost 4 games last season and won the league and after 5 games only had 2 points.

Our opponents this weekend are Bolton, without a goal or a point on the board we really need to capitalise on their weaknesses. The Bolton fans were very quick and good to answer my questions thouroughly and i would like to thank them for their cooperation

Liverpool FC vs Bolton Wanderers FC
Saturday 28th August 2009
Kick Off- 3:00PM


Bolton Wanderers FC Honours

Major Honours:

4 Time FA Cup Winners - 1923, 1926, 1929, 1958

3 Time FA Cup Runners - 1894, 1904, 1953

2 Time League Cup Runners up - 1995, 2004

1 Time FA Charity Shield Winners - 1958

1 Time Football League First Division Champions - 1997

2 Time Football League Second Division Champions - 1909, 1978

2 Time Football League First Division Play-Off Winners - 1995, 2001

1 Time Football League Third Division Champions - 1973

1. What are your expectations for this season?

jackbwfc: Hoping for top half, a cup run.

Billy Bradshaw: Staying up

Woody: Relegation, personally.

Havoc: A boring relegation battle.

D1OUFY: I wanted us to push on, possibly top 10 finish. Given the summer signings (and lack of signings) and our recent performances I think 14th would be a bit of a bonus.

2. Did you expect more from Gary Megson in terms of signings this summer?

jackbwfc: Yes, attacking players.

Billy Bradshaw: Yes, a striker at least

Woody: Hmm, not particularly. I think overall he's made some more good signings, with a couple of bad ones too. Wouldn't have minded a striker.

No. I wait to see we have signed a crap striker ith a name that noone can pronounce.

D1OUFY: I expected defensive signings first and arguably they were needed. Given his signings before this transfer window I was hopeful. That said, I think Ricketts will be a solid purchase and I hope Davis kicks on like Taylor did after 6 months. Lee Chung Yong looks promising and an inspired signing. Robinson wouldnt be so bad if he just sat on the bench.

3. Happy with Gary Megson?

jackbwfc: Nope, not at all.

Billy Bradshaw: Not any more.

Woody: I'm not happy with nearly everything left in football. Gary Megson is a part of that. He's been employed to keep Bolton Wanderers in the PL, nothing more, nothing less and that's depressing in itself. So far he's done that, so it's hard to condemn him to hell, like many Bolton fans like to do. I don't think he's the right manager for us, but then I have completely different views as to how this club should be run than the actual people in charge. I can't blame him for that.

Havoc: An unequivocal NO.Was prepared to see how he got on initially, but all the warnings from fans of his previous clubs have proved correct. Dire matches and no tactical nous. Sooner he goes the better.

D1OUFY: By no means am I calling for his blood but he has done his job in keeping us up and got rid a lot of the crap in the team and squad. The team is definately more unified than under Sammy Lee. I dont think he can take us on beyond where we are though in terms of footballing quality or position.

4. Any favourite moments from Bolton vs Liverpool matches in time gone by?

jackbwfc: 3-2 to Us at Your place in the carling cup.

Billy Bradshaw: he cup wins when we were in the lower division.

Woody: Okocha running the show in the 3-2 CC game. I also love watching the highlights of us battering you in '93, although I'm too young to remember it.

Havoc: David Lee doing his Man on Wire impersonation on the Wembley touchline during the League Cup Final in 1995

D1OUFY: Nolan scoring, Benitez moaning about being beat, media darling Gerrard stamping on Nolans chest

5. Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

jackbwfc: Jussi and Cahill.

Billy Bradshaw: Gary Cahill, Jussi (the best keeper in the PL) and Kevin Davies

Woody: Ricardo Gardner, Gary Cahill and Jussi.

Havoc: Kevin Davies, Jussi Jaaskeleinen

D1OUFY: Jussi - we wouldnt be in this division without him. After that Davies and Cahill.

6.  Your worst player(s)?

jackbwfc: Robinson.

Billy Bradshaw: So many to choose from, but Elmander has been the biggest let down.

Woody: Paul Robinson.

Havoc: Paul Robinson. The Poison Dwarf should f*$k off back to West Brom.

D1OUFY: Robinson

7. Were you pleased with your 13th place finish last season?

jackbwfc: I would have taken it at the begining of the season, but wanted a stronger finish.

Billy Bradshaw: Yes, under the circumstances.

Woody: Incredibly in terms of positional finish. Much of the football was ridiculously dull, though some of it was entertaining. The Cup efforts were embarrassing.

Havoc: More like amazed.

D1OUFY: After the previous season, yes

8. Where would you realisticly like to be come the end of the season?

jackbwfc: 12th i'd say is realistic.

Billy Bradshaw: Mid table, and despite our concerns, it's possible in this league

Woody: I  couldn't care less. I'm at an all time low.

Havoc: Between 17th and last.

D1OUFY: 14th

9. Which Liverpool player do you think will cause you the most problems?

jackbwfc: Anyone with abit of pace.

Billy Bradshaw: All of them.

Woody: Anyone on the wing. Cahill will have Torres in his pocket all game

Havoc: Steve G if he goes out in Bolton and requests we play his favourite song.

D1OUFY: Gerrard and Torres (on their day). Both seem to have started the season indifferently. Beyond them there isnt too much that would bother me too much. Benayoun is underrated.

10. Any up and coming / Young players we should know about for the future?

jackbwfc: Mark Davies has shown promising signs, Cahill should make England. Muamba hopefully.

Billy Bradshaw: None that are setting our reserves alight, but the odd one or two that may make the breakthrough soon.

Woody: Mark Davies is very good on the ball. Probably won't play though.

Havoc: Michael Ricketts at Tranmere.

D1OUFY:  Mark Davies, Cahill, Lee Chung Yong (based on less than 90 minutes of football), Basham (dont know whats happened to him though!)

11. Where do you think Liverpool and Bolton will finish this season?

jackbwfc: Liverpool, 4th, Bolton, 15th.

Billy Bradshaw: Bolton - 13th to 15th. Liverpool - 4th.

Around 4th for yourselves. Benitez has now probably already decided CL is his priority after your poor start. I think we'll go down unless there is drastic improvement. By that I mean that unless Ricardo Gardner plays we'll lose.

Havoc: Liverpool - 2nd behind the Mancs. Bolton - 17th

D1OUFY: 4th 14th

12. Your score prediction for Saturday?

jackbwfc: Bolton 0-2 Liverpool

Billy Bradshaw: 2-0 Liverpool, but then it would be just like us to win after us playing badly previous to this. It wouldn't surprise me if we did, but i don't really see it happening.

Woody: Bolton 0-4 Liverpool

Havoc: 4-0 to Liverpool

D1OUFY: 1-0 Bolton (we have to win sometime and I fall on the optimistic side of the fence)

13. Which do you think will be the most likely Bolton starting eleven on Saturday?

jackbwfc: Jussi, Robinson, Cahill, Knight, Ricketts, Taylor, Muamba, S. Davis, M. Davies, K. Davies, Elmander.

Billy Bradshaw: What I do think is that Steinsson will be back. Other than that, our 1st team is pretty much the same as the first two games.

Woody: Jussi, Ricketts, Cahill, Knight, Robinson, Muamba, McCann, Davis, Taylor,Davies, Elmander

Havoc: Same as Tranmere except for Charlene Tilton at left back.

D1OUFY: Jussi Samuel (if Robinson starts I will be annoyed although it wouldnt surprise me) Cahill Knight Ricketts M. Davies Davis Muamba Taylor K. Davies Elmander

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