Spyin' Kop: Hull City v Liverpool, Saturday 25th April, 2009:

Posted by Terry de Niro on April 23, 2009, 01:21:22 PM

"It's a funny old game" as a certain Jimmy Greaves used to say. We as Liverpool supporters have found that out in the last week as we have witnessed two games that produced 16 goals. Unfortunately 8 of them arrived in our net. As a certain Mr Arshavin was given the freedom of Anfield on Tuesday evening.

The one thing we showed in both games is that, our fabulous fighting spirit and never say die attitude kept us as fans at the edge of our seats. Even though I suspect a few of us needed urgent doctors appointments the next day.

So we're off to the other side of the M 62 to the KC stadium to play Hull City, a team who started their season in the top flight like a steam train and ruffled a few big feathers along the way (ours included), but now find themselves in a relegation scrap.

We on the other hand have got to keep plugging away and hope the other lot from down the other side of the East Lancs have a few slips.

You never know.

After all ...Football is "a funny old game."

Hull City v Liverpool,
Sat 25th April 2009
KC Stadium
Kick off 15:00


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I had a look around a few Hull City sites, but there didn't seem to be a lot of activity on them. So I got in touch with my Brother in law, Steve who is a big Hull City fan, and he volunteered to help out.
So a big thank you to him.

SK: What are your thoughts on your season in the Premier league?

Steve: The typical rollercoaster ride, incredible highs and depressing lows. We've seen some outstanding displays from City and unfortunately some woeful performances. But I still have to pinch myself because we've experienced a season like no other before it, a season in the top flight.

SK: Were you surprised with your start this season, and have you enjoyed it?

Steve: I doubt there are many City fans who would have predicted that start. We were as surprised as the opposition. I couldn't believe the assured performances from the team. We not only competed with the likes of Arsenal and Spurs but we had the confidence to play an attacking game that paid off. We thoroughly deserved the points we picked up early in the season.

SK: Looking at your league position and the games you have left, do you think you will be able to do enough to stay in the Premier league?

Steve: It will be a tough fight. We had a great opportunity in the last month to pick up the points we needed but we didn't and now we have to target the Stoke and Bolton games for wins and hope we can pick up a point from either Liverpool, Villa or Man Utd. Anything less and we're hoping Newcastle and Middlesbrough do worse. 17th place will do for me.

SK: If you do stay up, where do you think your manager needs to strengthen, team wise for next season?

Steve: Just about every position on the pitch! I'm not convinced either keeper, Myhill or Duke, is good enough. If they're fit, the central defenders, Turner and Gardner, are solid. The fullbacks, Ricketts and Dawson, are OK but need competition. It's the midfield and up front where we are seriously lacking. We need quality ball players in midfield to add to the reasonable stoppers we already have. And the strikers, well anybody who has a knack of knocking in 20 goals a season would be good. But you have to pay multi-millions for that.

SK: Who has been your best player/s?

Steve: For overall consistency, I'd have to pick Michael Turner, the centre back. An England call up was mentioned recently, so he must be doing something right. Ian Ashbee has always been a favourite and the fact that he hasn't looked too out of place in the top flight has surprised me.

SK: Who has been your worst players/s?

Steve: The players who came in during the January transfer window haven't impressed me. The jury's definitely out on Kilbane and Manucho.

SK: Do you have any decent young players coming through the ranks?

Steve: It's never been one of City's strong points. We've never had a production line of youth talent that makes it through to the first team. We do have the likes of Nicky Featherstone, but I suspect it will be a while before he's a regular first team choice.

SK: Who out of your players do you think Liverpool have to look out for?

Steve: If City decide to give it a go and do what they did at Anfield, players like Geovanni, Mendy and Fagan may impress. I hope Nick Barmby plays and has a good game.

SK: Who out the Liverpool team do you fear most?

Steve: Most of them! Torres will scare the life out of our defence and if fit, Gerrard's energy and class could help overrun our midfield.

SK: How do you see the title race panning out, where do you see Liverpool finishing? Do you expect any more twists and turns at the top?

Steve: Unfortunately, I think Liverpool will finish second to Man Utd. I thinks it's Man Utd's title to throw away and that's not likely. Chelsea third.

SK: What position do you think Hull will finish?

Steve: Right now I'd settle for 17th but I have an awful feeling it may be 18th and the trapdoor. I'd love City to have another Premier League season next year. I think the Hull City side of the first part of this season was a breath of fresh air for the league and helped shape one of the most competitive campaigns for years.

SK: Care to predict the score?

Steve: I think we may score one but Liverpool should get two or three. But then again, City are due a good performance at the KC Stadium.... stranger things have happened this season.

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