Spyin' Kop: Manchester United Vs Liverpool 14/03/09

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Saturday 14th March 2009

Old Trafford

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After Tuesday nights rampage of Real Madrid, it is to be expected that there will be an air of confidence on Saturday. Had things worked out differently this season, this could have been pretty much the title decider, but in the words of Colin Farell, they didn't and it's not. But that doesnt change the fact we want to kick the hell out of the mancs at the weekend.

For many, the title race is, unfortunately, over and for others they somehow see a glimmer of hope. But if the best we can make of the rest of the season is to keep a slight bit of doubt in the mind of auld whiskey nose and his crew, then so be it.

Another Tuesday night performance would be amazing, and we'd probably come away with a decent result, but I have a slight feeling Rafa's gonna have a play and prove ROTATION IS BOSS!

I decided to be soft and not venture into the wonderful world of Manchester United forums, and instead asked a few people I know to answer the questions. Apologies there aren’t loads, ‘bin busy’.

So thanks to Adam, Nick and Richie for their responses. Enjoy the read! (Sorry about the lack of United honours, I couldn't be bothered and they've only won a few European Cups Anyway.)


How is your season going would be a bit of a stupid question as it stands, so do you think you can win all 5?

Adam: Yes. We’ve got what is in my opinion a fantastic versatile squad and we’re never short of a quality player. The league’s pretty much in the bag, cant see you lot pulling it back even if you win on Saturday. Champions League is where we’ve come unstuck before but did it last season so theres nothing to say we cant do it again.

Nick: It would be an amazing feat. Won 2 already and were on for the league. Looking forward to another good Champo league run again this season and with the players we have, I don’t think it’s beyond us.

Richie: Its possible. We will have a lot of games piling up in coming weeks but with a few youngsters lurking the squad shouldn’t get too tired. Looking forward to equalling your 18 and bring home No. 4 in Rome.

What have you made of Liverpool’s title ‘challenge’?

Adam: Started off brightly but I think everyone knew you’d fade away when the tough got going and all that. Got the will power just not the staying power. Think you need to make a few additions to yer squad for next season, then you never know, we might have a challenger!

Nick: Pathetic really. If it was decent then you would have still been in with a shout of the league. But its over and we’re practically on 18 with the scousers blushing. Need to look the word ‘challenge’ up ready for next season.

Richie:Top at Christmas and you looked like you were going to plough on. Seemed to waste points on very winnable games all season, and you simply cant do that if you wanna win the league. 0-0 with Fulham Stoke West ham etc…

Ferguson. Been there tiiiiiiiimmmme. Worked wonders. Your opinions on Rafa?

Adam: He’s obviously done well in the 5 or so years he’s been at the pool. A Euro cup, FA cup and charity shield. But it seems as though he just can’t crack the league. Mr Alex Ferguson will always have that over him and if he is waiting to equal the 18 before he retires then maybe his time is nigh. But I think Rafa will stay on for another season, just because the yanks cant be arsed sorting a new boss.

Nick: Rafa out. He doesn’t cut it. Euro cup is all he’s got to show for his 5 years. Good manager, but perhaps not good enough to bring home the league titles Liverpool are desperately after.

Richie: Ferguson will stay until he’s beaten all records Liverpool. Not long to go ;)
But I think Rafa doesnt concentrate on the league enough when its important. We all know the fans want 19 but yet for some reason they support his strange season tactics!

Did you expect to be in with a chance of five trophies back in August?

Adam: No. I thought we may prioritise the League and Champions League over the Carling and FA Cup. We actually managed to give some youngsters a run out and end up still in all competitions. Giving them a chance has definitely worked in our favour and now got some decent young lads breaking into the first team.

Nick: Not really. I knew it wasn’t beyond us but fielding weaker teams in certain competitions was always going to be a bit risky. Worked out well and although wining the league cup isn’t a major feat, one better than yous I suppose!

Richie: Yes. Great squad was always going to be able to fight off weaker opposition. We all knew we’d still be in the CL, in the title ‘race’ and the FA and Carling cup were just bonuses that we’ve managed to keep successful in.

It’s Summer 2009, Bye Bye Ronaldo?

Adam:Probably. He made it clear he wants to play for Madrid and it’s only fair that a player of his quality is allowed to follows his dreams. He’s won a lot with us and has been very happy, but he’ll probably leave at some point next season, might want to top up his tan in Madrid.

Nick: He obviously wants to play for Madrid at some point in his career and I suppose there’s no time like the present when he’s at the peak of his game. Having said that, he’s clearly happy at United winning all there is to be won. He will move on, just not sure it will be this season.

Richie: I hope so. He made it clear where his loyalties lie. Made us feel like a bit on the side.

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Adam: Ronaldo. Can help the team out when in a bit of bother, a bit like Gerrard with grease.

Nick: Rio. Great captain and defender. Really does the job.

Richie: Rooney. Can have a good go at the ref… and scores.

Your worst player(s)?

Adam: They’re all good.

Nick: Berbatov. Should have stayed in Landan.

Richie: Ronaldo. Bet he doesn’t want to up and out to Madrid now!

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Adam: I’m liking the look of Johnny Evans at the moment, came into the first team and has fitted in very well. Looks promising.

Nick: Welbeck looks like he could go a long way, if not with United a decent Premier team.

Richie: Rafa Rafael Rafa Rafael…. Hes alright.

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs?  Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

Adam: Last season. 3-0. ‘ Masch’ sent off for being a cock. Kopite gobshites destroyed.

Nick: + Forlan! – Carras goals?

Richie: Loads of great ones. Not many bad.

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Adam: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Ronaldo, Giggs, Rooney Park Scholes, carrick

Nick: Van der Sar, Vidic, Evra,  Ferdinand, Ronaldo, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs, Rooney, Teves Flechter

Richie: A scouse beating one

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Adam: Torres. Got the pace and the skills to match our defenders. One to watch in my opinion. Although I don’t think you’re a one man team like people suggest, without him you’re not the same team.

Nick: Skrtel. He might eat us.

Richie: Torres and Gerrard. Undoubtedly your two main men. Lost without them, I think so.

Score Predictions?

Adam: 1-0 us

Nick: 0-0

Richie: 2-0  Ronaldo Rio

Cheers, Kopite96 2009

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