Liverpool Football Club v Stoke City FC: Spyin' Kop 20/08/09

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Liverpool Football Club v Stoke City FC


Wednesday, 19th August 2009

Stoke City:

Premier League/First Division
Highest finish 4th place 1935-36, 1946-47
Highest finish 12th place 2008-09

Football League Championship
Runners-up 2007-08
Champions 1932-33, 1962-63
Runners-up 1921-22
Third Place (Promoted) 1978-79

Football League Division Two (Equivalent level to Football League 1)
Champions 1992-93
Play-off winners 2001-02
Third Division (North) (Equivalent level to Football League 1)
Champions 1926-27

Football Alliance
Champions 1890-1891

Birmingham & District League
Champions 1910-1911

Southern League Division Two
Champions 1914-1915
Runners-up 1910-1911

League Cup
Winners 1971-72
Runners-up 1963-64

FA Cup
Semi-Finalists 1898-99, 1970-71, 1971-72

Autoglass Trophy
Winners 1992

Auto Windscreens Shield
Winners 2000

Watney Cup
Winners 1973

Staffordshire Senior Cup
Winners 1878, 1879, 1904 (Shared), 1914, 1965, 1969 (Shared), 1971, 1975, 1976, 1982, 1993, 1995, 1999
Runners-up 1883, 1886, 1895, 1901, 1903, 2003,2006

Birmingham Senior Cup
Winner 1901,1914
Runners-up 1910, 1915, 1920, 1921

Isle of Man Trophy
Winners 1988, 1992, 1993
Runners-up 1985-1986

Bass Charity Vase
Winners 1997-1998

FA Youth Cup
Runners-up 1983-1984

The good lads at Delilahs have provided the ammunition for this edition of the Spyin' Kop (and you'll notice Rhodesy, WBK and the like have all contributed to our SK's in previous years).

I've including the full unedited answers of all responders as I personally think its useful to get a sense of the personality of each responder across various Qns. You can also check out their version of "Spyin' Kop" containing our answers, posted here:   

Worth noting that the following answers were provided before our disappointing seeason opening 2-1 result away at Tottenham and Stoke's perfect league kickoff with a 2-0 trouncing of Burnley.

SK: At the start of last season how confident were you, realistically, of staying up for another season? And how did it feel at the end of the year to have survived?
Rhodesy: I thought personally we hadn't a hope in hell and wasn't too encouraged by the signings we made. We showed ambition by starting to spend more on wages on players like Sorensen and gambling on Kitson.
JayPSB: I always thought we'd have a realistic chance of staying up, but certainly DID NOT predict a mid table finish. It felt great to stay up - only bad thing was 'Pool not beating Man Utd to the title. This year, it has to be this year!!
WilyBoosKnees: I would have been happy with us finishing fourth from bottom, and really thought we had a realistic chance of staying up, I did not however think for one moment that we would finish in 12th place, which for a club in it's first season having spent very little money in relative terms to the others. So All Stoke fans must surely be thanking Tony Pulis for that alone.
It felt great to survive, so much so, that I don't recall one Stoke fan whinging about our performance at Arsenal on the last day of the season as it was just party time for all concerned.
congletonstoke: I was a little worried after our 1st game at Bolton, but as the season went on I was sure there were 3 teams worse than us ! It was a fantastic achievement and it was great to prove all those lazy hacks wrong !
Chirper: At the start after the bolton game i couldnt see us getting 10 points but after the Villa game i knew we'd do it, felt like a promotion to actually stay up.

SK: How has the off-season after staying up in the Premier League shaped up?
Rhodesy: Well only Dean Whitehead and some Crewe youngsters have been signed but the academy has had a revamp and looks like it will hopefully produce quality players for Stoke for years to come. We would all love to have a academy like Liverpools capable of producing Gerrard and Carragher I am sure.
JayPSB: Well, my own opinion is pretty poorly. No major squad improvements so far - other than the not-too-inspiring addition od Dean Whitehead, and with you lot apparently lining up a bid for Shawcross it could potentially be horrific!
WilyBoosKnees: So far, it has been very slow, we have brought in Dean Whitehead who is better than the players he is replacing and is more of a box to box player who can also break up play, so looks like Salif's appearances will be limited this season, with the returning Dave kitson seemingly firing on all cylinders, it's like having a new season, but he could be on his way soon anyway if we bring in another striker.
If we are to push on as a club, then we need two or possibly three new faces, but this squad does seem to have enough about it to stay up again as it stands.
congletonstoke: Hmmm it's been a bit hit and miss really ! On one hand we have seen our record signing (Kitson) actually looking interested for the first time. But on the other hand we have not won all pre season and have only brought Dean Whitehead in to date. The only thing I will say is we normally have a good season after a bad pre season !!
Chirper: In a word "CRAP",Agents trying to screw the club over is all we seem to hear.

