Spyin' Kop: Liverpool V Bolton 26/12/08

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Bolton Wanderers versus Liverpool
Anfield, 26th December, 3:00 pm kick off

Bolton Wanderers - Major Honours:

FA Cup Winners: 1923, 1926, 1929, 1958

Runner up: 1894, 1904, 1953

Division One Champions: 1997

Division Two Champions: 1909, 1978

Division Three Champions: 1973

Division One Play-off winners: 1995, 2001

League Cup Runner up: 1995, 2004

First thing’s first, Merry Christmas, and a Merry Christmas it will be! We can all relax on Christmas Day, safe in the knowledge that our beloved Liverpool are top of the League (and John Terry has a 3 match ban). Could you have wanted a better Christmas present? An I-Phone maybe :P. Ok, a fit Fernando. But we can’t have it all.

For the pessimists; some of us thought we should have took all three points from Le Arse’ at the weekend, but we didn’t, so forget it. If we’d been offered 39 points and head at the top of the League back in August ready for Christmas, ending Chelsea’s ‘Glorious’ ::) home record and proverbially kicking Fergie’s whiskey nose face in at our place along the way, you would have taken it, and you know it.

With this in mind, Bolton at home should be a piece of pi cake, but with our recent home form they may fancy their chances, or just decide to be awesomely original and ‘park their team bus across their goal’. For the love of God please, don’t.
I see the busy ‘festive’ period, as a good time to start pulling away from Chelsea, and hopefully we can put that plan in to action on Friday, then welcome Fernando back with open arms in the new year…

Thanks to all at ‘The-Wanderer.co.uk’ who responded, and in particular 'Soldior Of The White Army', 'Enfield White' and 'Verbal' whose contributions have been used.


We're now at the half way point in the season, are you happy with your current position and do you think any improvements can be made in the new year?

SOTWA: Very happy with our position. Though come January, we're going to need a good quality centre back and a centre midfielder with good passing ability, who can spead the ball. We're looking dangerous down the flanks now (especially our full backs) so it would be handy if we had a player able to get the ball out to them.

EW:Very happy. Although it's still only 5 points of the relegation zone, psychologically we're in a better position.

V: Quite. We're in the top half of the table which is better than I expected, but the compact nature of the league this year means it'd be foolhardy to rest on our laurels. I think we can plug along as we are, which to be honest is fine by me..though the cup isn't out of the question yet Smile.

The transfer window is due to open in the next couple of weeks, realistically, who would you like to see come to your club?

SOTWA:Bullard would be an ideal signing, good passer of the ball, forward thinking and a decent football brain. Quality with the dead ball too. Not sure about the centre back, but wouldn't mind Primus as a quick fix until the end of the season

EW:A decent center back and a creative midfielder.

V: I would like to see maybe a midfielder with a bit of pace or some decent cover at right back...it's hard to justify wholesale changes when a team is playing well. People have been mentioning Bullard and Beevers, which I would welcome with open arms if true.

Beating Portsmouth at the weekend must have given you a massive confidence boost, now 9th in the League, do you think you can retain this position?

SOTWA:The most positive thing about our win against Pompey was the way Megson demostrated some tactical prowess. Pompey didn't know how to adapt to it. That and the amount of chances we created, with Davies finally getting the chance to nod the ball down to someone. If Elmander can continue to bang them away 1 per 2 chances and Megson can continue to evolve our team from the 'hoooof ball Bolton' era, we'll been settled in midtable enjoying those massive clubs -City, West Ham, Newcastle and Sunderland battle to avoid the last spot.

EW:Yes. People aren't giving us credit for our performances and it won't be long before we bloody a few 'top four' noses. In the next few weeks we've got youse, Man Utd. and the Arse.

V: Hopefully. We have a tough run of games ahead (This one, Arsenal, Blackburn, Sunnerland in the cup...all teams full of confidence or just bloody good) so if we canget through this patch relatively unscathed and pick up points elsewhere then yes I see no reason why not.

So what are your expectations for the rest of the season? Have they changed from day one?

SOTWA:I'm now expecting to finish the season watching a team able to play football, while still keeping their fighting spirit. I stated we'd finish midtable, that hasn't chanced.

EW:Instead of praying for mid-table I now expect mid-table.

V: At the start of the season 17th would've done me fine, as it would've done up until early november. Now we seem to have gelled as a team, found some form and look a genuinely threatening side. Mid table looks a decent bet now and dare I say it, maybe even Europe via cup or league?

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

SOTWA:Cahill and Taylor will keep them out and put them in.

EW: Every man jack. No individuals. One team.

