Come on Michael

Posted by john_mac on August 9, 2004, 06:27:13 PM

All this talk of whether Michael will or not be at Anfield for the coming season really is frustrating, everything I know about the lad indicates that he is as honest and truthful as the day is long. He has said that he is very closing to signing and I have no reason to doubt this.

The Houllier years were built on a solid defence and ally to that an attacking formula built on the strengths of Michael Owen, probably our best player since Barnes. Owenís pace and finishing could bury even the best organised of teams, and Houllier immediately identified this as the quality he could build on at Anfield. His braces at Cardiff and Roma were amongst the finest in Liverpool FC history, and his hat-trick in Munich was made in Melwood.

He was more important to the team than anybody else defining the way we played, so it is possible that the new manager is looking toward something different, but even if this is the case I think that it is so unfair for Liverpool fans to continually jump on a bandwagon and criticise Michael.

There have been many clubs who would have paid enormous sums for Michaelís signature over a period of time. He could have chosen anywhere after the World Cup 98, when clubs were willing to pay substantial amounts just to buy first option clauses on him. After his escapades in 2001, the year when he was voted European Footballer of the Year, the story was the same.

He has only ever shown loyalty towards the club and continually stated that he will not leave on a Bosman. Letís be honest about this a player of Michaelís age and undoubted quality could easily sit down and bide a year away, leaving for the money- he wonít do that, end of.†

I would hate it if Michael left, more because I believe that he will only leave if he feels he cannot succeed in his ultimate ambition of being part of a successful team with Liverpool, I canít believe he will leave for the financial rewards. He is happy domestically at Liverpool, very close to his family and having recently become a father. His two closest friends in football have recently signed for the club.

The only reasons Michael will leave are if he feels we cannot be successful or if Rafa decides to move in a different direction. I hope and believe that Michael will extend his time at Anfield. If he decides not to or if the club decide the time is right for him to go, it will never take away from the contribution he has given to the club, nor the loyalty he has shown, during times of adversity and to all intensive purposes, to his own detriment.

Yes he has been well rewarded financially for his efforts and the club have been loyal during times of injury, which have been more frequent than any of us would have liked, but he could have received those rewards at numerous destinations.

Given the speculation, and I know it has come from some informed sources, including people within the club, there is no doubt that Michaelís hand is being forced, he will have to come out and say something, one way or another, hopefully putting pen to paper. Perhaps this is the intention, maybe it was an unwanted distraction for Rafa in the lead up to his first competitive game in charge.

Whatever happens in the next week will never take away from what he has done in the past and he will remain a legend of Liverpool Football Club.

Come on Michael, you know it makes sense!

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