SK: What are your expectations for this season?
Rhodesy: I think unless a few new signings are made in key areas we will just scrape staying up. We need to sign a full back another winger and a prolific proven goalscorer at this level.
JayPSB: I'd settle for mid table again, hehe. Realistically, just staying up would be cool.
WilyBoosKnees: Once again, I would be happy with 15th or 16th place even though our final place last season will maybe give some fans false hope as to what we can do.
congletonstoke: Just to stay up ! I don't care how we do it or where we finish, this is a very important season for us and hopefully after this year we can start to push on. This season though survival is the key
Chirper: Much the same as last, would really like/love to beat the Shit.

SK: Who do you think is your most important player(s)?
Rhodesy: Our two centre backs Ryan Shawcross and Abdoulaye Faye, they truly are immense and are the reason we stayed up comfortably and West Brom didn't. If West Brom had those two I am certain they would still be in the Prem now. And if you lot steal Ryan we will all be devastated I am sure!
JayPSB: For me, Glen Whelan in the middle, Shawcross and Faye at the back, and Fuller up front. Keep an eye on Dave Kitson this time round, though. He's been on fire during pre-season.
WilyBoosKnees: The whole eleven on the pitch at any one time for the team, as long as we once again all work hard and work as a unit, then we will be ok, But for flare and doing things that not many players can do, then Ricci Fuller is the one to watch, when he is in full flow, there aren't many teams that can stop him, and he can turn a game on it's head all on his own.
congletonstoke: Ab Faye - This guy is immense, you never worry when he's at the heart of the defense. Liam Lawrence - Most of our good stuff goes through him. Riccy Fuller - Has the ability to change a game on his day, defiantly our match winner !!
Chirper: Fuller/Liam/Rory.

SK: Your worst player(s)?
Rhodesy: We don't really have a worst player in that sense that gets played regularly. Everyone will say Cresswell although he doesn't get played much at all.
JayPSB: Richard Cresswell. Perhaps the most literal one-trick pony I've ever witnessed
WilyBoosKnees: Last season it had to be Richard Cresswell, with the limited amount of showings he is likely to make this season, I am pretty confident that Andy Griffin will step into his boots quite comfortably, he really is a liability.
congletonstoke: Don't want to single anyone out, but we know who they are 
Chirper: No comment officer.

SK: How did you feel after the twin 0-0 results last year?
Rhodesy: At your place I'm sure you all know our reaction as we were fairly loud and it was incredible and I couldn't believe it. I live in the Wirral so obviously a lot of my friends are Liverpool fans and it was great to be able to gloat. When I saw you were using the same tactic against us at out place I knew we would have at least a point from the game. Playing Lucas and Mascherano in a holding role is not a good idea for you! May I tell you how truly terrible Lucas was and is?
JayPSB: Me?? Personally, I was happy. I've a massive soft spot for Liverpool and went up to watch a couple of games last season - so my conscience was clean after that!
WilyBoosKnees: In a word? Ecstatic. The game at your place was like the alamo, I still haven't seen good reason why Gerrards goal was disallowed, but I don't much care anyway  it was a game that you could quite easily have won 10-0, so to come away with a point felt like we had won the cup, you were absolutely streets ahead of us that day and we were nowhere near the pace. I thought the game at our place was much more equal and that we could have beaten you.
congletonstoke: Fantastic result and a point we never expected to get ! I would certainly take the same again this year.
Chirper: Elated.

SK: Do you have any other particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?
Rhodesy: I remember being only a little lad (I'm 14 now) and finishing school in Wirral and going to the Liverpool v Stoke cup game when you spanked us 7-1 but I still loved it. That was my first moment of getting a real beating from a club bigger than us and little did I know there were many more to come from Man U and Arsenal.
JayPSB: The '91 cup clash was pretty memorable. I went to both legs and it was the first time I witnessed McManaman.
WilyBoosKnees: cup 7-1, enough said
congletonstoke: Just the look on "Stevie G's" face when his goal was ruled out
Chirper: A game in the 70s when we were 1 up and the ref just played for hours till you got the equaliser.

