Valencia to Madrid to Liverpool by Moped: in aid of Ray Of Hope

Posted by RAWK Editor on February 18, 2009, 12:00:41 PM

Next Monday sees the launch of the Appeal Mobile and its first run which is in support of the Ray Of Hope Appeal.

The Appeal Mobile is a 50cc moped/mobike that was bought on E-Bay and is currently located in Valencia. It is intended to make the vehicle a focal point at Euro aways for specific LFC causes and charity appeals. By continuing to use the bike, which is already 20 years old, on these trips it is hoped to make the bike an historic vehicle that will increase in value and increase revenue for charitable causes when it is finally put to rest

I will be making the journey by moped from Valencia (or possibly Alicante depending on late changes to the arrangements) to Madrid for the first leg and then traveling on to Liverpool to arrive in time for the return leg. The route will take me through Valladolid, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Nantes, Cherbourg across to Portsmouth and up to Anfield.

There are a few ways you can be involved in helping Ray on this trip and with future appeals.

1 Sponsor the ride for Ray. Paypal and bank payment details for the Ray Of Hope Appeal below:

 Direct BankPay     HSBC 21817299 40-03-27

2 If you are going to Madrid, then donate all your small euro change at the airport on the way home. I'll be stationed at the metro exit after the game and the next day.

3 I drink in the Barlow Arms (the Dark House), Barlow Lane before and after the game. So if you are at the City Game pop in there and leave a donation with me or the staff. I will also be stationed outside the small club car park on Anny Road for half an hour before and after the game 50 yards up from the Shankly Gates opposite Lothair Road.

4 Alternatively see me in Madrid. You can't miss me flitting around like a wasp in a beer garden on me moped.

5 The final option is donating to own a share of the bike and become a member of the committee which designates the the recipients of each future Euro appeal trip. 25 Shares at 10 Euros are available which covers the outlay for the bike. For each future Euro Away the bike will be registered to the appeal chosen by the committee and monies raised donated to the LFC-related good cause in question. PM me for further info.

It is hoped in future to arrange in advance to collect memorabilia from European clubs en route to each European Away to auction for the appeal we're supporting.

Thanks everyone and see you in Madrid for sure!

Harry Trow

PS It is intended to keep the blog of the journey updated daily as I journey North - see website address above.

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