Liverpool FC vs Aston Villa Spyin' Kop 24/08/2009

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What a difference 5 days make, after the poor result at Spurs we were written off by "Football experts" and "fans" alike. The thumping of Stoke City has renewed faith among the Anfield faithful in the team Rafa has built and non more so than performance of our new flying right-back Glen Johnson.

So now we turn our thoughts to Villa who are going through a bit of a crisis of their own after the sale of Barry and the retirement of Laursen. Woody Allens team are having a tough old time of it at the moment, lets hope we can increase their misery a bit come Monday night...

I got some interesting answers and their love for our great manager and Stevie seems to shine through ;)

Liverpool FC v Aston Villa FC
Monday 24th August 2009
Kick Off- 8:00PM


Aston Villa FC Honours

European Cup Winners: 1982

European Super Cup Winners: 1982-83

InterToto Cup Winners: 2001

First Division Champions: 1893-94, 1895-96, 1896-97, 1898-99, 1899-1900, 1909-10,1980-81

Second Division Champions: 1937-38, 1959-60

Third Division Champions: 1971-72

FA Cup Winners: 1887, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1913, 1920, 1957

League Cup Winners: 1961, 1975, 1977, 1994, 1996

FA Youth Cup Winners: 1972, 1980, 2002

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1. What are your expectations for the season?

avstu™ : If we got 6th again i would be happy and a nice cup run of some sort. The performance against Wigan was a dissapointment and one i hope not to see again this season. Its a big season for the club and manager.

Mac : To win the League

TopDeck113 : A step backwards after three steps forward.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : I think the remaining few days of the transfer window are crucial. I think we need at least three players in to stand a chance of finishing 6/7th. I think we'll finish bottom of our league of Spurs, Everton and us.

ktvillan : We are going backwards. Around 8- 10th if we can sign a couple before next week, otherwise lower than that.

2. Martin O'Neill genius or Woody Allen lookalike ?

avstu™ : A few weeks ago i would say genious, now im not sure as much as i want him to do well im finding myself question the way he thinks and does things.

Mac : Better than Benitez.

TopDeck113 : Woody Allen trying to remember what it was like when he was feted for his film-making genius.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Was a genius, beginning to lose the faith

ktvillan : If he’s a genius he’s hiding it very well.

3. Any player/s we need to watch out for?

avstu™ : Errrm i think John Carew on his day can be a real handful. Usual names can include James Milner and Ashley Young but i think Young is over-rated myself. Maybe if Marc Albrighton features, he could be one to keep an eye on.

Mac : Gareth Barry.

TopDeck113 : Agbonlahor - and marvel that we got so close to the Top 4 last season with a headless chicken leading the attack.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Heskey is always good for a laugh, but I'm sure you lot already know that.

ktvillan : If you spot our central midfield could you let them know the season has started and we are looking for them?

4. What do you make of the whole Barry 'saga', saying he wanted to leave for a bigger club and instead signs for Man City?

avstu™ : Gareth Barry is and will always be a legend of Aston Villa F.C for what he did for our club. Im dissapointed in the manner he left and who he went to but its life. Like would i turn down a higher paid job just to keep other people happy? I dont think so.

Mac : What does it say about Liverpool?

TopDeck113 : The "bigger" tag was never part of his argument, it was that he wanted to play Champions League football. That he went to City just shows him for what, deep down, we know all top level footballers to be.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Barry should have signed for you, however because Rafa pissed O'Neill off it was never gonna happen. The fact he chose Man City over staying at Villa just shows money is more important to him than being Villa's record appearance holder.

ktvillan : I think he said CL football rather than a bigger club. Can’t blame Mr. gluteus maximus even though Manchester City aren’t there yet, I suspect they’ll make it before we do.

5. Favourite/ most hated player at the club?

avstu™ : My Favourite player at the club is Wilfy Bouma, but playing wise at the moment its Stiliyan Petrov. I have a soft spot for Celtic and when we signed him i was very excited by the prospect. Its took him a while but he was the best player in a Villa shirt last season and hopefully he can continue with his form. I dont tend to hate a player at the club, i will support anyone who weathers the claret and blue colours.

