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Posted by Hinesy on December 1, 2008, 04:28:41 PM

From Gnaume. Cheers mate for this:

Liverpool v West Ham United
Anfield, 01/12/2008, 8pm kickoff

West Ham United Honours

Division 2
1957-58, 1980-81

FA Cup
1963-64 1974-75, 1979-80

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup

UEFA Intertoto Cup

Sorry for being so late but I had problems in terms of contact with West Ham's fan-sites. Gus from www.westhamonline.com finally sent me his answers this afternoon. Sadly he didn't include answers from any other member of their forum and also the ones he gave come accross as if he'd wrote them down in a bit of a hurry.
Therefore not the best Spyin' Kop there is but worth a read nonetheless. And thanks to Gus for taking part, anyway.

Gus is 45 and has been a Season Ticket holder at Upton Park for 27 years. He used to travel to all their away games but now only goes to about half of them, "thanks to SKY", as he says.

How has the season been shaping up so far? Are there any positives and/or negatives that stand out?
Gus The season has been disappointing, I wasn't pleased with the treatment of Curbishley or the ludicrous decision of the FA Arbitration hearing where somehow they can predict a players worth in terms of points over a season and failing to contra in the value of a replacement and then to cap it all of, our Billionaire owner is now skint!

What are your expectations for the season? Are they different to the ones you had at the start of the season?
Gus Mid table and a season under Zola's belt

Who is/are your most important player/s and what exactly is it that makes them that special?
Gus Ashton and Dyer when fit give us goals, wothout them we lack a cutting edge.

Any player/s you could do without?
Gus No, they're West Ham and while they pull on the shirt and give 100% that'sall we ask.

Your Academy can undisputetly be regarded as one of the best, if not the best in the country. Are there currently any young, up-and-coming talents we might not know about?
Gus We have loads Tomkins and Sears will be stars as will Collison, then there's Noble who's only 20 and a few under 19's that are impressing in the reserves.

You've often been described as "the feeder club". What is the West Ham board doing to the promising youngsters at the club?
Gus Who says we're a feeder Club, aren't we all except the arrogant few that sit at the top table?

What about your managerial situation? What did you make of Curbishley's departure and what are your thoughts on the arrival of your first ever foreign Manager, Gianfranco Zola? Could he be the man to take you a step further?
Gus I was disappointed with the treatment Curbishley got and equally so when the Board didn't accomodate Bilic, however, Zola's in the seat and if he keeps us in mid table this season he'll have doen well and if the Club gets sold soon and investment is made then I believe Zola will end up being an excellent appointment.

Since we're talking about 'Curbs': Any regrets about selling Javier Mascherano, who quickly after his move became one of our most important and consistent players and who would definately have been a blessing for your midfield?

Gus The only regret that I have is that we didn't speak to the premier League before submitting their paperwork, as they said they would've ensured that they both could've played without re-dress.
I was more upset with the approaches you made for Yossi, especially when you don't even play him.

What sort of line up can we expect Zola to put out at Anfield?
Gus 4-4-2 and counter attacking

Which Liverpool player/s will you be most concerned about and why?
Gus Only one, the man that stole our FA Cup from us, Steve Gerrard

Where do you think our two teams will finish the season?
Gus I hope Liverpool push for the title as they're a proper Football Club and if we end up mid season after the usual turmoil that surrounds West Ham then that'll be success this season.

Finally, care to predict the score?
Gus Heart says a draw and head says a defeat, as usual!

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