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Posted by Hinesy on May 21, 2009, 09:42:21 PM

So here we are, the end of the season and an apathetic taste lingers in my mouth. Apparently some other team not that far from us won the league, so I promptly stopped reading the papers. Yes I'm broad minded about life and politics, but am utterly prejudiced when it comes to football so Fergy can shove it up his ungracious arse. A disallowed goal v Stoke, a lazy attitude to Everton at home, a stupid result v Boro, never mind the 24' extra time allowed for Utd v Villa, etc etc and the title and the season has no meaning anymore for me...

Anyway Keane comes back to his holiday home, and the demented teddy bear that is Louise's uncle, comes back preaching loyalty and bollocks. Ach, you's can all fuck off and bring on the summer close season so I can regenerate my enthusiasm. I've enjoyed the season but the end has really pissed me off. That's football for me, it drives my mood up and down and I love the fact it still can have that effect on me. It tells me my heart is beating and it beats for LFC. I admired Carra for his spat v WBA with Arby and I admired Arby for standing up to him. That's what it should mean to play for our club. So no, I won't be 'big' and congratulate any other team. Unless its Barcelona week after next...

Many thanks to Tommy W, a Spurs fan on here for generating the questions - I didn't have the time and I think its interesting to get a Spurs fan to write the questions, clearly they are with conjured up with in depth knowledge of the club. I would've asked about how long you could put up with Harry's eyelids etc... but there we are... anyway it wouldn't have been here without his and Frankkkk's help.Thanks to Paul Tucker, (a mate), Tommy himself and Frankkk's dad, or and his pal Sean for answering promptly and honestly.


FIRST TEAM (as opposed to the under 5 netball team who won the 1986 North London Divsion 4 play off quarter final)- hinesy
Football League Champions 1950-51, 1960-61
F.A.Cup Winners 1900-01, 1920-21, 1960-61, 1961-62, 1966-67, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1990-91
Football League Cup Winners 1970-71, 1972-73, 1998-99, 2007-08
European Cup-Winners Cup Winners 1962-63
UEFA Cup Winners 1971-72, 1983-84
Football League Division Two Champions 1919-20, 1949-50
We used to play in a certain way in the 60's and still go on about it now trophy
Southern League Champions 1899-1900.
Western League Champions 1903-04.
London League Premier Division Champions 1902-03.
Football League South 'C' Division Champions 1939-40.
Football League South Champions 1943-44, 1944-45.
Southern District Charity Cup Winners 1901-02, 1904-05 (joint), 1906-07.
London Challenge Cup Winners 1910-11, 1928-29.
F.A.Charity Shield Winners 1920-21, 1951-52, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1967-68 (joint), 1981-82 (joint), 1991-92 (joint).
Dewar Shield Winners 1901-02, 1933-34, 1934-35.
Anglo-Italian League Cup-Winners Cup Winners 1971-72.
Norwich Charity Cup Winners 1919-20
Norwich Hospital Charity Cup Winners 1946-47, 1949-50 (joint).
Ipswich Hospital Charity Cup Winners 1951-52 (joint).
Costa Del Sol Tournament Winners 1965,1966.
Nolia Cup (Sweden) Winners 1977.
Japan Cup Winners 1979.
Sun International Challenge Trophy (Swaziland) Winners 1983.
Peace Cup (Korea) Winners 2005.

(oh, and I made one of these up and it wasn't the Swaziland Sun International Trophy)

I've enjoyed these Spyin' Kops, and would like to thank all of those who answered the cheeky questions over the year for their time including these four.

1. How would you sum up your season?

Paul: Another one for the comedy vaults - Great Expectations dashed in almost the first game.  To use my favourite quote 'it's not the despair that gets you, it's the hope'
Did well against the big four

Tommy_W: Pretty bloody disappointing! I can't really say it was unexpected though - selling your 2 top scorers is never gonna set you off on the right foot. Our league form after the Carling Cup final last season also raised some major concerns over Ramos' ability to motivate the squad. Harrys given us a little bit of dignity again though since coming in. Another final at Wembley was nice, as were the wins against you lot (which was admittedly highly fortunate!!) and Chelsea. The 4-4 against Arsenal was also highly amusing!

Keith: A bit of a write-off due to our horrific start under Ramos. Since then we've been chasing, and Harry's done a great job to get us in contention of a European place.

Sean: Fairly good overall. After a poor start we've come on leaps and bounds, got to a cup final and finished 8th (probably). Very pleased with our turnaround.

2. 'Appy with 'arry?

Paul: Not sure he's a 'Spurs man' but he's obviously done very well.  Bit worried about his attitude to players like 'Huddlestone' who I think could be a star

Tommy_W: Very happy! I've never been his biggest fan, but I can't knock the job hes done! We had just 2 points from 8 games don't you know?! It would be nice if he kept his gob shut now and again though!!

Keith: At the moment YES. Very Appy. Though still not fully convinced long term.

Sean: Very. Think he could build a very successful team if he is backed by the chairman.

3. With Redknapp not exactly known for his loyalty to clubs, does it concern you how long he'll stay? Also, I hear Klinsmann is out of a job - would he be considered as your 'Guardiola'?

Paul: I'm worried that he'll go when the criticisms that he doesn't play 'the Spurs way' get too fierce.  Playing 'the Spurs way' seems to involve removing both centre backs, so it's maybe time we changed.

Tommy_W: It does concern me a little bit. More because of his age than anything else though. He's not getting any younger so he's never going to be a long term option. Hopefully he'll stick around for 2 or 3 years though at least. All depends on whether or not Daniel Levy can keep his ridiculously unrealistic expectations under control though to be honest! And no - I think we'll pass on Klinsmann! 