SK: Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?
Rhodesy: Depends how well you know the squad. You may not be aware of Andy Wilkinson who is a cracking young lad (I say that but he is about 24!!) he has a tendency to lash out and receive reds though! We have no real young stars breaking into the first team though. Shawcross is only 21 though and is an incredible player already.
JayPSB: Ryan Shotton appears to be the next big thing, obviously alongside Ryan Shawcross who you've already noticed! There's also a little fella a on loan to Northampton whose name I don't want to tell you in case you come and try to poach him, too
WilyBoosKnees: In the squad will be Ryan Shotton, who has played most pre season games and is looking good for a few appearances at Right back this season, still very raw, but is better going forward than either Andy Griffin, Carl Dickinson or Andy Wilkinson. Ryan is a full product of our Academy and if he is the sort of player coming through, then we should be ok in the future.
congletonstoke: Ryan Shawcross - You will know about him, it's rumoured Raffa fancies him (Hands off for this season please ! ) Ryan Shotton - Has played a fair bit pre season, looks like Pulis might give him a crack this season. Has looked ok, but lacks a little concentration, this will come with experience though.
Chirper: No, None try the continent for cheap full-backs and center halfs.

SK: What sort of line-up will be put out against us?
Rhodesy: I think we will play a defensive team and it will be our best team. We don't have enough depth to really change line ups and not suffer consequences.
JayPSB: Obviously, pretty much the exact same record that we played to you in the corresponding fixture last season. The only debate will be who starts up front - Beattie, Kitson or Fuller.
WilyBoosKnees: A pure guess at the moment, and obviously doesn't account for players coming or going.
Shotton or Wilko.. Faye.. Shawcross.. Higgy
Lawrence.. Whitehead..Whelan..Etherington
Fuller/Kitson.... Beattie
Higgy..Ab Faye..Shawcross..Wilkinson
Chirper: We will play a 9-1 formation and hope thats not the score.

SK: Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?
Rhodesy: Of course Delilah but my favourite has to be 'Bread'.
JayPSB: Everybod loves a Delilah!!
WilyBoosKnees: Delilah
congletonstoke: We won it two times, we won it two times, the Autoglass trophy, we won it two times !!
Chirper: Last years most often used chant was directed at big club billies (weak refs) take your pick of "1 nil to dont know what yo....

SK: Where do you expect Stoke and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?
Rhodesy: Stoke will finish about 14th possibly 13th but it be quite tight still and be a little touch and go. I think Liverpool did well this season but won't be able to do as well this season I will say you finish 3rd. I also think Everton will finish 4th and Arsenal will be a good way behind the top 4.
JayPSB: I expect Stoke City to finish about 15th this season - IF we finally add some more quality players to the squad. If we don't this transfer window, then January is going to be imperative. I honestly expect Liverpool to win the thing this time round. Aquilani is absolute quality and, if you can grab Villa (and why haven't you???) then it'll be a dead cert.
WilyBoosKnees: As long as Liverpool finish about the shit I don't care, but I think Chelsea will finish above both of you. I'd be happy as said above with 15th place.
congletonstoke: If Liverpool keep Fernando fit for the season, this could be your year, I think we will finish 15th
Chirper: Us 12-17 you 1st.

SK: Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?
Rhodesy: It has to be Gerrard he has everything, great player!
JayPSB: Obviously, the big two - Gerard and Torres (although, obviously, fear is not the right for a closet Liverpool fan like me). Also think that the Israeli assassin is a threat.
WilyBoosKnees: Gerrard, stop him, and we stop Liverpool.
congletonstoke: Torres and Gerard
Chirper: Is Dalgliesh still playing, if not the Spanish lad Torres.

SK: Care to predict the score?
Rhodesy: 0-0 It's got to be to keep up tradition!
JayPSB: Liverpool 3 - 1 Stoke City
WilyBoosKnees: 2-1 to you lot.
congletonstoke: Don't think we will be so lucky this year 3-1 to you
Chirper: Heart says0-0 head says3-0

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