V: Matty Taylor. The man is on fire and is on his way to becoming a Wanderers legend in my book. Our fullbacks, Samuel and Steinnsson, also offer us a great attacking outlet we didn't have previously, though we have been exposed more than once when they get stuck up front (Steiner especially). Cahill, at the tender age of 22, has the makings of a world class centre back. Did I mention Kevin Davies yet? Well, there.

Your worst player(s)?

SOTWA:O'Brien is looking anything but the player he was last season. Apart from that, I'm pretty happy with everyone in the first team.

EW: You're only as good as your weakest player.

V: At the minute Andy O Brien is questionable (as you guys found out to your advantage at the Bok), though hopefully this is merely a dip in form rather than a picture of what he will be like in 2009. Apart from that I can't really single anyone out as 'bad' - everyone is playing for the team. Off days happen, but they are usually backed up the next game by herculian performances.

We've heard all the managerial chants this season, 'Sacked in the morning, you'll be sacked in the morning' at Paul Ince, 'You don't know what your doing...' at Juande Ramos, how happy are you with what Gary Megsons done/doing with the club, will it last?

SOTWA: He's done well so far and there's no reason why he can't continue to do so.

Happy at what he's done/ doing. He will stabilise us. We may not reach the heights of Europe, but a couple of seasons of Charlton-esque $0 points by Easter will do nicely thanks.

V: Early in the season, most people's throat was sore with the cries of 'Megson Out!', which you can argue were justified. There have been some terrible performances this year, most notably Spurs and Fulham, and when we were languishing near the bottom it looked pretty bleak to say the least. However, we've turned that around with (again, arguably) some of our best performances of the season - Pompey, City, Boro for example - and at the minute it is pretty difficult not to applaud Megson's work. BUT it has been up and down this season to say the least.

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

SOTWA:Andy Walker breaking your hearts.

EW: Lots. Probably Steven Gerrard stamping on Nolan's chest and not getting sent off, or Sissoko nearly breaking Diouf's leg.

V:  Very Happy 2004 Carling Cup game, Tuesday night at Anfield IIRC. Jardel nodded us infront after two minutes, Okocha curled in a spectacular freekick and Youri Djorkaeff scored from the spot to seal it for us 3-2. What a night, though I'm sure t'other elder folk on here will be recalling memories of the 'White Hot' game...

What do you make of our Scouse Pies? and our ground/atmosphere in general?

SOTWA: Your pies aren't up to much. But I generally enjoy going to Anfield, usually a decent atmosphere, not as good as you make out though...

EW: Stadium food is terrible, everywhere, even the prawn sandwiches at old trafford...

V: I dont like scouse(ers). The veiw aint that good either.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

SOTWA: The player fomally known as Jay Lloyd Samuel, as I honestly believe we secretly signed his much better twin brother in the summer. Muamba's coming along nicely too. You may or may not also remember a former left back of ours, no playing as an attacking winger. Desmiss Ricky G at your peril.

EW: Yep.

V: Chris Basham and Temitope Odabeyi are getting regular places on the bench now - the former being a defender and the latter a striker. As to their attributes I'm at a loss I'm afraid.

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

SOTWA:4-5-1 with Muamba coming in for Gardner (hopefully not to man mark Gerrard). Gardner to replace him in the second half, changing to 4-4-2 as we chase the lead you'll probably have

EW: Strong and confident. Don't expect us to hoof and hope.

V: 4-4-2, Muamba back in the midfield holding role. He will make Arbeloa clutch his face in agony again.

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

SOTWA:Wanderers, wanderer, wandererrrrrrrrrrrrrrs (I'll e-mail you the history behind it)

EW: No

V: Nope Sad I'm praying for the day though when 'JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHAN ELMANDER'S ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE' to the tune of KOL's 'Sex on fire' becomes a Reebok favourite.

Where do you expect Bolton and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

SOTWA:Liverpool 3rd Bolton 10th

EW: Within 6 places of each other.

V: Bolton: 11th, Liverpool: 2nd

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

SOTWA:Torres due to pace, Gerrard due to his post match interviews!

EW: Steven Gerrard and his diving

V: Stevie G, and Dirk Kuyt if he repeats his performance at the Reebok on Friday

How hung-over will your 2000 or so travelling fans be on Boxing Day?

SOTWA:We don't all go to the same party ya know!

EW: Quite

V: Considerably more hungover than YOW.

Care to predict the score?


EW: Liverpool 1 Gerrard (pen) Bolton 2 Carragher (og) Elmander

V: 3-1 scousers, sadly

Top th' League Reds, Happy Days!

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