TopDeck113 : I like Petrov, nobody I really "hate" - I tut with regret that we haven't got anyone better than Nicky Storey.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Favourite player - probably Petrov, he really turned himself around last season and was comfortably our most consistent performer. Most hated, is a probably a little harsh, but Beye has never impressed me so I guess he has the most to prove. Heskey is just plain shit.

ktvillan : Villa - Luke Young has impressed me and we look a different proposition when Carew is in. Don’t hate anyone but Ashley Young has been getting on my tits with his falling down routine.
Liverpool - Torres is just class. I hate Gerrard's diving/reffing and Carragher gets away with a lot of shirt pulling and other stuff.

6. Your favourite LFC versus Villa moments?

avstu™ : Would be a 3-0 defeat at your place a few years back now. 2007 i think it was, it was my 21st birthday and many of my friends travelled to the game with me where we had a good sing song in the Arkles pre-match and i came home to a surprise birthday party. It was a all round good day just a shame about the score.

Mac : Houllier claiming that Boateng was a known play-acter when trying to defend another attempt by Stevie Gerrard to remove someones leg with a thigh high challenge.

TopDeck113 : On the pitch... January 1981 Dennis Mortimer bursting through to score our second. Off the pitch... The Holte's Last Stand (with the exception of Dave Chance's sing-along).

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Gotta to be when we walloped you 5 many many moons ago. We just never beat you do we?

ktvillan : Ronnie Rosenthal. Comedy gold. Stan Collymore’s “calm down” to Liverpool fans after being red carded. 5-1 at half time in 1977 and it could have been 10 by full time.

7. What do you think of our squad and our chances at the Premier League title?

avstu™ : I think Liverpool lack another striker and this is why they wont with the Premier League title. If you lose Torres its like you dont have anything else to offer. Glen Johnson was a good signing for you, but i would of looked at the striker situation as my priority if anything in the summer.

Mac : No chance. You've got Benitez.

TopDeck113 : Probably on par with last season. As usual you'll be top four, but not Champions.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : I think Chelsea have the strongest squad, Stretford United will be up there I think despite Ladyboyaldo leaving. I think you'll be competing with Arsenal & Man Ci£y for 3/4th

ktvillan : Strong squad, two or three world class players, depends on how Aquilano manages to replace Alonso. Man U look weaker than last year but Arsenal look better. I’d say your in with a good shout but I’d put Chelsea as favourites.

8. Our most dangerous player?

avstu™ : Of course its either Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres. Gerrard like all the Liverpool 'greats' (Rush, Owen, Fowler) all seem to enjoy scoring against Villa.

Mac : Gerrard. HE knows how to handle himself we've seen the video.

TopDeck113 : Gerrard and whoever the referee is he'll con to get the free kick/penalty.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : Torres and Gerrard. If no other reason Gerrard will no doubt fall over/run into Petrov and win a penalty/free kick

ktvillan : Gerrard can win games on his own when he puts his mind to it. Torres runs him close.

9. Predict the score on Monday if you can?

avstu™ : As much as i would love to beat Liverpool i just cant see it. 2-0 to your boys.

Mac : 0-2

TopDeck113 : We'll put on our best performance of the season so far (not saying much) but lose 2-0. One of the goals will revolve around a contentious decision given Gerrard's way.

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : 3-0 to you lot - again! 4-0 minimum unless we buy a new defence and several others in the meantime

10. Put on your MON cap and tell us who you would pick for your first XI?

avstu™ : If i was MON i would pick a 4-2-3-1 formation, a little like Liverpool tend to play. That way the two defensive midfielders can help protect our very poor back line. So my line up would then be...

- Guzan -
- Beye -- Cuellar -- Davis -- Shorey -
-- Reo-Coker Petrov --
- Albrighton Young Milner -

TopDeck113 :

Beye Cuellar Davies Shorey
Milner NRC Petrov Sidwell Young
Although with any luck we'll have new signings in at least two of those positions..

JamesMilnersNo8Shirt : I would pick

ktvillan : 4-2-3-1 formation

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