He'll be here until we decide we don't want him anymore. No I wouldn't like an unproved manager such a Klinsmann - even if he is a bit of a hero.

Sean: Not concerned about that, as long as the money's right he'll stay until we decide he is leaving. Wouldn't want Jurgen until he's got more managerial experience.

4. Rumours of a clearout at WHL this summer - who will you be glad to be rid of?

Paul: Has 'Prince Boateng' gone yet?  Chimbonda? I'm not a huge fan of Bent

Tommy_W: Can't say I'll miss David Bentley! The boy clearly has talent, but he's a right lazy sod! Can't say I'll miss Darren Bent much either. Nice enough lad by all accounts, and scores a few goals - but I can't help shaking the feeling that he's a bit shit!

Keith: Bentley mainly. A lot of fringe players too.

Sean: Would like to get rid of Pav, not the hold-up man we need. Also some players like Rocha etc that will never play for us again would free up some money

5: Lennon, do you think he will stay this summer?

Paul: If Manchester United want him, then no.

Tommy_W: After last Summer I can't really be confident that we'll hang onto anyone! Robbie Keane probably would have been the last person Spurs fans expected to leave! Saying that, I'm not sure who'd want him. Possibly Rafa would be interested I guess, but I don't think Lennon is quite at the level to hold down a regular place in a Champions League side to be honest. Still young though so I'm hoping he'll continue to develop - and preferably at Spurs!

Keith: Yes.

Sean: defo.

6. £16m (your money back) on the table for Modric - would you? Yes or no?

Paul: No - I like him - and I think he'll be even better next season.  He's a Spurs player

Tommy_W: A few months ago I'd have probably said yes. Since Redknapp switched him to the left hand side though hes been bloody good! Really starting to dictate play for us now. Can see him being a vital player for us next season.

Keith: HELL NO

Sean: Thats a big N O

7. As the only team to have beaten us twice this season, do you fancy your chances of a treble? Or do you fear a backlash?
Paul: Depends who's cooking the burgers the night before!

Tommy_W: Not really! I'm confident of beating anyone at home, but away from home we're still a soft touch! You only had to watch the game at Old Trafford to see that. We've got the quality to match teams like Man Utd but the winning mentality just isn't there. Just gotta hope that your players have taken an early holiday I think!
We don't do well with anything riding on the last game of the season

Keith: We've improved massively since Palacios signed, but he's back home due to family problems, so without him, maybe we can nick a draw. With him I'd be confident of having a right go at Liverpool.

Sean: I fancy our chances to be honest. You have nothing to play for now and weren't exactly impressive against WBA. Keane to score

8. Robert Keane - are you all as universally happy to have him back as we were to get rid?

Paul: Happy to have him.  I saw Keane play at Anfield on Boxing Day.  He scored two cracking goals and looked to be on his way - and then was never picked again.  Your manager screwed that up badly - he obviously never wanted him.

Tommy_W: Simple answer - no! Keane has always had quite a vocal minority that can't stand him - and it seems to have grown somewhat the past few weeks! Not really helped by his recent performances though which have been poor to say the least. A lot of fans hate that he walked straight back into the side as Captain too - gotta agree with them on that one to be honest!

Keith: When he re-signed. Yes, given the state we were in. He's lifted the dressing room aswell. On the pitch he's been above average though.

Sean: Our results since he joined speak for themsevles. Happy to have him here, presents a dilemma about him and Defoe though as i personally think defoe is the better player, unless we get a target man for keane to play off (ala Berbatov) then he is much more ineffective

9. Apart from the 7-0 thrashing we gave you back in 1978   Any other memorable games between us spring to mind?

Paul: When we finally beat you at Anfield after a bazillion years - Garth Crooks header?  And actually when we beat you earlier in the seaon because I had spent the week taking so much shit about how bad Spurs were - a lot of it from Liverpool fans

Tommy_W: Obviously Klinsmann in the FA Cup springs to mind!! Recently though I can't help but remember that 35-40 yard screamer from Erik Edman! A couple of good goals in that game actually as I recall - seem to remember Luis Garcia scoring a good'un too!

Keith: Not many real memorable games. Keane's double in the 2-2 draw at Anfield a couple of years ago was pretty good though.

Sean: 2-1 earlier this season

10: If you could take 1 player from us (other than Gerrard and Torres), who would you want? And why?

Paul: Alonso - because we don't have enough fancy dan midfielders!

Tommy_W: Definitely Xabi Alonso! We've missed a bit of creativity since Carrick left us, and Alonso can provide that in spades. Cracking player.

Keith: Xabi Alonso - very underrated and would be a perfect partner for Palacios.

Sean: Alonso, the passing skills of huddlestone but with alot more to his game.

Are you reading this Raf mate?

11. If you could buy just one £20m player this summer, no other purchases allowed, who would that be?

Paul: Lennon back from Man United

Tommy_W: I'd love us to sign Gareth Barry to be honest! Not sure how realistic that is, but if you don't want him and he fancies a move - you never know! His family are all Spurs fans at least! He's a classy player though, and I think he'd slot in very nicely alongside Palacios.

Keith: Difficult to say. Would be a Centre Midfielder or a Striker though.

Sean: Either Mario Gomez or Dzeko

12. Finally - your score prediction for Sunday?

Paul: Liverpool 3 Spurs 0. I'm not going to waste anymore hope on this sesaon.

Tommy_W:  1-1.We'll take the lead, you'll equalise minutes later - both teams will then call it quits and have a nice end of season knees-up ;D

Keith: 2-2

Sean: 1-2

PS Tommy tells me rossipersempre came up with most of the questions, and he's a red so ta rossi too.

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