Spyin' Kop vs. Stoke City - 10/01/2009

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The reds are on a roll as of late, we are unbeaten in eleven games, winning the last three, we are in the last 16 of the Champions League, top of the league and through to play the bitters in the FA cup. We will be playing the bitters twice in a week, but before then Rafa (minus a couple of kidney stones) takes Liverpool to the Britannia Stadium to face a Stoke City side who came to Anfield earlier in the year and came away with a valuable point. To get the view from the opposition camp, I went on over to http://www.delilahs.co.uk . Thanks to Wily Boos Knees, Twisty & Riccy Fuller for answering the questions.
Stoke City vs. Liverpool
Saturday 10th January
5:30 pm


Major Honours

League Cup:
Winners: 1972
Runners-up: 2007/2008
Division Two:
Winners: 1932/33, 1962/63, 1992/93
Play-off winners: 2001/02
Division Three (North):
Winners: 1926/27
Auto Windscreens Shield:
Winners: 1999/2000
Autoglass Trophy:
Winners: 1991/1992
Watney Cup:
Winners: 1973/1974
Football Alliance League:
Winners: 1890/91
Birmingham and District League:
Winners: 1910/11
Southern League Division Two:
Winners: 1914/15
Staffordshire FA Senior Cup:
Winners: 1877/78, 1878/79, 1903/04(shared), 1913/14, 1968/69(shared), 1992/93, 1994/1995, 1998/99
Isle of Man Trophy:
Winners: 1987/88, 1991/92, 1992/93
Bass Charity Vase:
Winners: 1997/98
Pontin's League Premier Division:
Winners: 1927/28, 1991/92, 2003/04
Now that we are at the half way point in the season, are you happy with your current position?

WBK: Although we are now technically in the bottom three, I am quite happy with it as the points difference between everyone in the bottom half of the table is as tight as I've ever seen, so a couple of good wins and you move right out of it.
Twisty: Ermm dont see how we can complain too much, 20 points but we seem to have been stuck on 20 points for a little too long now.
RF: Position no, points total yes. Halfway to survival halfway through the season.

After the loss to Hartlepool in the cup, how do you expect your players/manager to react?

WBK: I'd expect everyone involved on the day to increase their workrate by 100% and also have the right attitude.
Twisty: They need a big ****ing kick up the arse, not just the cup game but after the disaster at upton park and other recent games where we've just been utter shit they need to sort it out, having said that we were the better side against UTD for a large portion of the game on boxing day but got nothing out of it, I expect the same again against you guys.
RF: Hopefully very quickly in the transfer market to shift in some fresh wood and ship out some dead wood.
With the transfer window now open, do you think you will see any additions to your squad, and if so, who do you think is likely to join?

WBK: We will have additions, but no-one knows for sure who they are, but we have been told to expect a few surprises.
Twisty: Yep, we need additions and fast not sure who's going to come in but I can tell you who I and 90% of stokies want gone, Pericard the useless t**t.
RF: Yes, hopefully we will see around 5 additions. I think we need 1 centre half, 1 midfielder, 1 winger and 2 strikers. Players linked so far are Aruna Dindane, Joe Ledley and Marlon Harewood.

At the moment, Stoke are in 17th place in the Premier League, in terms of relegation, how much trouble do you think Stoke are in?

WBK: See the first question, I'm confident that we can stay up
Twisty: It all depends on the answer to the above question and who we get in, if we get back the spark we had earlier in the season I think we'll stay up based on the pure and simple fact that 3 other teams are worse than us and at LEAST 3 other teams will finish below us.
  RF: Any one of 12/13 teams are in the same amount of trouble. One or two wins seems to give you a bit of respite and one or two defeats takes you from a comfortable position to relegation trouble.
So what are your expectations for the rest of the season? Have they changed from day one?

WBK: My expectations have not changed one iota, it's not really been as hard as I thought as a lot of the teams are of a standard quality with the exception of the top three.
Twisty: No, expectation from day one was to all intents and purposes to finish 4th from bottom, I'll take that.
RF: From day one the aim has been 4th bottom and survival. That remains the same.

Earlier in the season, Stoke came to Anfield, completed a very workman-like performance (I would say parked the bus, but that would be rude) and went away with a point. Now the reverse fixutre is at home, how different will your tactics be?

WBK: I wouldn't say we will be going gung ho at you and will play it tight, as I've said in another thread, how we came away from Anfield is unbelievable, and probably wouldn't happy again as we got so lucky.
Twisty: They wont, they'll be the same.  ;D
RF: Fundamentally the same but the handbrake might be off the bus a little bit!

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

WBK: It's been a long time now, but the last time you came here is well remembered by most Stokies, and it would be nice to beat you to try and erase those memories.
Twisty: 8-0 anyone. :'(
RF: Yeah the League Cup replay in 1991! That goal you scored at the old Vic was a mile offside!

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

WBK: 'Fat spanish waiter' I thought was class at your place We as most people know, have Delilah. and as you probably heard at y our place, we are quite loud, if we get a goal, then expect a loud rendition of this, although I'll admit that it is sung far too often, and should only really be sung prior to the game, and following any goals scored by us.
Twisty: Delilah as per usual, and the "we've won it two times, we've won it two timmmmeess, the Autoglass Trophy, we've won it two times"  :) Just a little dig at ourselves.
RF: Delilah, when its sang right.

Where do you expect Stoke and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

WBK: On what I've seen this season, you are the one team to give us a real hiding in terms of class, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you won it, As long as the Shit don't win it, then most Stoke fans would be happy. I'de take one spot above the bottom three for Stoke.
Twisty: I've said from day one I want you guys to win the league, cant stand Man u, couldn't give a flying **** about Chelsea and arsenal are shit, it helps being engaged to a scouse fan too.

RF: Stoke - we'll struggle right until the end and will flirt in and out of the relegation places all season. Touch and go for us. Liverpool - pipped to the title by Manchester United (sorry folks)

Any places you reccomend for our travelling support to have a few drinks/ anywhere that should be avoided?

WBK: Avoid Stoke town centre at all costs. The Harvester opposite the Brit accommodates away fans, and it's rare that trouble ensues there.
Twisty: I'd just go the harvester, powerleague (both within 400yds from the ground) or just have a few in the ground.

RF: Don't do pre match drinks so cant offer any advice. I'm hardcore.

What team are you likely to put out against us?

WBK: This could be really hard for us, but here is my guess on the players we have as of today that are available
.. Sorrenson
Lawrence..Diao..Whelan or Olofinjana..Tonge or Cresswell
Kitson and Cresswell or Pericard (god forbid it's pericard)
Twisty: Ermm... well we have no Fuller (our main threat) and also depends on who we sign (if anyone).
RF: Depends who we do or dont sign. If we sign nobody it will probably be Sorenson, Griffin, Abdoulaye Faye, Ryan Shawcross, Danny Higginbotham, Rory Delap, Amdy Faye, Seyi Olofinjana, Dave Kitson, Richard Cresswell

Care to predict the score?

WBK: I'd take a 1-1 draw, but expect a two goal loss to be perfectly honest.
RF: 0-2

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